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Topic: The Magic Café does anyone have this problem
Message: Posted by: chrusa (Oct 4, 2008 09:21PM)
I realized I spend way to much time reading the Café.
There is so much to read and so much information and its so interesting.
I find myself reading it until late at night, more than I intend to during the day
Stuff piles up doesn't get done and I am thinking another day is done spent so much time reading the Café
I see people with 10,000 + posts and wonder what I am doing wrong because they seem to be getting things done (Their jobs, websites,s hows, etc) while also being on the Café

Who else has this Café addiction?
Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 5, 2008 02:13AM)
Chris, if your feeling that you are neglecting other areas of your life because of the Café or any Internet activity, then like any "addiction" it may be time to set limits or stop all together.

Time on the internet can be bad if it isolates people or prevents them from doing other things. Some people use it as their social network ( chat rooms, etc. ) That's when it can become unhealthy.

When the Café first started, I didn't post at all. In fact, I didn't understand why anyone would bother. At that time I had zero reason to use the Café.

Then to help with some family health/financial issues, I took a p/t job and worked in an IT center and was in charge of monitoring/trouble shooting Internet availability for students. I had the Café up all day/night, which accounts for most of my posts. It was like I was being paid to be on the Café.

Then my Dad ran into serious health problems. I'd be in the hospital with him for days or on Dr. office visits, etc. I'd have the laptop, so that accounted for a huge portion of posts.

It's like listening to personal development tapes while you drive. You have to drive for the hour+, so it's down time.

Any time spent on the Internet id OK, if it doesn't eat into your life.

Now, my girl runs her own internet business and is on day and night. So, we're together on our laptops, next to each other, doing whatever we want. If she wasn't on this amount of time she is, I'd rarely use the Internet.

The Café can be used as a valuable tool. If you like ordering Magic, then reviews help. Some folks network and get actual work. There's a wealth of knowledge shared by some top guys in magic that can help folks improve how they perform, etc.

I've also made some incredible friendships from the Café over the years, which I never expected to happen. I mean folks that I actually talk to on the phone, share ideas, etc.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Oct 5, 2008 08:34AM)
My name is Jaz and I'm a Café addict.

When I walk in the door after work I turn on the 'puter.

I visit a couple of other sites and then visit the Café.
For me it's a way to unwind after a 11 hrs. of bullcrap at work.

I'll visit some discussions I'm interested in to see what's new.
I'm not always sitting at the 'puter and am doing other things while logged in.

The Café has become part of my daily routine and I need the fix regularly.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Oct 5, 2008 09:21AM)
HI JAZ!!!!
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Oct 5, 2008 09:28AM)
Message: Posted by: chrusa (Oct 5, 2008 02:56PM)
I am a Café addict as well. I actually am an information addict. I have been this way for a long time. I would love going to my grandmothers and read the encyclopedia. I was so excited when I got my first set at home. Back in 7th grad computer encyclopedias were becoming big and I would stay in the classroom during lunch and recess and read the encyclopedia and during high school I didn't have a computer at home. This is back when we shopping fo our first computer and CompUSA had an HP Mini Tower with 32 megs of ram a 1.6 gig hard drive and a Pentium 466 for about $3000 and we were amazed that the computer had a whole gig and a half of storage! I would take the bus to the public library after school and stay their till closing reading the encyclopedia on the computer and then the library got the internet and I was never home while the library was open.

Here I am now still loving to read anything I can get my hands on.