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Topic: Close Up Opener
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Mar 14, 2002 07:55PM)
I am preparing an act for a Close Up Competition coming up soon. I won it last year so my act needs to be pretty good to do it again :idea:

I need a fast yet knockout opener that...

1. Has a PERFORMANCE time of half a minute (1 min MAX)

2. Does not use Kapps Paper to Money, etc.

3. Must not be 'operating clever machinery' (such as finger-chopper, The Box, etc.)

4. Can be a dealer item as long as it is not that well known

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. :lover:
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Mar 14, 2002 08:16PM)
I think that you should try Michael Rubenstein's Bologna Debut. From Knockout coin magic video number 1. Its a neat little way to open up a coin act.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 14, 2002 09:46PM)
Boy, oh boy, do you pose an interesting problem. You ask for a strong, magical opener, of less than a minute performance time, using no cards, and no coins, and preferably no recognizable dealers item. To top this challenge off, no clue as to what follow up tricks/effects you plan to do.

So, here goes a very quick, visual, and I think magical opener.

What the audience will see.

You are introduced and walk briskly on carrying your close up pad in your left hand, and a very small change purse in your right. Toss the purse onto the table where it lands with an audible clunk of change. Place the mat down and pick up the purse with the right hand, transfer it to the left and open it, reach in and take out a shot glass (slightly larger than the purse), full of an amber liquid, toast the audience, take a sip, close the purse as you take the sip, drop the purse on the table with an audible clunk of change, place the glass down and start your next effect. You may take a sip of the liquid between the effects if you want.

Yes, I know, this is very easy and elementary stuff. But it meets your challenge! No cards, no coins (except for audible misdirection), visual, magical, and seemingly impossible. In terms of time, I walked through this bit twice and got it accomplished, without a rush, in less than 12 seconds both times.

The needed props: One standard shot glass. I am using a very heavy (heavy glass bottom) standard shot glass. It is 2 inches in diameter at the mouth and 2 ¼ inches tall.

One small coin purse. The only requirement is that the mouth opens larger than the diameter of the shot glass and that it is overall not as large (deep) as the glass. Actually mine opens to a 2-½ inch square opening but is only 2 inches deep.

I use this purse for several effects. It is gimmicked. But NO slits. I cut the cloth away from one side of the frame and put 4 quarters inside. I then glued the two cloth sides together. The purse frame opens but the purse does not. From the front it looks as if I open the purse. Get it? With the frame closed, I can toss the purse on the table or even give it to a spectator to hold. Nothing shows.

The glass is filled and covered, and sort of palmed. Well, I hold it low in my hand by the bottom two fingers and hold the close up pad by the thumb and index finger, the pad gives adequate cover.

The purse is placed into the left hand right in front of the glass, fingers hold the purse against the glass and the right hand opens the purse as the left thumb rolls the cover off.

Reach in with the right fingers and take out the shot glass, spilling some drink as you do.

As you toast, the left thumb snaps the purse closed and thumb palms the cover (this is automatic, try it and see). Toss the purse down by opening the fingers and the cover stays thumb palmed. Reach into your pocket for your props (cards, whatever) for your next trick and ditch the cover.

The cover? I am using plastic kitchen food wrap and a rubber band.

Does this meet your criteria? Good enough?

By the way, you could vanish the glass at the end of your act for continuities sake.
Message: Posted by: Martino (Mar 17, 2002 01:33PM)
You might want to have a look at Doc Eason's routine using Nuts and Bolts from his Bar Magic videos (sorry can't remember which one). It uses everyday objects is very magical and has some inbuilt humour (see the video for the details of this).
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Mar 17, 2002 05:40PM)
Hi Y'aLL,
Thanks for the very interesting input.

Yes, I had considered 'All Screwed Up' as I am a fan of Doc's and Mumblepeas, your suggestion is VERY interesting.

I'm beginning to sway towards a fast bottle production a la Bob Read/Mike Ammar/'Splash Bottle'.

What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 17, 2002 06:44PM)
James, I like the “Splash Bottle” - pop the balloon and have a large bottle of wine appear, very much. I have the “wherewithal” (Christmas gift) but have not used it in regular performance. I think that it is brilliant.

I was going to use it to replace a bottle production that I learned from Ron London. The London idea is limited to a smaller bottle (I produce a full beer bottle) than the Splash Bottle gimmick. But then, it uses something I already had, a dove harness! Load my harness with a bottle of whatever and produce it from my handkerchief. I produce a bottle and then immediately produce a lager glass, open the beer and pour it into the glass. Sip a bit and move on.

For Splash Bottle, you’ll need a coat that can cover the bottle well (dark coat usually hides the bulge well).

Just about any of the bottle productions is a good opener for you. Go for it!
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Mar 18, 2002 02:02AM)
Dear MP,

I like your 'bottle dove' idea - very creative.

You have some interesting ideas, mate. :nod:
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 18, 2002 02:36AM)
How about producing an "Airborne" bottle and then going right into Airborne (floating glass as drink is being poured)? I have used that as an opener in my platform shows, and it's been very effective, indeed.
Message: Posted by: James Fortune (Mar 18, 2002 02:59AM)
Now that's a VERY good idea Scott.

Remember though that this is a formal Close Up competition. How close can I use Airborne?

Now, "Airborne with the Greatest of Ease" appears to be the way to go? Mark Mason says it is much better than the standard Airborne.

Any comments on this?
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 18, 2002 03:13AM)
You can use Airborne fairly closely. Not familiar with the one in question, but I've used the one by Malloy when the crowd was only a foot or two in front of me.

May not be the best for a competition. Just thought I'd throw it out there, as it is very effective in the "real world."
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Mar 18, 2002 07:37AM)
mumblepeas, you can use the mouth of a 16" round balloon. Tie a knot at the mouth of the balloon (not too near the mouth), cut away the balloon and stretch the mouth over the glass, and you'll have a cover that is able to stretch. :) I think this idea was by Eugene Burger.