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Topic: Sunlite and other things about lighting...
Message: Posted by: JayH (Nov 24, 2008 12:33PM)

I have had my own illusion show now almost a year and now it is the time (and money also) to think more about lightning. I have now 7 pieces of 56 led par cans and 2 64 led par cans with two trees (t-bars) and 3 meter backdrop (truss and tripods). I would want to do more with my lightning and add moving heads etc. so to give my audiences more like a big show feeling and make the experience stronget... I have also thought about different stage settings, but if you have some good ideas how to place lights on stage, I would be thankful of any type of help...

Then the other guestion is about Sunlite program for pc to control your lightning... Any thoughts?

All Due Respect

p.s Hoping that Kevin shows up :)
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Nov 29, 2008 07:52AM)
JayH...Sorry it took so long to respond. Sunlite or Elation's CompuWare Pro or Live are a great way to go if you want and need PC control. The main advantage is the easy show side of things, where everything is sync'ed together on a timeline. You're lights, special effects, music & even video are all running together. With the Easy View you can design your show without having your entire light rig set up...basically their own kind of WYSIWYG.

Taking this software a step further, you can add Wireless Wizardy's Ultra Tech. Now you can control your entire show from the stage. With a remote on your side or in your pocket, you can track forward, track back, play, pause, fade out and play the next track, fade out and cue the next track and wait for your input. You can even go to a blackout or full stage wash with just the touch of a button. Adding the ankle remote and now you can start and stop hands free.

Hope that helps...I'm sure it answered some questions and also created some new ones.