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Topic: Scotch and Soda
Message: Posted by: jprace (Dec 6, 2008 07:38PM)
Does Johnson make a magnetic, silver Scotch and Soda set? I couldn't find one. I was also wondering if they made a silver Coin Unique set. Thanks!

Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 6, 2008 08:59PM)
I've never seen a magnetic Scotch and Soda set from Johnson, only the standard set.

Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Dec 7, 2008 08:44AM)
Scoops Magic (scoopsmagicshop.com) has a lot of Johnson products and low prices. They do have a magnetic silver/copper by Johnson. This looks like it will do the scotch and soda routine.
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Dec 7, 2008 08:48AM)
Yes it will! It's A half and and English penney!
Message: Posted by: kcquinn50 (Dec 7, 2008 09:42AM)
David, thanks for confirming my statement. I have been looking at two Johnson sets, the magnetic silver/copper and the ultimate silver/copper. Do you know if these are the same principle except that the one has magnetic properties?
Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Dec 7, 2008 03:15PM)
Hi kcquinn 50,
your wecome!And yes thay are! and by the way I had a repete copper
silver change routine useing one in my 2th. set of notes 20 or so years ago!
My routine was with the ultimate copper silver, but you can do a lot more stuff with the magnetic copper silver! And you can do my routine with it too! :)
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 7, 2008 05:59PM)
There you go. Thanks kcquinn50 and David!

Mark. :spinningcoin: