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Topic: The Any Ring PK Gimmick
Message: Posted by: Doughlas (Nov 1, 2008 12:33PM)
I recently had the opportunity to read this e-book by Hank Morfin and was pleasantly surprised the simplicity of this gimmick, it truly is a way to turn any ring into a PK ring. You can find the e-book here:


I know some magicians don't like the traditional PK ring because of either the way it looks (like a wedding band)or because of how fragile they can be. This e-book will teach you how to make your own gimmick to fit ANY ring you typically wear in just a few minutes and for very minimal cost. The magnetic strength of this gimmick I would say equals that of your typical PK ring, if not stronger.

The e-book is complete with over a dozen color photographs of the gimmick being prepared as well as worn on different styles of rings. Hank even provides you with ways to quickly gimmick your ring and then ditch the gimmick within seconds. He even includes a few effects that he typically performs using his own ring.

If you've been delaying buying a PK ring, or are looking for a PK ring that looks like a normal man's or woman's ring, then buy this e-book. For a price of only $7.95 how can you go wrong?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 1, 2008 02:11PM)
Thanks for the review. You nailed it right on the head, the reason I creted this gimmick in the first place was so I could use a ring that did NOT look like a wedding band for PK effects. Also, the first PK ring I purchased broke into three pieces when I was clapping at an event one night! It hit a ring on my other hand and broke. I can say with confidence to anyone who likes to perform PK effects, check out this E-Book, you won't be dissapointed.
Message: Posted by: billfromoregon (Nov 1, 2008 10:00PM)
Can you display your hand open prior to the effect, or will this be noticeable to the spectator? I know that other performers have wrapped a band-aid around their ring with a magnet inside prior to the advent of PK rings, but to me this is too obvious to the audience. Thanks -

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 2, 2008 01:24PM)
It's a very small flesh colored gimmick that can't be seen at all from the top of the hand, even with fingers spread. The palm of the hand can be flashed, the natural motion of your hands during performance will not reveal the gimmick. The only thing you can't do is display your palm for any length of time. If the spectator has a chance to focus on your palm and your fingers, they will see the gimmick. This is what I use for PK effects, I don't use a PK ring anymore, even though I own two of them, not including the one that broke. I've never worried about it being detected, nor has that ever happened. Don't run if they aren't chasing you, think of it on the level of a thumbtip only MUCH less conspicuous. I hope that answers your question, if you check out the PDF, I don't believe you will be dissapointed. Thank you for your interest, I think it's a great little gimmick.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Nov 2, 2008 02:59PM)
I just downloaded this and read it. This is a really great idea. If you don't want to use a PK ring, you can't beat this idea at all.


Drop me an e-mail. I need to mention something to you.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 2, 2008 04:56PM)
Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I hope other Magicians check out the PDF and see the value & potential in this idea. Check the email you have listed in your Café signature, I sent you an email. Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Nov 2, 2008 06:29PM)
Yep nice idea Astro...I also mentioned it to the coin guys. ;) Incidentally, welcome to the Café fella and good luck with this one. :) -Mb
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 2, 2008 09:30PM)
Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like the PDF. It definitely comes in handy for any coin workers who utilize sh%&*ls.

Posted: Nov 3, 2008 8:12pm
I just wanted to give people a heads up. This E-Book is now also available on MJM & Lybrary:



Thanks again to those of you who took the time to put your two cents in. To anybody else out there who has checked this out, let people know if you liked it or if you didn't.

Posted: Nov 7, 2008 6:13pm
I know people are checking out this E-Book, the sales have been pretty good. I'm really interested in some feedback both positive & negative. Since this is my first foray into publishing an E-Book, I want to know what people liked and what they didn't.

Also, for those of you who like to purchase directly from the Magician who created the material, go to my website: http://www.MorfinMagic.com and check out the STORE page.
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Nov 7, 2008 05:40PM)
Under construction..

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 7, 2008 07:04PM)

Sorry, the updated page didn't upload to my server. Check it out now, there is a PayPal payment button on the STORE page now. Thanks for your interest in this E-Book, let me know what you think.
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Nov 13, 2008 06:42AM)
Got this e-book from Hank's Web Site without problem and like it.
It’s a great idea. I was able to add it in some of my current mentalism’s routines easily.
High recommended.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 13, 2008 07:04PM)
Thanks Mind_Magic,

I think it's a pretty useful gimmick, I hope others will too. As Mb said, it's great for coin workers who use various coin gimmicks.

Thanks Again

Posted: Jan 26, 2009 4:27pm
Hello All

I wanted to take a minute to first thank ALL of you who purchased this E-Book from me. With MJM, Lybrary, Trickshop & my website, it sold rather well. I greatly appreciate all of you taking an interest in this gimmick; I received a great deal of positive feedback.

That being said, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Andy Amyx when he accompanied Dan Sperry to The California Magic Dinner Theater. Dan was performing Onstage a few weekends ago, for those of you who are not familiar with California Magic, check out http://www.calmagic.com . For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area who have not been out to California Magic, trust me, you ARE missing out on seeing some great Magic performed by world class Magicians. I began talking to Andy about creating and selling Magic, he was integral in the creation & release of "The Gecko" along with several Dove Act related utility items and DVD's.

I sent him a copy of my E-Book "The Any ring PK Gimmick" to take a look at. I told him I was planning on making and selling the gimmick. He told me that my gimmick had a lot of similarities to the gimmick from Cesaral's "Melting Point" effect. After checking into it, I emailed Cesaral and sent him a copy of my E-Book. After careful consideration, Cesaral has decided that my gimmick is too similar to his and is not comfortable with me manufacturing the gimmick and/or selling my how to E-Book anymore. I totally respect Cesaral's creative contributions to the Magic Community, and I never want to infringe upon ANY Magician's creative property. I came up with the gimmick independently by fiddling with parts & pieces from ACE Hardware. I have apologized to Cesar Alonzo, Cesaral, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who supported me, and to make you aware of the similarities between his gimmick & mine, and to make sure that Cesaral receive the acknowledgment due for his contributions to PK effects.

Thanks Again,
Hank Morfin
Do You Believe?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Jan 26, 2009 10:48PM)
[quote]Cesaral has decided that my gimmick is too similar to his and is not comfortable with me manufacturing the gimmick and/or selling my how to E-Book anymore. [/quote]

This has to be a joke. Cesar Alonzo rips off others (Dick Koornwinder), but decides that independently developed items are too similar to his and should not be sold?

I give you respect for the decision and your actions Hank.

Tony Iacoviello
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jan 27, 2009 01:36AM)
Mr. Iacoviello,

I don't know whether or not all of Mr. Alonzo's releases are totally his creations or not, that really didn't factor into my decision. After Andy pointed it out to me, I looked at the two gimmicks and saw that there were a great deal of similarities between the two. Since my gimmick was a multi-purpose PK gimmick and his was effect specific, I decided to write to Cesaral and let him know of my intentions to release my gimmick along with a DVD. Since he expressed to me that he was not comfortable with me releasing my gimmick to the Magic Community, I decided to respect those wishes. When I wrote to him, I had already decided to go with whatever he felt comfortable with doing. I don't know about other Magicians "borrowing" the concepts and/or effects of their fellow Magicians, but I do know that I don't ever want to infringe on any Magician's creations. While I did come up with my gimmick independantly of Cesaral, and I know there are many cases where that happens, I did not feel comfortable with the discrepancy.

While we all gleam our inspiration and ideas by those who have come before us as well as our peers, I want to offer other Magicians the same respect I would hope they would afford me in a similar situation.

I want to thank you very much for your support and kind words Mr. Iacoviello. I'm familiar with your work, I've purchased two of your E-Books, "The Write Stuff" & "Popular Selection" and I think you have made some great creative contributions to the Magic Community. While I'm disappointed that this project has to be shelved, I have several others I'm currently working on, including a specially designed sure-fire prediction envelope that can be placed in plain sight well before the outcome of the predicted event, and an E-Book discussing the Performance aspect of Magic. Hopefully these projects will be as well received as "The Any Ring PK Gimmick" was. Thank you again for your support.

Hank Morfin
Message: Posted by: Irishghost (Feb 5, 2009 07:42PM)
I'm sorry, but you didn't borrow it from him, you developed your idea and it is independant. I give my hat off to you for respecting the other creators wishes, but I would reconsider. I do not know the other creator and mean no disrespect, but of course he would not want the compition. Please re think your choice and release thise. I have read your pdf and think if you do not release, someone else might. This is to good to let dye.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 11, 2009 03:34PM)
I've been using a similar gimmick for some time--long before Melting Point was marketed. Others have, too. Depending on just HOW different yours was... well, you made your decision, and I respect you for it.
Message: Posted by: magicandsoul (Feb 11, 2009 03:58PM)
I respect your decision to stop selling your independently created idea. I should hope that Mr. Alonzo respects my decision to stop buying anything from bullies.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 14, 2009 03:20AM)
I want to thank all of you for your input & support regarding Cesaral's "Melting Point" gimmick. I have to tell you that most of the Magicians I consider friends & family feel that I should release this and that I would not be infringing on the Cesaral gimmick. Jeremy Hanrahan, Irish Ghost to you here at the Café, has had several conversations with me encouraging me to put out the gimmick. He feels that Magicians will find it useful, especially those who would like to perform PK effects while wearing their own everyday rings. In talking with Jeremy, he's given me an idea for an additional "Stealth Gimmick", one that you would have to put on away from your spectators but once on, it would be virtually invisible and would not have to be ditched. I'm seriously considering putting out an "Any Ring PK Gimmick Package" with the original gimmick which I've recently improved, the Stealth Gimmick, and a DVD on the use and handling of the gimmicks along with some real world PK effects to perform. thank you all again for your input & support, you've given me a lot to think about...

Hank Morfin
Do You Believe?
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (Feb 14, 2009 04:36PM)
I purchased this manuscript. It is quite inexpensive and felt I had very little to lose. I am sure that there are any people who have come up with similar ideas on their own. My only problem is I have not been able to track down the exact piece of hardware recommended in the manuscript reuqired to make the gimmick. The online hardware sited I have searched and my local home depot do not carry this. If someone has some idea where I can get it, it would be appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 15, 2009 01:45AM)

Check your PM messages...

Message: Posted by: smith83 (Feb 23, 2009 04:18AM)
Is this still available somewhere?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 27, 2009 07:50PM)
Check your PM's...

Posted: Mar 1, 2009 10:20pm
Hello Everyone,
I have read all of your input here at the Café, talked with my Magician friends and colleagues, and looked around at the history of PK gimmicks. I have decided to go ahead and continue with my plans to market the gimmick in a DVD package as well as offer the E-Book on my website for a limited time:


I am very excited about the DVD package. It will include the original gimmick (with a few minor improvements), a "Stealth" gimmick, a DVD on the care & handling of both gimmicks and a copy of the original E-Book. I will be working in conjunction with Jeff Mash over at MJM:


and I will be filming the DVD at "The California Magic Dinner Theatre" here in Martinez California:


I will be offering the package at a special price to everyone who purchased the E-Book from me. I want to thank everyone for all of your interest and support, it means a great deal to me an I appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Mar 1, 2009 09:45PM)
I ordered the e-book from http://www.morfinmagic.com/Store.htm. How long does it take to get e-book?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 1, 2009 10:25PM)

Check your email Inbox...

Thanks for the support.

Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Mar 2, 2009 07:57PM)
Thanks Hank.

I got the e-book last night and spent the earlier part of this morning building the gimmick. I only had to go out and get one item. Everything else I had around the house.:)

I got to hand it to you, this is one great idea! No more PK rings for me. This idea has much more flexability than any PK ring on the market. It is so simple but extremely versatile. It can do anything a PK ring can do plus more. I also love the fact that it can easily be ditched.

Thanks for keeping this available. Please keep me informed on when the DVD will be released, and anything else you come up with.
Message: Posted by: edh (Mar 2, 2009 10:04PM)
Hank will you be performing at the Calmagic Dinner Theatre? If so will you have any of these on hand there?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 2, 2009 10:36PM)
Wow, thanks for those kind words. As I've said in the past, I literally went to ACE hardware and played around with many variations on this gimmick. I truly believe that the end result is a great little PK utility item that you can always have on hand and get into and out of within seconds. I'm glad to hear you had most everything on hand. It sounds like you are similar to me in that you have that box full of bits & pieces, glues, magnets, pins, and what not to help you work on your Magic. I'm glad I'm not alone in that. Thank you again for your review, it means a lot to me when people feel that my ideas have merit. I would not have put this out there if I did not feel it would be useful.

As a matter of fact I WILL be at California Magic this Saturday performing walk around. Wayne Houchin is performing, he is one of the Magicians I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. He's also doing a lecture at California Magic this Thursday, if you can make it you definitely should. go to:


to get your ticket. I look forward to meeting you at California Magic.

Posted: Mar 3, 2009 2:13am
Just A Quick Heads Up...

Anyone who purchased "The Any Ring PK Gimmick" E-Book from http://www.MorfinMagic.com should have received an updated version of the E-Book in their email Inbox this evening. I just sent them out to all of you. If you did not receive it, email me and let me know. It has a new Cover Page and Bonus Insert Pages. For those of you who purchased this E-Book from other websites such as MJM, Trickshop and Lybrary, if you email me or PM me with proof of your purchase and your email address, I will send you an updated copy. those of you who have not purchased it yet, it's still available for a LIMITED TIME at my website:


Thanks again to all of you who picked up this E-Book.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 3, 2009 03:47AM)
Just ordered one. Looking forward to checking it out.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 3, 2009 01:12PM)

I just emailed you your copy. thank you for your patronage and let me know what you think.
Message: Posted by: Detlef (Mar 4, 2009 10:25AM)
Just received the e-book. Great and for the amount to pay a steal. Thanks for putting this on the market again.
Message: Posted by: AngeloR (Mar 4, 2009 08:17PM)
Just ordered mine also. Can't wait to work through it. Thanks for making this available at a reasonable price.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 4, 2009 09:48PM)
Thanks for your kind words, WOW, I'm a hit in Germany! LOL

Check your email, I just sent you a copy.

Thanks to both of you for visiting my website http://www.morfinmagic.com/Store.htm and for purchasing my E-Book.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 5, 2009 03:34AM)
This is a well-thought-out concept, with some real benefits to performers, whether "workers" or hobbyists. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and very thorough. Good thinking!
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Mar 5, 2009 03:35AM)
On 2009-01-26 23:48, Tony Iacoviello wrote:
[quote]Cesaral has decided that my gimmick is too similar to his and is not comfortable with me manufacturing the gimmick and/or selling my how to E-Book anymore. [/quote]

This has to be a joke. Cesar Alonzo rips off others (Dick Koornwinder), but decides that independently developed items are too similar to his and should not be sold?

I give you respect for the decision and your actions Hank.

Tony Iacoviello

Hear hear! What a joke indeed. He ripped off my 'Out of Order' trick and called his version 'Instant Oil and Water'. I tried to have him stop selling it but he wasn't interested. I ended up getting him to remove the item from his stand at the last FISM after support and evidence shown to the the FISM president. What a cheek!

Anyway back on topic.
Message: Posted by: AngeloR (Mar 5, 2009 11:56AM)
I have just opened and read through the instructions. I want to second Scott's comments: Good concept and the instructions are detailed and clearly presented. The photos are a bit fuzzy but still work well as supplements to the clearly-written text. Nicely done!

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 5, 2009 02:37PM)
Thank you so much for that review! that review was so well worded, I just might have to add it to the back of the DVD cover and to the ad copy!

thank you for your very gracious review as well. I'm glad you found my E-Book useful.

PS - Scott Guinn emailed me a suggestion to incorporate with this gimmick that absolutely takes the possible uses to a whole new level! Scott has kindly given me permission to add it into the DVD package which I'm definitely going to do.

Thanks to Angelo Carbone for his support. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that both Angelo Carbone & Scott Guinn both have some AMAZING effects offered out on the market. I recently picked up "Humbug" by Angelo, and I have several of Scott's E-Books, for you Cups & Balls workers, check out his routine.

http://www.abracadabra.co.uk/ - "Humbug" by Angelo Carbone

http://www.scottfguinn.com - find all of Scott's E-Books here

Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Mar 5, 2009 03:34PM)
A bargain at twice the price.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 5, 2009 07:51PM)
Thank you, I've got to tell everyone that I'm really happy everyone seems to enjoy my E-Book and has found it worthwhile.

On a personal note Dick, I apologize for addressing your email to Christian, by the name associated with the Payal account, I thought that was your first name...

Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Mar 6, 2009 07:36AM)
On 2009-01-26 23:48, Tony Iacoviello wrote:
[quote]Cesaral has decided that my gimmick is too similar to his and is not comfortable with me manufacturing the gimmick and/or selling my how to E-Book anymore. [/quote]

This has to be a joke. Cesar Alonzo rips off others (Dick Koornwinder), but decides that independently developed items are too similar to his and should not be sold?

I give you respect for the decision and your actions Hank.

Tony Iacoviello

Dear Tony: You may not know that Cesaral did not invented the gimmick for my trick "Melting Point", I did. Please check with Murphy's Magic Supplies who is selling the trick and who has the legal rights of it. I went to a great deal of a lawsuit against Cesaral here in Spain to prove he tried to rip-off the invention of both the gimmick and the trick. He can only create "remote controlled" tricks...
By the way greetings to Angelo Carbone...!!!
Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Mar 6, 2009 08:44AM)
I have not seen all of the various gimmicks discussed in this thread; however, just to set the record straight, unless those "invented" by Cesaral, MarianoG or others laying claim to the idea predate what is essentially the same gimmick as that made in the 1990s for use with the "Badlands Bob" effect produced and marketed by the original Collectors' Workshop (Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero) -- and I'm not necessarily claiming that they were the first to make such a gimmick (I wouldn't be at all surprised if the origin is much earlier than that) -- then NONE of those currently producing such gimmicks can legitimately lay claim to being its "inventor." There may be subtle variations in the design of such gimmicks but they ALL serve the same purpose in the same way. If you see any of them it will be obvious that one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to come up with the idea.

BTW, "Badlands Bob" is a great close-up trick and is still listed in Collectors' Workshop catalog on the current Viking Magic/Collectors' Workshop web site for $45, although it is currently noted to be "out of stock." (If you see this George, "You're welcome.")
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 6, 2009 02:13PM)
I never would have thought that standing there in the Nuts & Bolts Aisle of Ace Hardware 2 years or so ago trying to figure out a way to use my everyday ring to perform "Prohibition" by Charlie Justice would lead to all of this!!!

Let me just say that I'm not claiming to have invented anything new and earth shattering, as Dick Christian stated above, it's not rocket science. I just came up with my take on a type of PK gimmick that I have found can be used with any ring, anytime, anywhere in a second or two. I'm putting together a DVD package with the gimmick, another style of PK gimmick, some extra "stuff" for the gimmicks that makes them more versatile (Thanks again to Scott Guinn), along with some discussion of the use and handling of those gimmicks and some good PK effects that the gimmick can be used with. I'm not trying to step on anyone else's toes or steal their thunder, that's why I originally emailed Cesaral when Andy Amyx brought to my attention the similarity between the two gimmicks, which by the way, apparently is not even Cesarals!!! (My head hurts, does your head hurt??!!)

I fully intend, and ALWAYS have, to dedicate a section of the DVD to describing the history of the gimmick. How I came up with my version, and pay respects and give the proper credit to the other gimmicks and/or effects using similar gimmicks that I am able to research and find out about. Now, I'm sure I will miss one or two of those that are out there in the Magic Universe, so I would like to apologize ahead of time. I've been a fan of Magic since I was 9 or 10, I'm now 47 years old (OUCH!!!). I LOVE Magic, it's history, it's unique qualities as an art form and performance genre, and all of the amazing Magicians both famous & obscure who have come before us. I believe that all the creativity we see in Magic today comes from what has been before. It's been inspired by and/or derived from the creative contributions of those preceding us, who inspire us.

I'm just a guy who loves Magic who came up with my take on solving an issue I had for performing PK effects. I hope everyone who likes PK effects appreciates my small contribution, and finds what the DVD package will have to offer useful. I REALLY do want to thank everyone for their passion and support surrounding my little E-Book I decided to put out a few months ago, it means a lot to me.

PS - Mariano G, please PM me with your contact info so we can talk...
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Mar 6, 2009 02:46PM)
Hi Mariano

Ceseral certainly likes to claim things as his it seems. Not very ethical now is he? Shame that magicians like him exist in this small magic world of ours.

On a side note, I do think in the long term it is always best to research as much a possible if a new potential effect for the market has been created before. If it has and the new version is different enough and permission is granted from the original inventor, then maybe it can be released with all necessary credits in the instructions. It just saves a lot of hassle in the future don't you think? :D I am talking generally here and not specifically about this ring gimmick. One guy wanted to release his version of Out of Order but had the decency to contact me first, show me in person so I could decide if yay or nay. What a nice way to do so.

Best wishes.

Message: Posted by: CesaralM (Mar 6, 2009 03:36PM)
For your information:

The original idea for color changing disks is from a Japanese company called Trick Co, LTD, which launched in 1976 a effect done with colour disks. Angelo Carbone adapted the same idea and principle to poker cards. Until I told him about it, he thought he was the inventor. I have a copy of this old trick, and if you are interested I can send to you videos and pictures of it.

What I put into the trick was basically:
1) You can do the effect with 4 borrowed cards
2) You can make the hole and punch the rivet in from of the audience. A special gimmick is used for the secret part of it
3) A new and invisible handling of the cards once the ribbet is put

I added many enhancements to the 70´s original idea, in my opinion.

Regarding the gimmick of "Cesaral Melting Point": Mariano designed the first gimmick and I have a picture of this first one he showed to me. I did some changes to that gimmick because it had some important problems, and designed the way to manufacture it. Due to the success of the trick, I also manufactured a plastic mould for it (I have it with me). Sorry Mariano, I have the files that demonstrate all the work from my side. Anyway, this is not the place to write about this story. As Mariano said may be the courts will decide who is right.

Cesar Alonso (Cesaral Magic)
Message: Posted by: Angelo Carbone (Mar 6, 2009 03:57PM)
I never said I invented the principle. I however DID invent the EFFECT of 4 cards riveted together swapping places. Does that mean there can never be a new trick on the market that uses roughing fluid because it is an old principle?

So if you say you added your 'enhancements to the original 70's idea' then where is your improved version of the color changing disks? You didn't do a version of the color changing disks trick. You did a version of MY trick. Do you see?

The trick with 4 riveted cards and the **** principle revolving around a rivet NEVER existed before until I came up with it. Your version is exactly the SAME effect and SAME method - only your handling is different. The EFFECT and METHOD is the same as 'Out of Order'. Yet you chose not contact me first to see if it was ok to release your version.

When I told you two FISMs ago to stop selling it, you didn't. If your version is not seen as a rip off then why oh why did the last FISM agree that it WAS (when I presented them with the evidence) and told you to stop selling it? Were they wrong too??? I had many respected top magicians agreeing with me but I don't want to resort to name dropping. Some were there to back me up at FISM.

Your version is listed with many other knock offs of my trick here: http://magicfakers.blogspot.com/2007/10/out-of-order.html

I am really sorry Hank to interrupt this thread, I don't want to get into a war with Cesar. We have already heard on here that he tried to claim another trick as his which made me respond initially.

With respect Hank,

Message: Posted by: CesaralM (Mar 6, 2009 04:06PM)
I fully agree Hank...even more..., "we are nothing but star dust...and from the dust we arise and to the dust we return”.

I did not tried to hurt you Angelo, and of course this is not the proper place for it. Sorry if I did.

I believe that all the creativity we see in Magic today comes from what has been before. It's been inspired by and/or derived from the creative contributions of those preceding us, who inspire us.

Cesar Alonso (Cesaral Magic)
Message: Posted by: HusssKarson (Mar 6, 2009 04:18PM)
Isn't this the same as the Melt gimmick?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 7, 2009 07:00PM)
No problem, I can understand your feeling of frustration...

As I've said in past posts, I don't know you or your history. Whatever disputes you may or may not have are between you and the other parties. Respectfully, after speaking with a good deal of people and doing a good deal of thinking, I'm going to go ahead with my project. I know I came up with my version of a PK ring gimmick independently, quite literally in the aisles of ACE Hardware, and I'm not claiming I have created something absolutely new and unique, I'm merely offering my take on a gimmick that can allow a Magician to use any ring, at any time, anywhere as a PK ring.

As so eloquently stated by Mr. Christian, "It's not rocket science, no one is re-inventing the wheel here..."

the support and creative advice from the Café members has been amazing and I thank all of you so much. My DVD will have a section devoted to recognizing the history of PK ring gimmicks and their creators, so anyone who has any info on such, I welcome the research. I want to pay proper homage to the appropriate people to the best of my ability...

Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Mar 8, 2009 12:38PM)
Lol... thanks again for reminding that it was my idea to use such a gimmick. I created it with a pin and a magnet, yes.So what? Who is the inventor of the automobile? Certainly, it's not Mercedes-Benz, but they do create beautiful cars.
The gimmick I designed worked perfectly, it is the same I used in the first demo video that took the magic world by storm. Period.
So Mr. Alonso, it's true that you took the time to "shape" the gimmick and make it look professional. Many thanks for that.

As stated above by another member, the "gimmick" is not new. So I didn't "invented" nothing new, just the trick Melting Point.

And Mr.Carbone... I remember you at the C****AL booth in FISM 2006 with Derren Brown!! great magician, I admire him. ;)
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 11, 2009 01:34AM)

Please check your private messages.

I look forward to hearing from you...

Message: Posted by: DamastaMind (Mar 12, 2009 09:16PM)
Hank, I sent you a private message, I kindly ask you to answer my questions. If they are not much of a disturbance, thanks.

Rey Mejia.
Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Mar 13, 2009 10:59AM)
Just ordered the Any Ring PK Gimmick E-book from your site Hank.

Please send me the E-book when you have a moment (including the updated notes).

Looking forward to doing Prohibition without a thick steroid looking version of my real wedding band.

Message: Posted by: PeterMik (Mar 13, 2009 11:50AM)
Yep, me too - just ordered. Are you sending e-books out manually?
Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Mar 13, 2009 01:39PM)
I just received my e-book!

Quick delivery through manual emails.

Thanks Hank!!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 13, 2009 04:09PM)

You should have received yours as well?

Message: Posted by: PeterMik (Mar 13, 2009 04:25PM)
Hank, thanks - got it! I have a long flight to Cairo tomorrow morning - look forward to read it then...
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 19, 2009 01:20AM)

I'm very curious to hear what you thought of this E-Book...

Message: Posted by: Ron Vergilio (Mar 19, 2009 08:03PM)
Hello Hank... I ordered the E-Book late last night and I still received the download last night. Your a night owl I guess.

The directions are well done and complete as to the various parts required. The upgrade was good to see. HOWEVER...

The Ace Hardware store in my town doesn't have the retaining clips. So I went on line to the Ace stores and there is nothing on their site as well. I tried googling for the clips but still could not find anything close to the ones you use.

Where else can I look? Is there anywhere on line that sell these clips. Your help would be appriciated. I have the PK rings but find this would be a nice utility item to have in my pocket for the spur of the moment happenings. I don't wear the PK all the time.

Good job and thanks for any help you can give.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 20, 2009 12:27AM)

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts on my E-Book. As for the clips, you are correct, I have found that only SOME of the ACE hardware stores carry the screen clips. Since I'm putting together a DVD package which will include the gimmicks, I've been buying the "raw materials" necessary to make them. In trying to purchase those clips, I found that only one of the Ace Hardware stores out of the four I checked carry those particular clips. The part of that I find ironic is that if I had not chose that particular Ace when I was first trying to come up with this gimmick, I would have never found those clips, which are PERFECT for this application. I spoke to the Store Manager at the Ace that carries these and he told me where they get them. The information is as follows:

COMPANY: Servalite
PART #: 27000

Here is the Contact Page from their website:


I'm sure if you call them, they can tell you a location near you that carries them. I hope this helps you, if not, let me know.

Message: Posted by: Ron Vergilio (Mar 20, 2009 10:56AM)
Thanks for the response Hank... I'll check it out.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Apr 10, 2009 01:41AM)
I just wanted to take a minute to thank Mariano G for taking the time to give me the history and thought behind the creation of his "Melting Point" gimmick. I will be including his contributions to PK gimmicks in the History Section of the upcoming DVD package.

I would also like to thank Dick Christian for filling me in on The Collector's Workshop contributions with their "Badlands Bob" gimmick. I will try to fill in the history of that one as well.

Lastly, thanks to Scott Guinn who has provided me with a great "extra" to this gimmick which will allow it to be used in a whole new direction. Scott is a very talented performer and creator of Magic, you should check out his website at http://www.scottfguinn.com Thanks Scott for all of your help and support.
Message: Posted by: Ron Vergilio (Apr 11, 2009 12:19AM)
Just a note... I have melting Point and I have to say that your gimmick is far superior to theirs. There's is twice as big and black, so flashing can be a problem. Yours is much less revealing and I like that.

One problem though that I am still having... I can't find that particular peice ANYWHERE in my area. Still searching though. :o(

Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Apr 29, 2009 01:35PM)
I purchased this PDF direct from Hank.

Great value and with all the detailed info you need to make a great piece of utility item. The cost of the items involved is very low as well and can be readily available in the USA and probably elsewhere in the world. You'll end up with several back ups to last you a lifetime as a bonus.

I needed this item to allow me to perform Prohibition cap in bottle with any ring!

I no longer need to use my super thick wedding band look alike (which doesn't look alike because it's too thick and wide and stands out). Now I can do it with any ring and change it up so nobody will be the wiser.

You can perform many other PK ring effects and routines out there but now with the added advantage of any style ring you like - to fit the occasion or environment you're working in.

The item is easy to make and takes virtually no time.

Again a great buy for a time tested utility item and detailed information!

I am waiting for his new DVD to come out as well for updates and applications.

Make sure you buy direct so that when the DVD does come out - I beleive you receive a discount and any updates on the making of the utility item.

Once you order the response for the download is quick. It was within an hour for me.

Thanks Hank for a great PDF download product and for passing the knowledge of this item.
Message: Posted by: funsway (May 1, 2009 07:43AM)
I just acquired this Download and got some useful ideas, even though I have made and used magnetic gimmicks for years. Nobody owns the concept of using a hidden magnet any nmore than the idea of wearing a ring. I bought the "innovative thinking" not the gimmick. Can't believe anyone would say, "you stole that!"

There is a fiction about that all creativity must be based on someone else's work. Humbug. Any experienced magician can sit down, look at an object and ask,"What sort of magical effect can I do with that?" -- and then devise some gimmick to make it work. Mostly we are too lazy to do that and purchase someone else's effort. Often we say, "I feel cheated -- I could have made one of those." Yup, and a poem is just a bunch or words you already know.

go for it Hank -- and all other back-room inventors. Creativity is too be applauded -- not he product.

The operative thought is "if you coulda you woulda" -- just fork over $7.95 instead of a Starbucks cup of coffee and say -- thanks for the 'magic'.
Message: Posted by: Irishghost (May 2, 2009 11:05AM)
Agreed, a real improvement, I have made 3 different ring gimmicks and have them for different venues. This one is a sleeper and I hope more of us pick this up! Nice work from a nice guy!!!!

Jeremy Hanrahan.
Message: Posted by: Magiguy (May 3, 2009 04:52PM)
On 2009-04-11 01:19, Ron Vergilio wrote:
One problem though that I am still having... I can't find that particular peice ANYWHERE in my area. Still searching though. :o(

Hey Ron,
As luck would have it... after searching about 50 web sites and combing through four different hardware stores I finally found these. I was so happy to find them that I bought them all. Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll send you a few.

Incidentally... one of the first trick I ever bought as a kid was your "OffeRing." :)

Best regards,
Message: Posted by: Ron Vergilio (May 4, 2009 02:58PM)
Hey Evan,

Nice to hear you remembered that effect. I still do it and found that for those that do Interlace, it can be used to vanish the ring and have it reappear on their shoelace.

Anyway, appreciate the offer.

Message: Posted by: Magiguy (May 10, 2009 01:23PM)
An interesting side note:
The flip side of the gimmick also works well for blister effects. Nice bonus! :)
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (May 10, 2009 06:29PM)
Apprentice - Thanks for the kind words and the support...

Funsway - Thank you for all of your input you emailed me and your suggestions. Everyone should check out Funsway's take on using a collapsable cup for Chop Cup -www.eversway.com...

Magiguy - That is a fantastic idea! That's what I love about Magic, creative people each have their own unique way of looking at gimmicks, utilities, sleights, etc. that lead to other avenues of Magic. Thank you for the observation, I never thought along those lines.

Message: Posted by: caligari (May 12, 2009 12:23PM)
So this thread had me heading over to MorfinMagic to download the pdf.

It's great! I especially like the fact that it is so easy to ditch!

The pdf arrived in less than an hour and everything needed I already had
readily available around the house!

Great job Hank!

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (May 12, 2009 11:51PM)

Thanks for the kind words. I'm very glad that you had the necessary components already available. As I indicated to Gospel Dan, it sounds like you are much like me (and Gospel Dan), you probably have a case of "bits & pieces" at home for working on Magic. I really want to thank you and everyone here at the Café that have given me their support and spent their hard earned money on my PDF. It means a lot to me.

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: matthu (May 25, 2009 12:29PM)
I just ordered the ebook from http://www.MorfinMagic.com and it arrived within minutes.

I could have bought a PK ring but I had two worries (1) my wife would recognise the difference unless I warned her beforehand (2) my ring finger is difficult to size (because of odd shaped knuckles!)

After reading the book and looking at the numerous well laid-out photographs, I initially thought I might have some difficulty obtaining the required "extra" in the UK. But a simple search in ebay brought up something equivalent. The only way I would have known what to search for was by knowing the exact term which is given in the ebook. Also, ifI am to believe the ebay seller, I bought what I needed for 1/3 of the price at a well-known hardware store.

Now waiting for my ebay purchase to arrive ...
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (May 28, 2009 02:46PM)

You are the second person who has written to me regarding the picture frame turn buttons as an alternative to the Servalite #2700 Turn Button. As I have described earlier, this gimmick was created by me wandering the Nuts & Bolts Isle at the hardware store. I now see just how fortunate I was to be at that hardware store and stumble upon those particular turn buttons. They are so perfect for this gimmick, both in size and in shape. There have been several of you, especially from outside the U.S., who has found very viable alternatives when you could not find those Servalite #2700 turn buttons. The bottom line is, if it's a good shape and size for this gimmick then its right for this gimmick.

I also want to thank you matthu for your kind words regarding this E-Book. It means a great deal to me when Café Members take time out of their busy schedules to submit a post regarding my work. Thank you so much.

In receiving all of the feedback I have received about finding parts for this gimmick as well as all of the additions, including a second type of gimmick, I can definitely see the value in putting out the DVD package. I AM working on it, the largest obstacle being money for materials, video editing software, manufacturing of the DVDs, etc. All of you who have purchased the E-Book help fund those expenses and for that I thank you as well. That's why all of you will have first crack at the DVD package at a very special price to thank you for your loyalty and support.

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Jun 3, 2009 06:23AM)
I got it - it's great, although I wish I'd thought of it myself! If I'd spent $50 on Melting Point and received this I'd have been well p***d off!

Good work, Hank!
Message: Posted by: magicbjl1970 (Jun 5, 2009 01:29PM)
Looks great Hank! Do you have a planned date on when the DVD w/gimmick version will be available?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jun 5, 2009 05:55PM)
Thanks magicbjl1970,

I appreciate the kind words. As for the date on the DVD package including gimmicks, I'm working on it as I can with cash flow. I'm doing this project myself and funding the project is a bit difficult at this particular time. It's been an interesting year and an interesting economy. I'm hoping for late summer/early fall if I can get sufficient funds for the rest of the raw materials, the editing software, the DVD duplication, etc. I will definitely keep the Café appraised of my progress and for all of you who have supported me through my website, I will be offering you first dibs on the DVD at a very special price as my way to say thnk you for your support. I want to do the best job I possibly can with this DVD and the gimmicks. I want people to get their money's worth. I would rather take longer to do it right than just put it out to get it out.

Message: Posted by: magicbjl1970 (Jun 6, 2009 06:29AM)
...I want to do the best job I possibly can with this DVD and the gimmicks. I want people to get their money's worth. I would rather take longer to do it right than just put it out to get it out.

That's a commendable attitude Hank. We know of so many "fly-by" releases of material that's neither fleshed out or thought through.

The PDF is great. I'm sure the DVD package will be Excellent as well. Take the require time to do it right.

Thanks Hank. Looking forward to it!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jun 10, 2009 12:59AM)
Thanks magicbjl1970,

I'm not saying it will be a cinematic epic or super slick like a Dana Hocking/Wayne Houchin DVD, but I will do the best job I can do and put out the best DVD I can. It will be well shot, complet, informative and hopefully some fun as well.

Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Jun 22, 2009 01:29AM)
On 2009-04-11 01:19, Ron Vergilio wrote:
Just a note... I have melting Point and I have to say that your gimmick is far superior to theirs. There's is twice as big and black, so flashing can be a problem. Yours is much less revealing and I like that.

One problem though that I am still having... I can't find that particular peice ANYWHERE in my area. Still searching though. :o(


Dear Ron: The MP gimmick was designed to hold a coin thru half a inch of glass... if this gimmick does the same in most situations and glasses, then go ahead!!! :)
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jun 22, 2009 01:16PM)
Ron & Ross,

I didn't create this gimmick as a "replacement" or an "improvement" of the "Melting Point" gimmick. As I indicated way back towards the front of this thread, I was not even aware of any similarities between the two gimmicks until I showed mine to Andy Amyx. When all that stuff happened with Ceseral, MarianoG contacted me and filled me in on the real history of "Melting Point". He has been very generous to me and has no issues with any similarities between my PK gimmick and his "Melting Point" gimmick. As I explained to him, I will be including a discussion and acknowledgement of his "Melting Point" gimmick in the history section of my DVD. "Melting Point" is a fantastic effect and one of the most visual coin through table effects I have seen. The routining of the effect is very clean and well thought out, bringing all of the necessary "moves" into play naturally, it has a great flow to it. I have never tried out my gimmick with the "Melting Point" routine. As I have shared with all of you, I originally came up with my gimmick when my PK ring broke and I wanted to perform "Prohibition". Mariano has been both gracious and generous in his assistance with my DVD project and I truly appreciate it.

Message: Posted by: G. (Jul 4, 2009 09:51PM)
Hi, I'm just wondering after the DVD is done, where can we get it from? Is it going to be through murphys for example?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 8, 2009 02:02AM)

Thanks for the interest. At this point I'm planning on releasing it through MJM Magic and my website. I'm not sure if it will be an MJM exclusive, that is what Jeff & I originally talked about. I may look to other distributors outside the U.S. since my E-Book has had some success in countries like England, France, Germany and in parts of Asia. I will fill in the details as everything comes together.

Message: Posted by: moosejulie (Jul 15, 2009 05:15PM)
Hi Hank,
Just ordered and received the pk ebook. What a great idea you came up with.
Was wondering where to buy , what size,and how strong the magnet is ?

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 18, 2009 08:26PM)
Hello moosejulie,

Welcome to the Café. I appreciate that your very first posting on the Café is to me! I also GREATLY appreciate your patronage in purchasing my E-book "The ANY Ring PK Gimmick". I'm glad you like it, I'm going to PM you in a minute with the answers to your questions.

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: Apprentice (Jul 24, 2009 09:27AM)
A Great Product!! I use it for Prohibition.

For those of you living in Canada and looking for "Plasti-Dip" you can find it here:

I emailed Performix directly and they pointed me in the right direction.

I'm working on getting the exact #27000 Turn Buttons but the response has been slow so far, still waiting.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 30, 2009 01:18AM)

Thanks for the tips for our Canadian Magicians. Plasti-Dip ROCKS!!! You can usually find it in Home Depot, Lowes, and TAP Plastics as well...


Posted: Sep 11, 2009 2:00pm
Hey Café,
Just to let you know, I've put together a package deal on my website store for both this E-Book, "The ANY Ring PK Gimmick" & my NEW E-Book, "Performance - The Magic of Magic". You can get them both for just $18.95! Check it out at my store:


For a review on my new E-book, take a look at this:


Message: Posted by: Victor Ian Smith (Oct 1, 2009 11:42PM)
I just bought your e-book and have to admit that it really is a nice value solution for those of us that want to stay away from the "wedding ring" look. I had been looking everywhere for a PK ring that would compliment my Victorian persona and when I came across this was pleased by it's simplicity and functionality.

The book is well worth the price and has all of the information (and then some) for me to construct easily and add to my routines. I also liked your added value of the routines and effects info.

I support and applaud your creativity. The next time I find myself hanging out in a dollar store, craft store, art supply store, hardware store, office supply store, electronics store, party store, etc. spending way too much time looking for "things to do tricks with"...I will think of your ACE revelation (sounds like a card trick) and smile.



Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 8, 2009 03:33PM)
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my ANY Ring PK Gimmick. I'm glad it has freed you up to be able to perform PK effects while wearing rings that fit your performance persona.

PS - Don't forget about my two E-Book special in my website store:


Thanks again Victor,
Message: Posted by: VernonOnCoins (Oct 9, 2009 11:48AM)
Id like to use a pinky ring....good?

can routines like The Templar, or the Relic be performed?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 9, 2009 01:50PM)

As long as there is room for the gimmick to slide under the ring, you should be able to use as pinky ring. As for the routines you mentioned, while I am not familiar with them, if you normally perform them using a PK Ring then yes you can perform them using this gimmick instead. I hope that helps answer your questions.

Thanks for your interest,
Message: Posted by: VernonOnCoins (Oct 9, 2009 11:22PM)

One more thing...can I remove or add the gimmick to my ring in front of spec. Or is this a secret maneuver?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 10, 2009 11:53AM)

Yes you can remove or add the gimmick in front of spectators. Think of it as being similar to palming an extra coin during a routine. It literally takes a second to load and/or ditch the gimmick. The other thing is, it's so unobtrusive, that ditching the gimmick is not really a huge concern.

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 11, 2009 04:21PM)
I just went to the very first link and it said that it was no longer available..
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 11, 2009 05:03PM)

That's because it is only available from me on my website:


Please come back and add your comments after you give it a read...

Message: Posted by: VernonOnCoins (Oct 11, 2009 06:52PM)
Just bought and read through thr instructions. Very nice indeed...congrats on your thinking.

Gonna make this tomorrow.

One question...in some routines a PK magnet is used to telegraph information and not necessarily to "pick things up"

Is there a "tell" with this unit? In other words, will it move outwards or press against the finger when near a magnet? "Outwards" or "inwards" depending on the polarity, of course


Posted: Oct 11, 2009 9:58pm
What's the Pull Force of your magnet? and What's the diameter in millimeters?

There are many options...let me know

Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Oct 14, 2009 11:32PM)
On 2009-10-11 18:03, Astrocity wrote:

That's because it is only available from me on my website:


Please come back and add your comments after you give it a read...


Sorry brother ill wait till pay day... Been kinda busy but eager on this since I have gone through 3 PK rings.
Message: Posted by: DN777 (Oct 19, 2009 02:19AM)
Good advice Rick, I will keep that in mind!
Message: Posted by: estragon22 (Oct 24, 2009 06:05PM)
Can anyone direct me to an online store in Europe stocking the turn button. Hank has been very helpful in finding American stores stocking them, but they either require a minimum order or are asking huge postage costs to Europe (over 30 dollars!). I've tried googling them, but no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 31, 2009 03:43AM)
Hey Café,

Just a heads up, this PDF is now available again at Lybrary.com:


Along with my new E-Book, "Performance - The Magic of Magic".

Check your PM's...

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Dec 8, 2009 12:13AM)
Absolutely brilliant and simple at the same time. I can't believe that someone isn't selling this over at penguinmagic/ellusionist with some snappy one word name for $50. Maybe you should do that and call it Attraction .. or simply MAGnet.

This truly is a "make any ring a PK ring." Sadly I lost my M ring helping a woman on the side of the road change her tire. I have searched high and low for that thing. This gimmick will work perfectly with the M ring. I'll be ordering another one from Daytona magic .. shame that they have more than doubled the price since last time I ordered one.

I had seen a similar gimmick that "clipped" on to the ring. It looked like it would damage the ring over time and also looked like it could be dislodged easily. Your gimmick is in complete control of the magician and would never scratch a ring.

I wish it wasn't 1 am .. I want to go out and build this thing right now! It will work perfectly with The Relic I got from outlaw magic.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Dec 8, 2009 05:10PM)

Wow!, thanks for the glowing review. I'm actually working on putting together a DVD package with the gimmick. I had hoped to have it finished by now, but having limited financial resources available to me at the present time, it's slow going. I'm glad you like the simplicity of the design and the ease of use. It's also a great point you make about it not damaging any ring you use it with. Let me know how you like using it once you've made one. Thanks again for your patronage, I appreciate it.

For those of you who are interested, check it out here:

Thanks again Chris,
Message: Posted by: robertmichaels (Dec 25, 2009 11:04AM)
I really like this thread. I have some ideas of my own that I have held onto for years because of the dangers of others taking it and marketing it. It is good to see inventors get the credit they deserve. I am inspired to work on releasing my ideas. Thank you. Now the only question is, where to start?
This PK Gimmick rocks
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Dec 26, 2009 07:28PM)

Welcome to the Café and thank you for your kind words and support. If you have something you have worked on that you think can be useful to working magicians you should take a chance and put it out there. I have received so much enthusiastic support and fantastic thoughts and ideas on my PK gimmick. I'm really looking forward to being able to put all the pieces together on my DVD package and see how it is received. Happy Holidays to you and all the Café...

Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Jan 29, 2010 08:24PM)
Hank came up with a wonderful creation. No more rings that aren't you. You use your own ring.

And Hank is always there to answer questions!
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Feb 4, 2010 11:19AM)

Did you ever put the whole package together as you were planning? If so, I probably missed it, though it wouldn't be the first time.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 4, 2010 08:20PM)
Thanks for taking time to post your thoughts. I appreciate the comments.

No, you did not miss out on my release of a DVD package for the Any Ring PK Gimmick. When producing and manufacturing a DVD by yourself, money plays a key role in the process. Money has been tight, so the process is S-L-O-W! I can see why some creators have gone the pre-order route to raise capital to fund a project, but I decided not to go that route. I don't want to run into any of the problems that can arise and end up with a bunch of unhappy customers-in-waiting. Also, this is the first time I'm pursuing a project like this, and there is a great deal to learn and figure out. I will get the project together and I will let all the kind supporters here on the Café know when and where.

Message: Posted by: gmeister (Feb 5, 2010 10:39AM)
Thanks, Hank, I'll be watching and waiting, credit card in hand!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 21, 2010 05:09PM)
Thanks gmeister,

I really am looking forward to getting this project off the ground. IT's been a bit frustrating to not be able to pursue it further to date, mostly for financial reasons. Once again, I thank you for your support.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Feb 27, 2010 12:48AM)
On 2009-10-10 00:22, VernonOnCoins wrote:

One more thing...can I remove or add the gimmick to my ring in front of spec. Or is this a secret maneuver?

If you have the gaff in your pocket, you can reach into your pocket and do the work one-handed.

Whats the Pull Force of your magnet? and What's the diameter in millimeters?

There are many options...let me know

If you make it yourself, it can be any size and any strength you want, within reason.

Posted: Feb 27, 2010 1:54am
Since this was first posted, I have been unable to find the proper item to make it from at any of our local hardware stores; however, I found a number of substitutes. I wound up making my own metal piece from a section of 1/4 inch wide brass plate. It took all of 15 minutes to make two pieces the proper size and shape.

Regarding all of the people who are claiming to have invented a non-PK ring, in the hands, magnetic gaff: there are scads of them that have been on the market for years, including blocks of alnico with finger grips and other things like that.

Jedinat has one called "Kaffee Wette" that is basically invisible and does not require that you wear a ring. It will work through the wall of a coffee mug. However, if you can't read German, you probably won't be able to use it.

I like Hank's best of all.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 27, 2010 12:19PM)

Thanks so much Bill, I take your comment that you like my gimmick best of all as a huge compliment. A magician like yourself, who has spent a great deal of time learning the craft of magic and the history, is very familiar with all of the methodology and gimmicks that have been developed along the way, so coming from you that comment means a lot.

I also appreciate your added clarifications to some of the other questions posed earlier. You can make the gaff any magnetic strength you want. As I believe I stated earlier, the best place to go for magnets is:


George will take good care of you and has ABSOLUTELY any size, shape and strength magnet you are looking for. On top of that, his prices are the most reasonable I have found anywhere.

Bill is right about the "base" of the gimmick as well. I was lucky enough to stumble across those turn buttons, but many people have emailed me with alternatives they have used when they could not find the ones I did.

Thanks again Bill,
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (May 4, 2010 07:35PM)
Hey Café,
I just wanted to give a quick heads up. I just finished re-building my entire website and the previous links in this thread to my STORE PAGE are no longer valid. To purchase this E-Book directly from my website, use this link:


After studying some various marketing materials, I have "un-linked" my STORE PAGE from my sites navigation. Since the site is aimed at booking gigs, I've found that having my STORE PAGE with products for magicians can be considered a negative by some potential clients. The only way to access the page is through the direct link I posted above.

Lastly, to all the folks who have recently purchased this E-Book from me I want to say thanks. If you have not done so, please take a minute of your valuable time to post your comments on this thread.

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: miky (Aug 6, 2010 10:04PM)
Because of the positive comments in this topic, I bought the e-book and am very happy with it. As a hobbyist, most of the performing I do is “impromptu” effects for the same groups of family, friends, and co-workers. I’ve never worn anything on my fingers except my wedding ring, which is not a conventional plain one. Now I can do PK miracles without wearing a new ring that no one has seen before (which I’m sure would be noticed). I’m particularly looking forward to doing Prohibition as well as Billshift (a very visual 5-1 bill transpo).
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Aug 6, 2010 11:11PM)
Hank's brilliant creation is one of the most underappreciated bits of magic around. Good! Those of us who marvel at its genius want it all to ourselves. Simplicity itelf and a steal that rivals any sleight of hand steals you can name. When all the au courant highly touted effcts have been relegated to the junk drawer of "what was I thinking," this will still be used--and prized--by those who don't necessarily believe that high prices and great magic are one and the same.

Hank, you rock!!
Message: Posted by: puggo (Aug 7, 2010 08:44AM)
Ordered direct from Hank. I'm working tonight, so look forward to checking this out over the weekend.
Message: Posted by: Kim (Aug 8, 2010 09:48PM)
It's well worth the money. That's all I'm saying.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Aug 9, 2010 01:47PM)
Miky - thank you for your kind words. As I said earlier, I created this gimmick so I could perform "Prohibition" after my PK ring broke. It's a brilliant effect and in my humble opinion, the BEST cap in bottle on the market.

gmeister - dude, you are making me blush...seriously, I thank you for your support. If I can ever get ahead of the financial curve, I can't wait to put out the DVD package.

puggo - Let me know what you think when you get a chance to check it out...

Kim - Thanks for the kind words, I hope you find this as useful as I do.

Message: Posted by: conjurormatt (Sep 14, 2010 02:18PM)
Just purchased the e-book directly from Morfin, It's a great, simple idea. The only thing I've seen similar was from Axel Hecklau's "Just one cup" (a chop-cup routine with an ordinary leather dice cup), but Axel's doesn't use a ring, so the gimmick is different.

Message: Posted by: gmeister (Sep 14, 2010 03:07PM)
I love it each time this topic is "rekindled" because I get to rave about how great this effect is. Hank's created a masterpiece that's not only knock-their-socks-off effective, but easy to make and inexpensive--no, it's actually CHEAP!

My only problem is Hank's been resting on his laurels. Come on man, you're no one trick pony--give us some more effects with those same characteristics--dynamite magic that's simplicity itself and that sells small and impacts big! Get on with it!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Oct 8, 2010 10:29PM)

You are making me blush! I think you may be giving me too much credit. I simply had a problem I needed to resolve, to be able to perform PK ring effects without a standard PK ring. As the old saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention", and that's how the Any Ring PK Gimmick came about. I was just lucky to go into the right Ace Hardware store and stumble upon the pieces I did! As people have purchased this PDF, I have become aware that the parts I use are not necessarily accessible at any hardware store, not even every Ace Hardware!

That's another reason I want to put out a DVD package that includes the gimmick. I know I've been talking about that for a while, but as I've stated before, it's really a matter of economics to invest in the process and manufacturing of the DVD package as well as an issue finding some process to "flesh-coat" the gimmicks in a professional manner. I WILL get the project done, hopefully you will all find it was worth the wait.

I do have another E-Book available on my site. It's not an effect or a "how-to", but rather it's my notes and discussions about the art of performing. I've had the pleasure of seeing many great magicians perform live at the California Magic Dinner Theatre, as well as become friends and discuss magic and performing with these gracious people. Magicians like Eric Buss, John Carney, Wayne Houchin, Arthur Trace, Tom Ogden, Austin Brooks, Chris Mitchell. Dana Daniels, The Pendragons, Shawn McMaster, Ken Sonkin, Bob Sheets, Alex Ramon, Aldo Colombini, Paul Gertner and Dave Cox to name just a few. The E-Book is designed to help you look at your performing style and your show, and to take into account all the various aspects that make up a good performance. Hopefully it will help you to work on becoming a more complete performer. If anyone is interested in it, you can find it on my site here:
And there's even a combo deal that will save you $4.00 on "Performance: The Magic of Magic" and "The ANY Ring PK Gimmick".

Thanks again for your kind words gmeister, I appreciate the support and encouragement...

Message: Posted by: mavericklancer (Oct 8, 2010 11:58PM)
Wow, Hank. I've been wanting to get a PK ring for some time, but have been put off by the awkward wedding band look (I'm 22 and I perform for family/friends who would think it's awkward) and the reports of rings breaking every few days. This has been the solution to all of my problems. It's so very simple, and best of all, for an amateur college student like myself - CHEAP!

Thank you Mr. Morfin for this wonderful publication!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Nov 29, 2010 10:33AM)

Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you 100%! If you read back through this thread, you will see that I came up with this gimmick for exactly all of the reasons you mentioned.

for any of you who have been using my gimmick, how do you like working with it? I'd appreciate your feedback...

Message: Posted by: gmeister (Nov 29, 2010 02:25PM)
Just a personal opinion, but I don't know why anyone would want to fool with a "traditional" pk ring again remember, personal opinion--if you love pk rings, God bless you!).

Hank has come up with something that anyone thinking of purchasing the afore-mentioned ring, should look at first and perhaps save a bit of money and frustration.
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Nov 29, 2010 08:40PM)
On 2010-11-29 15:25, gmeister wrote:
[b]Just a personal opinion, but I don't know why anyone would want to fool with a "traditional" pk ring[/b] again remember, personal opinion--if you love pk rings, God bless you!).

Hank has come up with something that anyone thinking of purchasing the afore-mentioned ring, should look at first and perhaps save a bit of money and frustration.

Though occasionally I use a PK Ring but, for most of my effects that needs a magnet I use other methods and I have [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/search_post.php?topic=344899&forum=15&post=6412203][b]MY OWN REASONS[/b][/url] :) ;) for the same.

Hope this helps! :)

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Dec 9, 2010 03:06AM)
Thanks for the continuing support of my silly little gimmick. You and I are on the same page about using PK rings, thus the birth of this gimmick.

Thank you for dropping into this thread to add your comments. I've read the post you link to, in fact the entire topic. You should all read the post that Ustaad linked to in his post above, he shares some very good information in the use of magnets and in the differences in particular magnets. I always enjoy reading your thoughts when I come across them.

Thanks guys,
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Dec 9, 2010 07:52AM)
Your "silly little gimmick" is great, Hank, and one of the on-going best buys in magic. I will continue to spread that word to the "unitiated."

As for Ustaad, I agree with you completely. He always brings something to the table and his comments and suggestions add not only to the discussion but further one's development in the art. His post above with its re-direct is a perfect example.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Dec 12, 2010 11:36PM)

"You Da' Man!"...
I thank you for all of your support and for helping to spread the word.

Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Dec 14, 2010 05:56AM)
Hank (Astrocity) and Gmeister, Thank you for the kind words. :)

Best regards,


P.S. Hank Morfin's 'Any Ring PK Gimmick' has numerous advantages (I see no limitations :)) over a PK Ring and other similar methods. And to name a few important advantages:

1. The power (magnetic strength) can be increased/ decreased by simply replacing the power engine with a stronger/ weaker engine.

2. Polarity of the power engine can be changed as desired.

3. The gimmick can be hooked & unhooked in a fraction of a second.

4. It is very easy & cheap to construct the gimmick.

5. Very easy to use, handle and maintain.

6. . . . and so on. ;)

I can go on and on regardless . . . :) ;)
Message: Posted by: John C (Dec 14, 2010 01:27PM)
This is obviously a good idea based on Ustaad's opinion. But personally I have never had a problem with a pk ring. No one looks at the ring. There's nothing to hide, no slieghts to perform or even think about.

I will most likely get the pdf but stick with the old tried and true never a problem ok ring.

Message: Posted by: gmeister (Dec 14, 2010 07:36PM)
John, let us know what you think once you go through the pdf.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Dec 20, 2010 03:10PM)
I totally agree with you, it's not that I have a problem with a PK ring, it's just that I'm not married and I already have non-PK rings that I wear daily. That's why I came up with this gimmick, to allow my every day rings to do exactly what a PK ring does. With this gimmick, there's really nothing to hide either, it's small and camouflaged and it slips on and off instantly. If you are happy with a PK ring and it fit's you, than you should definitely stick with it. If you're curious about a way to get the same use out of other rings than check out the PDF. As gmeister said, if you do decide to take a look, please come back here and let us know what you think. I enjoy reading your posts and insights into magic as well.

Happy Holidays,
Message: Posted by: gutosantana (Jan 26, 2011 09:27AM)
Hi Hank,

I bought your ebook also. It´s nice.

However, I´m having problems to find the needed materials to make the gimmick.

What´s your recommendation the get the clip the what´s the magnets specs?

Thanks for attention, have a nice year and regards from Brazil!

G.S. [::::]
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jan 26, 2011 12:24PM)
I'm glad I was able to help you via our PM's. You are not the first person who has told me they were able to find the "turn button" piece on EBay. I've just PM'd you in reply to your latest inquiry. Thanks for your support and your enthusiasm.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Mar 15, 2011 07:34PM)
Hey Café,
I just wanted to let you know that because I've temporarily discounted my combo deal that includes this very popular E-book with another E-book, "Performance: The Magic of Magic", you can pick up BOTH of them for only $13.95!!!

Check it out here:


Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 7, 2012 02:30PM)
Hey Café,

After many requests and inquiries, as well as the LONG delay to the "ANY Ring PK Gimmick" DVD project I hope to put out at some point in time, I have decided to release a limited number of the ANY Ring PK Gimmicks. These are the "bare gimmicks", any of you who have purchased the E-Book will know what that means. I will send them to you either "bare" or "tape covered", your choice. Again, those of you who have purchased the E-Book will understand what that means. I am also offering a special "Combo Deal" with both the E-Book and the gimmick for those of you who have not previously purchased the E-Book. You can order the gimmick or the deal on my STORE page: http://www.morfinmagic.com/html/store.html

There are a limited number of these so once they are gone, that's it. I really appreciate all the interest and support of this little E-Book ove the past few years, I never had any idea that it would be as popular at it has been or that there would be so much interest in putchasing the gimmick and in the DVD project as well. I am still working on putting out the DVD project at some point in time and when I do, anyone who has purchased the E-Book and/or the gimmick will be ble to purchse it at a discounted rate as a thank you for your support.

For those of you outside the Continental US, please don't order either the gimmick or the "Combo Deal" from my STORE page. PM me with your email address and I will contact you directly.

Thanks again Café,
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Feb 7, 2012 07:15PM)
This is great news!

Hank's Any Ring PK is one of the best buys in mentalism. However some have found one of the "necessaries" hard to come by ( although I didn't have a problem). Now that problem's soled if you act fast (and I'm about to order a couple right off). This will be a fantastic investment. Don't let the price fool you-- this thing's a worker's worker.

BTW, I have no financial interest in this product. I bought the Pdt and fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of the method. I've consistently praised it on the Café and I'm not about to stop now.

Get it or forever kick yourself when they're gone!
Message: Posted by: SteveFromSpokane (Feb 16, 2012 10:14PM)
I got my e-book from Hank today. He has mailed out the gimmick and it will arrive in days.
The bonus section has an idea contributed by Jerry Schiowitz that is just totally awesome. Actually it is beyond awesome the idea from Jerry.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 18, 2012 02:07PM)
Thanks for you enthusiastic support as always, it is definitely appreciated. The gimmicks are selling fairly quickly so if you are thinking about getting one you should go ahead and do so. There was a good number of people wanting two gimmicks so I actually put a buy two option on my STORE page.

You should see your gimmick Tuesday (Monday is a holiday), Wednesday the latest. The bonus idea from Jerry IS beyond awesome, I never thoght about using a PK gimmick in that manner. Thanks to Jerry for graciously allowing me to share it. He emailed me a few days ago and told me he is working on the routine, hopefully he will get some video footage of him performing it to send me. I told him that I would include it in the DVD package when I finally get my "stuff" together to get it put together.

Thanks again guys for the kind words and the enthusiasm for my little gimmick.

Message: Posted by: ibraa (Feb 24, 2012 05:29PM)
Do you ship to the UK?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Feb 26, 2012 12:53AM)

I just PMd you...

Message: Posted by: NeilS (Jun 17, 2013 03:54PM)
I have recently become interested in PK effects and have just obtained The Any Ring PK Gimmick. As I already wear a wedding ring and did not really want to wear an additional ring, this gimmick suits me perfectly. It fits neatly and opens up a great many PK possibilities.

I can see why so many have praised the gimmick - it is such a brilliant idea, small, effective and very powerful. I like this a lot.

Thanks Hank.
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Jun 17, 2013 09:09PM)
Welcome to the club, Neil!

It's one of the most brilliant little devices around and one of the best bargains. Hank's more than earned his place in magic history for coming up with it!
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jun 23, 2013 05:05PM)

Thanks for the support and thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you are liking the gimmick.


As always, thank you for the ongoing support...You Da' Man!

Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jul 1, 2013 03:24PM)
On 2012-02-16 23:14, SteveFromSpokane wrote:
The bonus section has an idea contributed by Jerry Schiowitz that is just totally awesome. Actually it is beyond awesome the idea from Jerry.

Do you mean, Jerry Sadowitz? I just re-read the bonus notes in my version and I don't see anything credited to Sadowitz (or any other Jerry, for that matter). Is there an update that I may have missed out on?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 5, 2013 10:31AM)
Hi Magiguy,

I just PM'd you about the update. To anyone else who has purchased this E-Book and do not have the update with Jerry's brilliant use of a PK gimmick, PM me or email me, hank@morfinmagic.com, with proof of purchase and I will email you the update. The PayPal receipt or order receipt from my website or from Lybrary.com is all I need to see. I emailed the update to all the current email addresses I had for people who purchased directly from me and provided the update to Lybrary.com so they could update the version they have. those of you who I did not have the right email, or who bought from Lybrary.com before the update may still not have the updated version. The idea/use I'm referring to is by Jerry Schiowitz and it's an amazing idea that I don't think too many people who use PK gimmicks would have thought of.

Thanks again to everyone for the support of this crazy little idea,
Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jul 5, 2013 04:17PM)
Thanks, Hank!
I appreciate the quick response. I ordered through you a long time ago, and have since updated my email address (which is probably why I fell off the list). Great idea by Jerry (not Sadowitz) Schiowitz. Quite a coincidence, re: his name. :)

Anyway... I was fortunate to be able to find a good number of "that special something" required for building this prop, but wanted to obtain one directly from the creator, just to see what I could be doing better.

Love this prop, and highly recommend the manuscript. Looking forward to the eventual DVD.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 24, 2013 08:25PM)

You are MOST welcome Sir! I appreciate the interest in this gimmick.

There has been a lot of recent interest in purchasing the actual gimmicks. I actually had to go out and buy some more of the materials to build the "bare gimmicks"! One thing for any of the Café members outside of the Continental US...The gimmick packages are only figured for shipping in the U.S., if you want to buy the gimmicks outside of the U.S., please PM me or email me with SHIP TO info so I can calculate the total cost with shipping to your location. Thanks again to everyone for the continued interest and support!

Message: Posted by: bidbid (Aug 9, 2013 08:05AM)
Great ebook!
Message: Posted by: Romano911 (Aug 10, 2013 04:16PM)
Agreed, the ebook is a terrific value, IMO, I also purchased the gimmick from Hank. He sent it promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. The gimmick is something I will always have on me... great stuff.
Message: Posted by: gmeister (Aug 10, 2013 06:42PM)
For all who are just discovering this brilliant tool, I told you so a d I'll continue to.
Message: Posted by: Abraxas (Mar 12, 2014 09:26PM)

I have just read your ebook and a few thoughts about it. By the way, I am a complete beginner in this area, so I beg your pardon, if those questions seem silly to you. At the moment I am trying something similar to the "Kaffeewette"-routine with a PK ring. Before my decision for this gimmick I was thinking about putting tape with a micro magnet (or more) inside the hand (in the region, where the ring is now). But I didn't try this because in this case I would not be able to show the inner side of my right hand. I think your gimmick has the same "problem", hasn't it? Or did you find a solution for this in practical experience?
Other wrote here, that the trick "Kaffewette" does have an invisible gimmick: Does that mean, that it works without a ring + the magician can show both sides of his hands to the audience at any point of the routine (that means for me inter alia no magnetic thumb tip)? In this case I will be thinking about buying it. Thank you anyway for reading + thinking about this.

Kind regards
Message: Posted by: Isper (Mar 19, 2014 06:33PM)
If you want to discuss methods, please wait until you have access to the closed forums and then discuss them there.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Apr 8, 2014 03:22PM)
I have to agree with Isper, we should not discuss this much detail on methods on an "Open Forum". Sorry for not noticing this post earlier, I'll have to use the AWESOME new SUBSCRIBE feature here on the Café so I know when someone posts to this topic. I will PM you my response to you.

Message: Posted by: CSArscott (Jul 8, 2014 08:03PM)
Anyone know of a suitable clip available in UK?
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Jul 9, 2014 10:40AM)
Hi CSArscott,
I'm going to PM you some links. Anyone in the UK, or anywhere in the world for that matter, the easiest way to find similar clips that will work is to do a Google or EBay in your country search for "turn buttons", pay particular attention to "picture turn buttons". If you have my E-Book, you will see right away that many of them are very similar in size and shape and will work great to make up the gimmick.

Message: Posted by: Gaunt (Aug 10, 2014 03:10AM)
Hank is your ebook still available? I tried your website but was unable to place an order.
Message: Posted by: Gaunt (Aug 12, 2014 12:31PM)
It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Hank. "The Any Ring PK Gimmick" is an informative and useful little ebook which in my opinion was well worth the money.
Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Aug 12, 2014 04:22PM)
Thank you so much Gaunt,

I'm very pleased that my little gimmick has helped so many people with performing PK effects. Thanks for your support.

Message: Posted by: Astrocity (Sep 13, 2019 06:24PM)
UPDATE 9/12/2019:
Hello Café,
It's so crazy, I've got this E-Book listed on Lybrary.com, have had it there for several years. People are still buying it and I get emails regularly! I've got a few of the gimmicks for my use that I made several years ago so I haven't had the need to go looking for the raw materials to build them. It was brought to my attention that the clips described in the E-book are no longer manufactured by that company so I did some digging and found another company that sells them, including on Amazon. Anyone who bought this E-Book through Lybrary.com can go there and download an updated version of the E-book with the new information for sourcing that item included. If you bought it directly from me, email me with some proof of purchase and I'll send you the Update Page with the new information. Again, thank you to ALL of you who thought this quirky little idea of mine was worth your time and money.