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Topic: Prohibition
Message: Posted by: John C (Dec 4, 2008 10:35AM)

Will I be able to make a bottle cap mysteriously appear ON the bottle as in this video of prohibition? Or is that the trick?

Message: Posted by: M Sini (Dec 4, 2008 10:59AM)
Ummm...no. Never caught that until you said something.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 4, 2008 02:48PM)
John, are you related to my ex-wife? Because you are busting my balls like you are, LOL!

John, the video is a demo and as demos go, you don't always get to see the entire effect. otherwise I might as well give it away. I'm sure if you do a search for Prohibition on this website you will find out that it's probably the best cap in bottle effect on the market today, but don't take my word for it.

BTW when you are in Orlando email me and I'll be sure to introduce you to my little friend. (my best Tony Montana impression)or we can hang out.

Jeff Pierce Magic
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Dec 4, 2008 03:02PM)
LOL...My ex also

Message: Posted by: John C (Dec 4, 2008 04:34PM)
Just thought it was funny when the cap appeared. I don't pick on anyone in particular, just tricks and videos I see. I share my thoughts with other magicians as if the author wasn't there. But you are here so it seems as though I am busting you personally but no I'm not.

Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 4, 2008 06:33PM)
All in fun John.

Jeff Pierce Magic
Message: Posted by: BlakeAdams (Dec 4, 2008 06:59PM)
Lol that made me laugh. never notice that
Message: Posted by: Pauldela (Dec 6, 2008 04:10PM)
John, the video is a demo and as demos go, you don't always get to see the entire effect. otherwise I might as well give it away.


Anyways Ive heard this is amazing.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 6, 2008 04:42PM)
BTW Prohibition is now available as a Digital Download from my website. With it you get Charlies unpublished coin in bottle routine, The Coin Accomplice for free.
Check it out.

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: Platt (Dec 6, 2008 05:16PM)
The handling of Prohibtion is absolutely brilliant. But make no mistake about it: This is not a truly impromtu anytime, anywhere effect.. Bars and restaurants don't give out bottle caps when they serve bottles of beer. It's illegal. Now of course there's ways around that. But the effect is not nearly as practical as it should be. I can think of very few times outside of a house party where I'd find myself having a truly off the cuff, impromtu moment to perform this effect. Which is really too bad. Because again, the handling is brilliant and looks amazing. Oh well, the search for the holy grail of bottle penetrations continues....
Message: Posted by: mayniac (Dec 6, 2008 07:50PM)
Is Atlantis as good or better than this?
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 6, 2008 07:55PM)
Illegal to give out beer caps? Why? Are they dangerous, or something?
Message: Posted by: RSchlutz (Dec 6, 2008 09:04PM)
I disagree. It is true that they do not give out the beer cap with you order a beer but if you ask the bartender for a few beer caps I am 95% sure they will give you a hand full without any hassle. (I know---I done it on several occasions). In my experience it really didn’t matter if they matched perfectly given the environment. Prohibition is a great crowd pleaser.

Take Care!

Ryan Schlutz
Message: Posted by: patrick66 (Dec 7, 2008 02:34AM)
Does anyone still performs this effect after the exposure of the masked magician?
Message: Posted by: Platt (Dec 7, 2008 09:37AM)
On 2008-12-06 20:55, pegasus wrote:
Illegal to give out beer caps? Why? Are they dangerous, or something?

By law they have to open your beer. I guess technically handing out the cap could give you the ability to close it. Yes, most bartenders will probably be happy to give you some caps. But unless you're literally sitting at the bar with the spectator, the impromtu "anytime, anywhere" nature of this effect gets thrown out the window. Remember, I'm a huge fan of Prohibition. Just look at my posts from when it was released. The handing is brilliantly simple and it looks amazing. I just unfortunately have found very few times I can perform this truly impromtu. Maybe it's just me, but from a practicality standpoint, I'd much prefer: "Done with your beer? Got a coin? Great. Watch this."
Message: Posted by: Joaquin (Dec 7, 2008 02:22PM)
A lot of people at bars or restaurants do not know that is illegal for bartenders to give caps. Bring your own caps. You can even bring the brand that you need to match your own bottle. Go to the bathroom come back and say "hey take a look at these caps I got from the trask or from the bar. Bend one and give the other to cap the bottle.

I have perform this effect so many times in bars and restaurants and noone has never asked where did you got the caps. In fact if you have beer in your hands it is obvious that somewhere around you can find the caps. In fact in a bar they do not even ask you who are you ???

It will be different if you bring a glass bottle in a place where the rest of the people have plastic glasses. Then this trick will be out of of place.

Also prohibiton does not need to be performed with a bottle beer only. You can even use a plastic glass. Ask the spectator to put their hand on top of the glass to cover it and then do the penetration. With good missdirection they can cover the glass without even looking.

My two cents.
Message: Posted by: magicdoctor (Dec 7, 2008 09:24PM)
I use a coke bottle in my walk around. We have a Festival Foods and they have six packs of minature coke bottles I start with a cap in the bottle and one on top.Then I start talking about science in how you would have to be a magician to pass a solid through a solid. works great. I love Prohibition.
Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Dec 9, 2008 10:57AM)
I find prohibition great with water bottles. I bought it to do in a restaurant bar where I was strolling and it just never worked out.Beer all over my hands not everyone had clear bottles ext.
Then doing a strolling gig at a fair I saw someone with an empty water bottle they just finished. I asked if I could use it. I told them I am going to try to get this cap (I had caps in my vest) inside their bottle. I put the cap showing them in the bottle.But I said I am going to make it even harder by doing it with the cap on. Dumped the cap out,screwed their lid on and did the trick.
Here is what's so great about it.
1 lots of people carry water bottles when going places.
2 Your hands only get a little wet with water not anything sticky
3 You hand them back their water bottle with the lid on for them to keep and try to figure out how the heck you got that in their.
Now I lost my **** to do the trick and was going to order another one till I saw Bullet: Coin in a Bottle. I debated after seeing and reading about this coin in bottle if I should get it or buy another **** for Prohibition.
I ended buying Bullet: coin in Bottle and after watching the explanation and seeing how it was done without getting too much into it just let me say I will be buying another **** for the prohibition trick.
Too me this is hands down the best cap in borrowed bottle, plastic or glass or whatever you want.
Great job Jeff
Shawn Durham
Message: Posted by: Steveblackwell (Dec 9, 2008 01:38PM)
This is the best no preparation cap in bottle.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 9, 2008 02:33PM)
Thanks Shawn and Steve, I've actually done it with a lock and key, where the bottle is locked and I penetratre the bottle with the key. It's my definition of irony,LOL!

Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Dec 9, 2008 02:43PM)
Shawn, sounds awesome but the caps on most water bottles are plastic, can you still get it into the bottle?

Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Dec 9, 2008 07:36PM)
Sorry if I mislead anyone. I don't put the water bottles cap in the bottle I use it only to put back on the empty bottle. I carry around with me about 12 metal beer bottle an coke bottle caps. The great thing is you don't have to carry a bottle around.Tons of people drink bottled water anyway at events so you are ready to go.
I sometimes use this as a puzzle. I will do the cork in the thumb crotch trick and see if they can do it. A fun little trick. Then I will say lets try this.Can you get this bottle cap in your empty water bottle. I hand them a flat cap. Lots of guys will be like yea bend it and put it in.That's perfect because now you are ready.Then you tell them great now the hard part .I will get it in with the cap on.Dump the cap out screw their water bottle lid on and do the trick.Hand them back the bottle and hope they didn't just watch Secrets reveled witch most people I've talked to haven't.

Jeff,love the key in bottle idea.I bet you have a ton of ideas for this.
Prohibition is in my top 5 tricks for strolling
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 9, 2008 08:35PM)
Shawn, Charlie has another version that fryed me, even after I knew about Prohibition. One day I've got to get him to put it on tape because you won't believe it!

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 11, 2008 10:14AM)
I've been asked by those that purchased the Prohibition DVD if The Coin Accomplice manuscript could be purchased seperately, and the answer is yes! Simply go to the Digital Downloads section of my website aqnd it is available for download these.

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: jprace (Dec 11, 2008 09:47PM)
Let the flaming begin!
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 12, 2008 08:50AM)
Let them come magicman4646, Charlie and I stand behind Prohibition as the only cap in bottle effect where you can actually walk up to someone drinking a beer and penetrate their bottle with a cap, and then walk away. It requires no setup before hand to their bottle and can be instantly repeated.

It is the best cap in bottle routine for the real worker, hands down. But don't take my word on it, just do a search.

Jeff Pierce Magic

P.S. Prohibition is available on DVD or as a Digital Download.
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 12, 2008 09:23AM)
I have to agree Jeff. I wonder how CAPTURE by Justin Miller will compare to Prohibition?
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Dec 12, 2008 03:30PM)
No doubt prohibition has a lot of GREAT qualities being a no set up cap in bottle...
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Dec 12, 2008 06:54PM)
I have performed prohibition many times and it's the one effect people talk about for months and months after, it really is that good! I always have the cap signed by the spec, I even let them hold their 'signed cap' while I cap the bottle with another cap. Everything looks exactly as it should and then the impossible happens! It's a wonderful effect that looks like real magic!

Message: Posted by: Jon Blakeney (Dec 12, 2008 09:55PM)
Prohibition rules!Iam allways asked to show it again and again,people just love to tell their friends about it,hey show my mate that bottle trick he doesn't believe it's possible!
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 12, 2008 10:11PM)
Jon, if you think about it, you can imediately repeat Prohibition again and be left completely clean. This is an idea that was given to us by two people at the same time. One is The Godfather Vinny Marini and the other is friend Wallace Murphy.

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Dec 13, 2008 06:42PM)
Jeff, the handling makes the effect magical for both the performer and the specs!
Oh! and by the way I hate gimmicked tricks but this effect is sooooooooo good it doesn't feel like cheating!

Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 16, 2008 07:45AM)
You are right Peter, Prohibition is very magical and logical to your spectators. I've seen guys do it in their hands, in the spectators hands, on the couch, on their leg, on any object that has a little give, it just looks like magic.

Message: Posted by: Gaz Lawrence (Dec 21, 2008 04:14PM)
Can anyone pm me as to how after the penetration the hand that has just penetrated the cap looks so clean as I am always left dirty if you know what I mean. Owners of the effect will know what I mean .Any help will be appreciated as great effect regards Gary
Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Dec 21, 2008 05:20PM)
On 2008-12-21 17:14, nanaswan wrote:
Can anyone pm me as to how after the penetration the hand that has just penetrated the cap looks so clean as I am always left dirty if you know what I mean. Owners of the effect will know what I mean .Any help will be appreciated as great effect regards Gary


Can you re-state this? Maybe I'm not understanding your wording because what you're describing is not possible.

Steve H
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Dec 22, 2008 04:18PM)

If you have the dvd everything is explained including how to end completely clean, maybe have a look at the dvd again in case you missed something!

Steve H is right! what you appear to be saying is not possible!

Message: Posted by: jprace (Dec 22, 2008 04:19PM)
On 2008-12-21 17:14, nanaswan wrote:
Can anyone pm me as to how after the penetration the hand that has just penetrated the cap looks so clean as I am always left dirty if you know what I mean. Owners of the effect will know what I mean .Any help will be appreciated as great effect regards Gary

Do you mean the hand that was holding the cap after it penetrated?
Message: Posted by: Gaz Lawrence (Dec 22, 2008 05:23PM)
Yes Magicman exactly that sorry for the confusion Gary
Message: Posted by: Steve Hook (Dec 22, 2008 11:12PM)
On 2008-12-22 18:23, nanaswan wrote:
Yes Magicman exactly that sorry for the confusion Gary

Just repeat the effect in the mirror until you like how it looks. This part is up to you. You have to practice! Charlie has done it hundreds and hundreds of times. You will succeed with more practice and mirror time, nanaswan.

Steve H
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 23, 2008 12:05AM)
Nanaswan, go back and watch the DVD again and pay close attention to the section right after the penetration. What most people fail to do is follow Charlies lead using the misdirection of the bottle to help you clean up. Watch it again and you will get it. Keep trying, it's worth it.

Jeff Pierce
Message: Posted by: Gaz Lawrence (Dec 23, 2008 02:20AM)
Thanks guys are will do Gary
Message: Posted by: cbitsakt (Dec 29, 2008 12:10PM)
Hi guys! Three quick questions about Prohibition before I purchase (Jeff??):

1. Is the cap ending up in the bottle bent?? (ie. would it normally fit through the mouth of the bottle??)...probably an obvious question...sorry!

2. Do I require any additional parts that I need to order with the dvd?? (it's a wild guess, and I'm probably very wrong, but magnets is my thinking...) and

3. how difficult is it to perform (ie how much practice does it require).

Thanks a lot.
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 29, 2008 12:30PM)
1) Yes
2) Yes, PK Ring
3) Not too dificult, but does require practise.
Message: Posted by: Jeff (Dec 29, 2008 01:31PM)
Constantine, pegasus has answered your questions above. Yes the cap is bent but it really does not matter. Charlie tells you a way to do it unbent. Supermagnetman.net has pk rings for $8.00
Ittakes a little practice but it's not that hard, you should have it in no time.

BTW you can order the digital download from my website and get Charlies Coin in bottle routine for free.

Message: Posted by: cbitsakt (Dec 29, 2008 01:37PM)
Thanks for the replies Pegasus. Very helpful.
A quick question and a quick remark though:
1. I looked up at PK rings and are either gold or silver and vary a little in diameter. Does it matter which one I go for?? Does one make more easy to do tricks than the other??

2. My remark is that when performing to close friends and family, the fact that you're wearing a new ring may draw some attention.... just a thought.

Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Dec 29, 2008 06:36PM)
Prohibition is the BEST cap in bottle effect that was ever created hands down
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Dec 30, 2008 01:46AM)
Okay, I love the look of Probihition from the DVD I now own. Will be practicing much 'til she's show ready. But....not to expose...but it seems that the spousal gimmick is realistically the only way the effect is going to work cleanly and consistently. Charlie suggests using rather small ******s as an alternative, but I have grave doubts. They seem too awkward and ungainly or just plain not strong enough to pull off the trick correctly. Am I wrong?
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 30, 2008 04:44AM)
I agree the spousal gimmick, as you call it, is the only way to perform this effect. Just keep it in your pocket until you are ready to go, like me.
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Dec 30, 2008 10:37AM)
I thought so, Pegasus. The DVD is a bit misleading on this point. I can't imagine having any confidence doing it without the PK. It looks like it's worth the extra $ though. Anyone else have a thought on using small m*****s for Prohibition?
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 10:44AM)
The "spousale gimmick," why would you keep it in your pocket until ready to go Pegasus? I have mines on all the time, no point in putting it on just for the effect since it has so many other uses. Using a small whatchamacallit works by the way, you just have to be a bit more mindful as to not flashing it.
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Dec 30, 2008 11:01AM)
My biggest problem is all my friends and family know I don't have a Spouse

Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 11:20AM)
LoL, I don't usually perform for friends and family so I'm safe :D Plus putting on the ring just for the effect while performing for friends and family is a big no no. They pick up on these kind of things. Best to give them a few days of getting use to adorning the "spousal gimmick" before you perform Prohibition as that will condition them to see everything as being normal.
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 30, 2008 11:47AM)
Sterling currency now contains M******C coins so I have to be careful. There are too many items that are attracted to the gimmick for me to wear it all the time, IMO anyway.
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 11:48AM)
Ooooo, I see, you're in the UK, us silly American's don't have this problem :P
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Dec 30, 2008 02:46PM)
There's no way I'd don a PK 24/7. Too much ongoing PK trouble, know what I mean? I'm also on teh ADD side and can easily see the risk of losing my real spousal gimmick, in which case my real spouse would be (koff koff) less than ecstatic.

I'm thinking the only way to do this cleanly is to rehearse it using my non-spousal gimmick hand to hold the bottle. I have a hard time believing a small whatchamacallit would work well in the real world. Not just because of the flashing risk but also the small size risk. Unless I'm way off here, it'd have to be an ultra super powerful gimmick to do what it needs to do.
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 03:06PM)
The non-spousal hand is where I have the spousal whatchamacallit. :D I've tried the the sanada style whatchamacallit and I can assure you, it works well, but since I have a spousal one, I wear that. I am happy to say that PK trouble has not occurred. Real way to cause PK trouble would more likely occur if you keep the gimmick in your pocket where it's likely to rub up against things that you don't want it to rub up against, this causing PK trouble. I learned and also perform Prohibition with my non-spousal hand.
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Dec 30, 2008 05:44PM)

Sanada style? Can you PM on what this is?

Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 05:51PM)
Research it ;) It's also the gimmick that comes with Enigma.
Message: Posted by: jamesmagic (Dec 30, 2008 06:10PM)
No need for ring. You can use a band-aid to tape on a tiny 30˘ ****** gimmick. Works perfectly.
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Dec 30, 2008 11:07PM)
Thanks, James. My only concern is with strength of a 30 center. But I'll experiment. Kissadoo: I thought the Café was magicians *helping* magicians. Surely a quick PM would've been just as fast as sending me to do research.
Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Dec 30, 2008 11:50PM)
Didn't mean to offend but a Sanada style gimmick is not difficult to ask for at a magic shop, they are as common as a thumb tip. Already gave you the name of it, anymore then I would be giving away exactly what it is. Also I suggested Enigma, that more than anything tells you what kind of gimmick you should be looking for if you want to go that route. I really can't give any more details because that would be total exposure for the workings of Enigma, a marketed effect. It's magicians helping magicians and to be honest, there's no better way for you to expand your own horizons if another magician hints at things and then you going out to do your own research, that's how we magicians learn things. You're very lucky that we now have high speed internet, forums, and video demos and instructions because in the past our art was truly something that one would need to invest some serious research time to.
Message: Posted by: jamesmagic (Dec 31, 2008 12:32AM)
Use a little neodynium. It costs pennies, hides invisibly under a band-aid or even a piece of clear tape, and is plenty strong. PK rings are ridiculously dangerous to have on you at all times anyway. Just ask your credit card stirp or your computer.
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Dec 31, 2008 04:01AM)
Use a band Aid, that is a very good idea. Thanks, James, for that.
Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Jan 1, 2009 12:38PM)
Yes, I'm leaning toward a small neodynium. The only question is whether to affix it to directly my wedding ring or to another finger...it would also be nice if I could ditch it quickly if necessary. Specs can sometimes get, shall we say, aggressively curious about your hands!

Happy and blessed New Year to all.
Message: Posted by: Krazyjay (Jan 1, 2009 01:53PM)
I just bought this E-book "The Any Ring PK Gimmick" Its really good. He states that his favorite effect to perform is Prohibition.


Message: Posted by: Pat Trick (Jan 1, 2009 06:02PM)
Hey Kraze:

Looks interesting if a bit cryptic. I was thinking on just slipping the neo beneath my wedding band or hidden in a small bandaid on the third finger. Is the morfin PDF suggesting a way to rig the ring itself?


Message: Posted by: Krazyjay (Jan 1, 2009 07:56PM)

Not the ring its self. I will be using Morfin technique its easy and cheap. Plus if someone wants to see your ring they can. The band-aid idea is good but are you willing to wear a band-aid every time you perform.

Message: Posted by: andykean (Feb 22, 2009 09:53PM)
Book is no longer available
Nice to see good ethics
Well done Morfin magic!!
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 23, 2009 03:01AM)
I've been using a m++++t under a band-aid for years. Works every bit as well as a PK ring, and in some ways is better--you don't get fokrs clinging to the wrong side of your hand, if you know what I mean! I've experimented with the Sanada in this regard as well, and while it works beautifully for some things, I'm not sure I'd trust it with Prohibition--and I'm a big Sanada Gimick fan,as anyone familiar with my work knows!

Having said that, the effect can be done easily enough without a m++++t at all; it's just that's its a bit easier with one.
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Feb 24, 2009 01:40AM)
I work as a magician & a bartender Prohibition is the one I use ! The others are all in the draw .
Message: Posted by: Review King (Mar 25, 2009 06:26PM)
With all the cap in bottle talk lately, I re-watched the DVD Prohibition by Charlie Justice. The live, multi-performances, by Charlie really show the power of this effect.

I'm glad I watched this as there was a subtlety that Charlie does that I forgot about and will now use it.

I say, if you can, get all the methods out there.
Message: Posted by: The Great Stevini (Mar 25, 2009 10:39PM)
I just performed Prohibition in a casual setting after not doing it for a long while. It's like riding a bike. It went over great...the best cap in bottle around.
Message: Posted by: max88 (Mar 25, 2009 11:05PM)
Yes it is good effect, and one of the best one trick DVD also.
Message: Posted by: rutt (Jun 22, 2009 04:43AM)
Just performing in the bar,then it's rocks!!!!
I'm looking for V.I.P. cap in bottle now.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 17, 2009 12:37PM)
On 2008-12-07 03:34, patrick66 wrote:
Does anyone still performs this effect after the exposure of the masked magician?

Thank you, Patrick. I'm glad you brought this up. Prohibition has been one of my greatest "enders", without a doubt. Imagine my chagrin, when a group called me on it, and exposed it right there. Average "joes" who wouldn't ordinarily know magic secrets.

"Yup, saw it on the Secrets Exposed Show th'other night..."

Well then. Guess I can't show that one at that location again. Or in front of any of those people and their friends! Great. Well, I've got other stuff the ol' Masko HASN'T exposed!

It IS too bad we have to deal with this kind of thing in our day and age. But, the happy thing is, just wait a while. People DO forget, and in five years or so, Prohibition will be once again, performable!

Message: Posted by: Mack Magic (Aug 20, 2009 11:44AM)
I wasn't aware that this trick was exposed on television... this is a shame.

Regardless, Prohibition is my favorite trick to perform. Even when I "goofed up" the trick before, no one can catch what has happened and they are still baffled. All eyes are on the cap that made it inside the bottle!
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 27, 2013 10:23PM)
Love this effect! Best cap in bottle!
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Sep 28, 2013 09:29AM)
Loved it and was the only way I did this effect, but I kept breaking the other think needed. (WIZARD) so stopped doing it.