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Topic: Switching an appearing cane to a dancing cane!
Message: Posted by: Magic_streak (Apr 26, 2003 01:41AM)
I'm thinking of starting my act like this:
light a match, blow out match, match turns into flower, flower changes into cane, then I proceed to do a dancing cane routine.

The problem is switching that appearing cane to a dancing cane. I was thinking of introducing a silk somewhere and switch the canes behind a table while putting down the silk. Any other ideas? Please do not recommend a dancing appearing cane as I don't have one, so I'll have to make do with my appearing cane and dancing cane, separate. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Apr 26, 2003 06:15AM)
What are you wearing during this act?
Message: Posted by: Magic_streak (Apr 26, 2003 11:13AM)
Black shirt, black coat, black pants.
Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (Apr 27, 2003 09:37AM)

What you could do is when you make the cane appear put it behind your table, then take a bow, then walk back over to your table and pick up the dancing cane. It works for me. If you put them next to each other but hide the dancing it should be quite easy.

Luke :) :evilgrin:
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Apr 27, 2003 03:54PM)

Check your private message inbox of Magic Café.

I emailed you some info on making a slip-on gimmick for the appearing cane to become a dancing cane.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Apr 27, 2003 07:32PM)
Hi Magic Streak:

If you're going to switch canes, I think you'll need an "interlude" piece of magic between the cane production and the dancing cane.

Here's an example that might fit your style-- after producing the cane, you set it down behind your table, and go on to your next effect. You can have a red rose on your lapel-- reach up and turn it into a silk (the silk is secretly attached to a reel). You then do one or two effects with the reel and silk (serpent silk, ring and silk penetration, etc.). After that little interlude, you go to your table a pick up the cane again (switch it for DC). You prop up the cane so it's vertical on your table (sort of like a little flag pole w/o the flag). You do a silk/reel penetration through the cane (extremely visual effect) and put the silk away. You pick up the cane and you're in business to do the DC.

One thing to keep in mind-- don't make a big deal of switching the cane. Don't get bogged down in trying to come up with some super-clever way of switching. Just set the one cane behind your table, and then later pick up the other one. As long as the canes look fairly similar, the audience won't know. They don't know that your AC and DC are two different canes.

I don't know how long you've been doing magic, so I hope all the talk about reels and silks isn't foreign to you. If it is, I can explain further.

Sounds like you've got a good start. I like what you have so far.

Ron Reid
Message: Posted by: Magic_streak (May 2, 2003 06:13AM)
Hmm..what about a simple going to a table, pick up a piece of silk, switching the canes in the process, and pretend to wipe the cane with the silk and then carry on with the routine. Is it too simple?
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (May 2, 2003 08:52AM)
Magic Streak,

I see you're opening your act with one of my major pet peeves. For what reason do you light a match to start your act? (To turn it into a flower is not an answer.)

Like so many others you have no motivation for having a match or lighting it. Even if you are going to do no candle magic I suggest you get a nice candle and nice holder. Start your act in very low light, maybe just a red or blue spot.

Light the match, then light the candle (which could be out of the way to the right of the stage.) When the candle is lit the stage comes to full light.

Match to flower, put the flower in your lapel, produce the cane, do some flourishes with the cane (twirls and the like) slip on the dancing gimmick and away you go.

Always motivate your actions. Give a reason why you are doing what you are doing. Taking that a step further, think of the reason why you are producing a cane at all and then why are you making it dance? Knowing these things will likely help you answer things like "When, where, and how do I switch canes or add gimmmicks?"

Motivation is the key to being purposeful on stage, and that is the key to being interesting on stage.

If you want more clarification on the idea of motivation, please PM me. I'd be glad to help.


Message: Posted by: Magic_streak (May 2, 2003 10:09AM)
Thanks for the idea Tom! It'll make the whole act look so much better. However I'm worried that the place of performance might not be a theatre setting. May be just a wedding dinner, or a simple school stage with limited lighting or dimming effects. It will look rather wierd to have a candle lit in the middle of an afternoon won't it?
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (May 3, 2003 04:56AM)
Rent a spot light. Add the cost to your fee.

Start with the spot tightly focused on you and then open it up as the candle is lit. Oh yeah, have the "house lights" very low.

You can also work with changing the gels on the spotlight when the candle is lit.

Let us know if it works out for you.

Message: Posted by: Marcus Taylor (Aug 2, 2003 04:00PM)
To add to what Tom said about the candle. Get a fantasio candle. Put the AC down and take the silk. Then vanish the candle into the sik, dispose of the silk and get the cane and away you go. That gives you a reason for a silk now as well!