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Topic: More FREE Music -- and a survey question?
Message: Posted by: MagiTracks (Dec 5, 2008 09:08AM)
Howdy All,

Once again, MagiTracks Productions is pleased to offer two FREE music tracks for magicians. Just visit our website and download "Jazzamatazz" & "The Thriller", completely FREE during December.

Also, a survey question for Café members. As many of you know, we offer original music in three different ways -- mp3 downloads, our CD collection, and custom-composed music. The mp3's and CD are both very inexpensive (available to everyone), while the custom-composed music is rather pricey, because it's exclusive to each individual client.

So...we're considering a nice "middle-ground" alternative. It would be called our Prestige Collection, consisting of 8-10 music tracks for download only. These tracks would be produced with upgraded equipment & premium software, for much-improved sound quality. In addition, each track would be available for ONLY 100 downloads worldwide.

Bottom line: Each track in the Prestige Collection would sell for $25, and the customer would receive a top-quality, limited-edition piece of music. Of course, this price would also include the royalty-free license.

Now for the question: Would Café members be interested in this unique concept? As the owner of MagiTracks, I'm trying for something brand new and (hopefully) innovative. Comments? Suggestions? I'd sincerely appreciate your feedback!

Thanks again as always,

Steve Saunders
"The Conjuror's Composer"
Message: Posted by: MagicOzzy (Dec 6, 2008 02:59PM)

Thanks for the great offer. I think I would rather pay the price for custom, or for what is offered, to charge that much for a track could be definitely worth it, but it may only cater to less people then you think as everyone's show is unique (or should be!) Just a thought, thanks for the tracks, their great!