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Topic: Jumbo Cards
Message: Posted by: T.G Kenny (Nov 1, 2008 10:38PM)

Any Card manipulator here uses Jumbo Cards?
Which type of brand do you use?

I am looking for a soft type of jumbo cards.


Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 1, 2008 11:28PM)
Here is more info:










If you do a search on Jumbo Cards you will find more threads.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Nov 2, 2008 12:01AM)
Kenny, go to the shopping mall and look for those that are from Hong Kong. They are soft and slightly smaller.
Message: Posted by: T.G Kenny (Nov 2, 2008 04:38AM)
Hello James,

The shipping malls in my town here does not have any Jumbo Cards! Shopping malls at West Malaysia have Jumbo cards?

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Nov 2, 2008 07:41AM)
Kenny, look for souvenir or gift shops that sell premium items - that's where the jumbo cards are sold. It is sold all over the place here and cheap too.
Message: Posted by: T.G Kenny (Nov 2, 2008 08:33PM)
Ok. I am going to West Malaysia this coming New Year. Hope that I can find the gift shops that is selling jumbo cards. Thanks a lot, James! :)
Message: Posted by: Shawn River (Nov 2, 2008 09:11PM)
You can check out the souvenir shop that name ROOM
Available in KLCC ,Pavilion .
They selling Giant deck and jumbo .
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 2, 2008 10:38PM)
Welcome to The Magic Café Shawn. We are happy you joined.
Message: Posted by: T.G Kenny (Nov 3, 2008 07:32PM)
Thanks and welcome, Shawn.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Nov 4, 2008 07:28AM)
I have also found some jumbo sized cards in dollar stores. It was weird but you just have to keep your eyes open. I have found great manipulative props in the strangest of places. The dollar stores cards were also nice and thin as well and I still have 2 decks I will be using and working with.

Message: Posted by: T.G Kenny (Nov 4, 2008 10:34AM)
Hey Kyle,

You are right. I found a toy-cellphone which is good for manipulation!!!
The handling of it and the palm I am working with it, is like pure magic!

If you get what I mean =P

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Nov 4, 2008 11:34AM)
Yeap. I do indeed. I often find some great props at toy stores and dollar stores. Just look around and you will be amazed at what you can find and use and apply.

Message: Posted by: knmagic (Nov 11, 2008 02:40AM)
I got a lot of jumbo cards from 99 cents stores and Dollar Tree stores