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Topic: Song name
Message: Posted by: Radmak (Nov 12, 2008 05:44PM)
Does anyone know the title of the song used in David Sousa's FISM act? (Stockholm 2006).

I know that there was a topic like this but somebody told it was a Tindersticks - Another Night In.

I mean the title of song You can hear at http://www.davidsousa.net/ - the "FISM act" videoclip. Not the grand finale act.

Message: Posted by: GERRIT (Nov 13, 2008 02:13AM)
On the Homepage are diffrent songs. The name of the band is "Tindersticks". The names of the songs are written on the startsite of the page near by the speaker symbol - if you click on the symbol you can read the names.
Message: Posted by: Radmak (Nov 13, 2008 12:44PM)
Hey, I know it! But I mean the music FROM The 1st video - the instrumental one! Not music from site...
But thanks for Your interest ;)