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Topic: Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Sep 25, 2008 10:50PM)

Description: Dee Christopher presents a collection of creative effects and ideas involving real ice, all from the mind of Chris Lafferty.

Review: I was sent a pre-release copy of the ebook, and looked it over right away. The ebook itself is very nice, with an awesome cover page and well-written effects and methods. Five effects are taught in detail. They are all very creative and powerful ideas. This stuff would be excellent for restaurant performers, firstly because the setting is perfect and secondly because ice is always readily available in a restaurant setting. Some effects are also very flexible. Some are best stuied to close-up or walkaround, while others, I think would play well to a whole room of people. Each effect is quite workable and practical, provided you have ice available. I will DEFINITELY be trying at least one effect from this ebook live. Anyways, onto the effects themselves.

Chill: The magician freezes a small bit of water from a borrowed bottle of water in his clenched fist! This is a great, powerful quick effect, and it's dead easy. Actually, I can see this as a good addition to a Snowstorm in China routine on stage. It's quite flexible. 7/10

Igloo: A selected card is folded in quarters, and dropped in a glass of water. As soon as it hits the water, it instantly freezes in a small chunk of ice! This is just plain beautiful magic, again dead easy, and KILLER. Spectators will have no chance here, the climax is totally unexpected and shocking. Excellent stuff. 8/10

Freezer Burn: A small piece of tissue paper is ignited, and upon ignition, it bursts into a large white flame. The flame changes into a cube of ice in an insanely visual manner. WOW. This has potential to freak people out. More visual beauty. 8/10

Freezer Burn V2: Even better than the first method explained. This is even more visually powerful. Fantastic quick effect, my favourite in the ebook and favourite of the two provided methods, as this one occurs atop a single hand. It looks amazing. 9/10

Slammer: Water VISUALLY freezes in a shot glass, with NO COVER. This is probably the most practical of the effects in the ebook in terms of "carrying it around". I can see this playing HUGE for even a small room of people. Another excellent idea, one of my favourites in the ebook. 9/10

Overall, I give Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty an 8/10. These are some very powerful quickie effects, and the concept of effects using ice creates inherent visual beauty. Of course, these are not effects you will use on a constant basis, but if you ever do find an opportunity to use any of them, definitely do. These quite clearly have the power to freak people out. This is highly recommended for anyone looking for some fresh ideas.

I hope my brief review has been of help. This will be available soon from http://www.deechristophermagic.com

Michael Kras
Message: Posted by: Miraclemakers (Sep 26, 2008 03:52AM)
Thanks for review Michaelmystic2003.....
that's interesting
Message: Posted by: lunatik (Sep 27, 2008 12:42PM)
Sounds very interesting!
Message: Posted by: chr!s (Sep 27, 2008 06:10PM)
Hey guys!

Mike, thanks for the review!

If anybody has any questions on this, feel free to shoot them my way!

It will be released very soon, so peel your eyes!

Thanks again!

Message: Posted by: DeeChristopherMagic (Oct 6, 2008 11:00AM)
To let you guys know, this is now out at http://www.DeeChristopherMagic.com/store.cfm

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!