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Topic: "The Boss" routine with cups and balls
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Nov 27, 2008 11:12PM)
This was the first C&B video I saw, centuries ago. I found it again recently and I like to read your comentaries about this routine. I like te character and find the handling interesting. His people call him The Boss. I don´t remember where he come from (I believe he is from Korea).

So, here is the link:


Message: Posted by: Tom Fenton (Nov 27, 2008 11:50PM)
The Boss is Rannie Raymundo, he is from Manila.

His cup routines are great, as are his coin routines, card routines...
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Nov 27, 2008 11:56PM)
Rannie is going to be at WMS in Las Vegas March 1-4, don't' miss the opportunity to see the boss in action. You will hate it if you don't go.
Message: Posted by: M for Magic (Nov 28, 2008 12:25AM)
Rannie is a great magician and all-round great person.
He makes absolutely beautiful wands, chop cups and other magical apparatus from exotic woods. Highly reccommended.
Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Nov 28, 2008 02:06AM)
WHO? ;)
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Nov 28, 2008 07:52AM)
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Nov 28, 2008 10:33AM)
On 2008-11-28 00:50, Tom Fenton wrote:
The Boss is Rannie Raymundo, he is from Manila.

His cup routines are great, as are his coin routines, card routines...

Thanks, Tom, for that information. I really like his cups and balls routine.
Message: Posted by: Tom Fenton (Nov 28, 2008 11:46AM)
Have a look at his other stuff.
Rannie really is a great guy, as you can see from the other posts, he is a highly skilled fellow.
Message: Posted by: Magnalucius (Nov 28, 2008 11:54AM)
I now understand that name, "The Boss"...
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Nov 28, 2008 01:31PM)
I enjoyed the video very much, although I wish there was a little more light. There were many things I liked about this routine such as the snappy moves, how he moves the cups to the sides, and the dissappearing balls (this part was hard to see).

This routine would have been even better if done in a more decorative environment, but it was still fun to watch.

Many thanks to Rannie Raymundo "The Boss" and hope to see many more of his work in the near future.

Rannie I wish I knew what you were saying it would be nice if I could get a script sent to my PM box. Thanks :)
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Nov 28, 2008 01:33PM)
Not only the magicians from the Philippines call him "The Boss", you also find many here (magic Café) calling him "The Boss" too.

Since we have "The Boss" now, I am wondering who is going to bill himself as "The Big Boss". LOL
Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Nov 28, 2008 01:50PM)
Mi hermano only uses "Boss" in and around magic circles since his wife and daughters will let you know THEY are the real bosses!
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Nov 28, 2008 03:45PM)
I believe his wife and daughters are really the Big Bosses then, Mickey. LOL
Message: Posted by: rannie (Nov 28, 2008 09:30PM)
Thank you for your kind words my friends...old and new!

Mick and James...you guys hit it on the head of the nail... My wife and daughters are indeed the Big Bosses in my life.

WMS is just around the corner folks...hope to se you there. To those who plan to go...please make sure you stop by and say hello should we bump into each other. I would be happy to find a corner and session with you folks. I am so eager to learn from all of you and in the same course... be able to share my magic as well. It should be a fun 5 days.

Special thanks to John Mendoza for creating a wonderful technique.

Mabuhay from Manila!

Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Nov 29, 2008 12:07AM)
I just figured out how to keep up..... If I sleep an extra 5 mins per night between now and when I pick you up, I will have gained approx 7.5 hours sleep so I'll be ready to rock!

Just 3 more short months hermano!
Message: Posted by: rannie (Nov 29, 2008 02:09PM)
Yo Hermano...its 4:07 am Manila time. Just got home from a show....well...had a little after show celebration but I am still ready to work on my new C&B routine. Probably just go over it a few more times just to lower the adrenaline from last night's show. I reckon you get those extra sleep before I arrive!