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Topic: Vanishing Bandana
Message: Posted by: montymagi (Nov 29, 2008 09:30PM)
I just got the new C.D. version of the Vanishing Bandana and I have to say I think I like the first version better. It seems long winded and maybe a little too over the top. Any opinions?
Message: Posted by: Alexx Argen (Nov 30, 2008 12:06AM)
I agree, I use my cassette version. I like it because I make jokes about using a tape. It gets good laughs from the parents. I explain to the children that I use cassettes to teach me my magic tricks then I mention how most of the children in the room most likely don't even know what a cassette even is. Its sad but true.
Message: Posted by: clownmagic (Dec 8, 2008 03:45PM)
It is a little long winded. I edited my own CD based on it.
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Dec 11, 2008 02:10AM)
I have seen but do not own the first or second versions of this effect but I do own the latest, "The Mysical Magical Vanishing Bandana". I have only seen the 1st version but I like the longer newest one because it gives a better, IMO, chance for more play. I like the fact that I can use the male or the female voice and better by play with it. Plus you get the Torn And Restored Bill with it as well as a few other recordings that can be used by you. Again I do not own the first 2 but I really like the new one. I like the new Devil's Hank that comes with it as I can see where the clean up will be much easier. Anyway just my take on it.

Message: Posted by: Bradley Roberts (Dec 11, 2008 10:43AM)
Steven is right on the new Devil's Hanky. Easier to clean up and I don't have to your plastic sandwich bags anymore. And I agree with everyone else I use the first CD. They should repackage it with the old CD and the new Hanky.

Message: Posted by: Steven True (Dec 11, 2008 11:03PM)
Didn't the Café's own Bill Palmer have some input on the new one? I have to check my instructions again but I think he did.

Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Dec 12, 2008 12:39PM)
Hello everyone,

Thanks for the kind words regarding my Amazing Mystical Vanishing Bandana routine. I really do appreciate them.

We made the CD a little long (i use it as it is) but is designed in such a way for the performer to edit the tracks to their own liking. If I have a 5 minute spot, I take out some of the lines, jokes, gags, etc and will create a "new" routine that suits my audience. This is one of the reasons why we did not put background music in the tracks- to allow the performer to edit them. To anyone who has this routine, I talk about this briefly in the manuscript. I did not want to include the 'original' routine because it is not mine. I didn't want to copy someone elses work without getting permission first. Based on our research, we were unable to determine who wrote the script we were all used to. Besides, most of us already have the CD which we can use.

The Devil's Hank was designed by myself (I've used it for 10 years) and manufactured by Sandy Sisti at Seams Like Magic. I believe it adds a greatvalue nto the product and makes clean up a breeze. Many have told me that the hank alone was worth the price of the effect. We also sell additional pocket inserts for this as well for those performers who have multiple show.

Bill Palmer streamlined the research for this effect. He was my go-to-guy when we were researching this effect and contacted (or attempted to) everyone who was involved with this included Mr. Ogden, Yarborough, etc).

I'm glad you all enjoy this effect. We try real hard to come out with some quality magic products. If you have an idea of a product you'd like to bring to life. Please let me know. I'm working with my friend FLoyd Collins to bring "THE THOUGHTS TRANSMITTER 200" to life! More deatils to follow. Thanks again everyone, seriously!

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: itsmagic (Dec 13, 2008 01:30AM)
Can you tell, which version played better for you and the audience?

I don't have the newest one. I ditched the CD, and instead have a parent read the instructions while a child follows along. I just hated cleaning up the banana afterward. I purchased a special devil's hank with sewn in thick plastic, but it was still a pain to wash it and clean it out.
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Dec 13, 2008 10:54AM)

My version has a removable pocket insert which is velcroed in place. You smush up the banana, you remove the velcro pocket with all of the 'guck' and turnit inside out over the grabage can. Put the velcro pocket into the washing machine, let it air dry (takes about 20 minutes) then insert it back into your hanky for the next show. I used to 'hate' performing this effect for the clean up. That's why I created my version of it and now I never have to even touch the banana!

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: itsmagic (Dec 13, 2008 03:16PM)
Very interesting twist. Might be worth it just for the hank alone.
Message: Posted by: baldguy (Dec 15, 2008 01:02PM)
I own and perform Robert's version. I also use it as is without cutting anything. It hasn't failed me, yet, as I've always received great response and some great comments after the show.

I chose The Magic Enhancer version over the others because of the quality. It sounds professionally produced because it *is* professionally produced.

The only words of advice I can impart (not that anyone asked) no matter which version you go with....

Take the time to rehearse your facial expressions and the timing of your reactions. Remember... YOU know what's coming but you're supposed to appear that you DON'T know what's coming. After all, supposedly, you're listening to the CD or tape for the first time with the audience.

And DO react to each line. Don't just stand there like a stick and expect the CD or tape to get all the laughs for you. YOU have a big part in the routine, too.

Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Dec 18, 2008 09:39AM)

Thanks for the kind words. I've seen Marty perform my version before and I must honestly say that it is the BEST performance of the Vanishing Bandana I've ever seen. Not just my version- of any version. He does a superb job with it. I was very impressed when I saw it.

Marty hit it dead on when he said that this routine is about YOU!!! IF you don't make funnyexpressions / movements, it will not be very funny. If you can act then you will see your differences.

As I've mentioned we created the routie so the performer can simply edit the track to fit his likes and performance length. I tried to make the price of the effect worth the hank alone (there are other similar ones that retail for $45 and doesn't have the feature of the removable pocket).

If anyone has any specific questions about this product, I'd be happy to answer them.

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: baldguy (Dec 19, 2008 11:29AM)

You are too kind, sir. There's no way I can live up to that. LOL! Thanks for the kind words.

As for the removable pocket... Even though the removable pocket makes cleanup easier, be sure and remove it as soon as you can after the show. That banana will still soak through eventually. Don't wait until you get home.

I'm glad I ordered a spare pocket. If you do 2 shows in a day, it makes it much easier.

Happy Holidays everyone!