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Topic: Daryl Does the Full Monte
Message: Posted by: HiveMind (Apr 16, 2003 01:49AM)
When I was inquiring around the net about which effect to get, Skinner's 3 Card Monte or Color Monte I could have benefited from a reference to this video. In fact, not only does Daryl do the "Full Monte" but he also explains both of the aforementioned effects.

Daryl is of course a great magician, and thinker, but I was surprised at this video. I was under the impression that this video would only be useful in learning the street con version of 3 Card Monte...how pleasantly surprised was I!

The video exhaustively explores the con as it is done on the street, but also explores many extraordinary versions for magicians. For a few dollars more than the cost of Color Monte, and Ultimate 3 Card Monte you can have both, and many, many more. In fact, if each of the most powerful effects on the video was sold seperately you would pay $70-80 to get them all.

I highly recommend this video for anyone interested in performing a monte effect. (2 Card Monte IS NOT on this video, but 7 Card Monte IS) This is one of those plots that is easily understood and has infinite
variations. Daryl performs MANY versions before the SAME audience and each one not only baffles but excites and entertains the audience. (They never get tired of the plot!) You will love this video whether you want to con people or do magic (he even offers
suggestions on how to do it as a walk around

I won't reprint Erdnase's glowing review of this simple game, but let me tell you Daryl proves him right.