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Topic: Clown Comedy and Wit at the Card Table.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 26, 2008 07:32AM)
Clown Comedy and Wit at the Card Table.

Clown Comedy and Wit is the funny side that can hide the dark side. Humour is used by the best in the business as a tool to misdirect the suckers. Laughing suckers canít ponder on Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table. Think of it like the matadors cloak that hides the sward, as my learned friend Whit Haydn might say. Timing, subtlety are the order of the day. Do you know any good con men? They are funny and charming guys arenít they? Tell me, am I lying? :)
Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (Sep 26, 2008 08:57AM)
When I was young my father had a friend who turned out to be a con man (one of the serious, multi-million dollar kind--but he ended up in jail, so he had his flaws :)). That man was about the funniest, most gregarious, entertaining men I even met. He also changed wives often, and the last one I met was a drop-dead blond who made my 15 year-old hormones boil.

Jerry Falwell--another friend of my fathers--was also one of the most generous, pleasant, and funny people you could ever meet in person. Whether he was a con man or not shouldn't be discussed here, lest we get the thread locked or removed.

At the card table I always make as many jokes as possible, and I always pretend to be at least twice as drunk as I really am. But I don't cheat, and I may not be all that funny.
Message: Posted by: h2o (Sep 26, 2008 10:26AM)
The greatest con men I've ever met were when I was working on the street markets. I was working for a big fat guy selling tablecloths and he was really of a kind, a real chatterbox. Laughing, singing, always speaking he would appears as a real charming guy. But the truth is he was a real shark when coming to business and money.
He would try to sell anything to anybody and make some money. Unless you were a real good friend, he would be incapable of emotion if he feels he can make some money on you.
Street market is a tough job when you always have to travel around cities, standing all day long outside under the rain, the wind or the cold. Those guys were rough but they knew how to appear nice and friendly if they have to sell you something. I guess they would make dangerous sharps at a card table. Fearless, charming and determined.
Anyway, last time I heard about my boss he had given up street markets and he's now robbing metal in factories. I guess in those days it's a more lucrative "job"...
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 27, 2008 04:03AM)
Tip: Nobody is going to shoot you while they're laughing.
Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (Sep 27, 2008 04:15AM)
Beg to differ, sir. If I were ever to shoot someone, it would be while I was laughing.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Sep 27, 2008 05:52AM)
Proficiency in target practice is not the sole qualification of the trap shooter.
Message: Posted by: stoneunhinged (Sep 27, 2008 06:42AM)
That is true. A tip of the hat to ya.