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Topic: Human Dartboard – safety advice sought
Message: Posted by: Mad Martin (Apr 28, 2003 09:57AM)
I am Mad Martin, a performance artist with several circus sideshow skills (human pincushion, bed of nails, broken glass, fire-eating/breathing, stilts, escapology).

I am currently researching the ‘human dartboard’ for use in a performance (myself as the dartboard, a skilled circus performer friend as the dart thrower), however, I do not wish to suffer from nerve/skin/muscle/bone damage or infections, nor do I wish to place anyone else at risk.

Open forum safety :-
I have some knowledge and ideas regarding the answers to my questions but do not wish to divulge them on an open forum for fear that children or fools would use that information in a dangerous fashion and also that other practitioners may frown on my giving away trade secrets.

I wish to know :-
1. What are the dart bodies and tips best made from and how light or heavy they ought to be.
2. Best methods for sterilising the darts and flesh and how to safely dispose of used items.
3. Where to obtain such materials in 1 & 2 in Britain.
4. What parts of the body are safe to target? I only intend to target my back with my spine, neck and skull fully protected. I wish to know if there are other specific danger areas to avoid, on the back and elsewhere on the body.
5. How deep is it safe for the darts to penetrate my flesh. (‘Safe’ being a relative term here.)

I want to be safe, I hope you do too.
I appreciate any constructive responses.
Thank you, MM.


Okay, I know I ask a lot of questions and people are wary of giving away techniques but you can't blame me for asking. If no one wishes to divulge information you could still simply give me warnings. Hmm?
Still seeking advice,
MM. :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: Slim Price (Apr 30, 2003 06:25PM)
You have several responses at Slim's Sideshow Discussion... Thanks for your question. Slim & Krista Price
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Message: Posted by: Mad Martin (Apr 30, 2003 07:23PM)
Thanks for telling me Slim & Krista, I'll check them out now.