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Topic: Can you help me ?
Message: Posted by: MR.SAGHIBU (Dec 8, 2008 04:35PM)
I'm new of the list and it's possibly that I did a mistake to insert this topic here.
However I'm serching to buy the effect "gift of time" of George Robinson.
This product is out of stock a longer time so I'd like to buy it on second hand.
No problem if it's no too good on exterior part (scratch on the wood, colour not more perfect etc...).
It's very important only the perfect functionality.
Is there someone that he's going to sell the item ?????
You can write private mail
thanks advance

ps.I'm in Italy so in the offer you must indicate the possibile shipping codt to italy and tell me if it's possible to pay with moneygram

Luigi (Mister Saghibu')