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Topic: what is yours?
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Apr 28, 2003 11:38AM)
What is your favorite walk around / close up routine (effect) you do for kids?
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Apr 28, 2003 12:15PM)
I have never been booked to do close up or walk around for kids. However, when I work holiday parks etc. I sell them a kid's magic show, then after a short break I go around table to table and there are kids there but I do my normal close up. Kids seem to love it just the same as the adults and I get more spin off adult close up bookings than I would if I played to the kids. Obviously this is more profitable to me.
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Apr 28, 2003 04:27PM)
I think that Star Gazer is a great close-up kid effect.
Message: Posted by: Emazdad (Apr 28, 2003 04:42PM)
I don't get booked to do walk about close up for kids, but if I'm booked to do walk about balloon modelling and I get a chance I often do a little trick or two. I always have a couple of rubber bands on me and then I can do the Crazy Man's Handcuffs; it always goes down a treat.
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Apr 28, 2003 06:21PM)
This is not the type of performance I usually do either, but my normal kids birthday show is such that I can perform in a walk around situation if need be.

If you are just working from your pockets the 'Judy the Mouse' is a good stand in for Rocky.

Also you don't want to make the same mistake I did about 10 years ago when I was starting out & approach someone with the colour changing pocket knives. :goof:
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Apr 28, 2003 11:21PM)
I love to appear a coin, vanish it, reappear it and turn it into a small size candy for the kid.
Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: keeblem (Apr 29, 2003 02:13PM)
Like you guys, I don't really do close-up effects for kids, but one trick that I do like and always goes down really well in a suitable environment is "spooky hand". It's a kind of automaton hand that moves along a spread of cards and finds a previously chosen card. The kids always freak out!
Message: Posted by: Jerry Hornak (Apr 29, 2003 02:39PM)
I always have these close-up items on me in case I'm spotted in public as "The Magician". (Besides the always-ready TT!)

A bunny paddle, a haunted key, and a three inch wand for the "on the ear" vanish.

This way, I can do anything from one quick trick to a five minute mini-show.

I wrap up by giving them a fortune telling fish with my contact info on the back. They go away happy and you look good to take the time to make them smile.
Message: Posted by: Andini (Apr 29, 2003 03:27PM)
LWolf, I also LOVE Star-Gazer! I should really break out those instructions again and get some refills!

As for my favorite closeup effect for kids goes...it would have to be spongeballs. I do it in birthday situations as well and everyone loves it. The possibilities that come with a couple little sponges never fails to amaze me. There is a lot you can do and there are many opportunities to make the kid feel special. Just my opinion! :cool:

-Andini :coolspot:
Message: Posted by: Frank Tougas (Apr 30, 2003 09:11PM)
I have done close up for kids maybe five times as a paid show. People don't ask for it much unless it is an event like a school carnival or company picnic where walk around is a better format than a formal show.

Sponge balls are the numero uno in popularity and I'm amazed it wasn't mentioned thus far. I also get a great reaction to the vanishing silk using the ever popular TT.

Speaking of TT, I have used it to reconstruct an opened packet of Equal, twice for kids in a walk around venue and they like that as well.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (May 6, 2003 12:04AM)
Sponge balls and a bunny paddle.
Message: Posted by: jasper (May 9, 2003 09:48AM)
Sponge balls, Professor's Nightmare, my children friendly presentation of Card in Mouth. Impossible box (not really a trick but it can be left with someone to play with). I like the idea of using Star Gazer.
I do strolling as part of most party bookings as a little bonus if it's appropriate.
Message: Posted by: GlenD (May 9, 2003 11:07AM)
Taking my thumb off! I always have this one on me and ready to go. One of the first tricks I ever mastered!!! :bg: (And I still really do it, kids love it.)

Message: Posted by: Rkull (Nov 18, 2006 08:12PM)
I do a quick sponge ball routine and a vanish of a silk with a reappearance in her pocket.
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (Nov 21, 2006 03:20AM)
"Kid's Kards" is a good packet trick, very easy. And, I highly recommend Bill Abbott's "Close Up Magic for Kids". He has several brilliant routines that most kids would go crazy for! Unfortunately, my magic student has my copy; must make a note to get it back....
For older kids, "Flash Cash" goes down a treat. "Bendable Pen", "Colour Monte", a ring and rope routine, "Flying Knot", card to wallet, "Invisible Deck", "Sharpie through Anything", and Hot Rod are all winners.
Message: Posted by: GWSchott (Nov 26, 2006 11:32AM)
I'm really starting to like Kids Kards, although I find the adults tend to get a bigger kick out of it than the kids. It's a very visual change that really seems to wow 'em. I just learned Crazy Man's Handcuffs, but judging by my own kids' reactions, I think that'll be a winner too.
Message: Posted by: barrypeters (Mar 5, 2008 04:20PM)
One of my favourite tricks for anyone, including kids, is the classic 3 card Monte with the bought red and blue diamond cards and the 14 dollar card. So much magic happens in a few minutes, lots of comedy happens, and everyone thinks they have it figured out by the end. The patter draws people in, ie. "What colour would you have picked if you were me?" Because the cards are coloured diamonds instead of regular cards kids can follow it as well.

I don't use LOOPS much but I like to end Crazy Man's Handcuff's by levitating one of the rubber bands. Kids and adults eat this up!

I use colour vision for kids often as well. It is one mentalism trick that they understand.

Card warp is also a winner with kids.

I think right now these are my favourite with kids.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Mar 5, 2008 04:46PM)
I perform a really nice card effect where a child picks a card. The card is supposed to be the same number as the child's age. If the child is seven, they card selected is a six. From here I perform a series of colour changes where I 'add' an extra spot but it keeps 'falling off'

Lot's of fun for all ages.
Message: Posted by: trickytrav (Mar 5, 2008 05:24PM)
Sponge balls kids love it.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Mar 5, 2008 05:30PM)
CMH/stargazer, or the pearl poodle.
Message: Posted by: Ken Northridge (Mar 5, 2008 06:03PM)
For many years I purposely stayed away from sponge balls because "everyone does them" and I'm better than that, right? Well a couple of years ago after seeing the new (at the time) 3D sponge bunnies, I thought I'd give it a try. That trick is amazing for kids and easily my best close up trick for kids. They call them classics for a reason--because they work!
Message: Posted by: jackturk (Mar 5, 2008 07:13PM)
Sponge Balls have always been a winner. Anytime you can make the magic happen
in someone's hands, it has great power.

Here's another fun walkaround bit... use the fortune telling fish as an opener. It's a great ice-breaker... I just walk up to the group and say, "I have a free gift for everyone here!" Hand out the fish, do a little number like, "hold out your palm,
let it connect with the universe..." and then watch the fish dance.

It's dorky and not really magic but it's very, very fun and everyone loves it.

Message: Posted by: Jay Buchanan (Mar 5, 2008 08:42PM)
Mark Byrne's Twinkle Twinkle is an incredible strolling routine for kids and families. A fun filled 5 minutes, lots of magic and instant reset.

I recently worked a strolling gig for kids and families, a rotary function with 24 tables of 10 each. I performed a couple different sets including Scotty York's Candy Kiss Machine, a rising card, Kennedy Mystery Box (letting the kids draw pictures on their card, they loved it!) and Twinkle Twinkle, among a few others.
The Candy Kiss Machine went over HUGE but Twinkle Twinkle started to be requested by tables that saw me doing "the magic stars" from as far away as across the auditorium!

I highly recommend Twinkle Twinkle!
Message: Posted by: Bradley Roberts (Mar 10, 2008 08:39PM)
I do a lot with coins and make it funny. The kids love it. I have just started doing the same moves with wooden nickels and letting the kids keep it after I am done. BTW the wooden nickels have my information and picture on them. They keep those things longer then a business card :)

Message: Posted by: Hansel (Mar 12, 2008 04:03PM)
Sponge Bunnies and Hot Rod,
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 13, 2008 10:39AM)
I combine silent coin routines with either music(harmonica, mosquito whistle and washboard tie.)

My walk around and my set shows are very puppet heavy...(he's not heavy, he's my.......actually my John, my size 7 vent figure is pretty heavy and even though he has lots of bells and whistles, John doesn't get out for walk arounds...)
Message: Posted by: ERIC (Mar 13, 2008 10:48AM)
Sponge bunny's IN MOM'S HAND. (Had ears torn off my large end load too many times) And GOT to use a squeaker
Message: Posted by: superpixel (Aug 3, 2011 11:48AM)
Hey guys, this has been super helpful for me, as I'm about to start working at a sort of neighborhood gastropub which has a "family time" couple of hours on the weekends. Lots of what I guess you could call "hipster" parents will be bringing their kids, and it's been a struggle to figure out what I can do that I don't need to lug around a case for (there's really nowhere I can store my bag, etc. and reset will have to be done hiding behind the bar).

I'm actually going to do a couple of Tenyo tricks (we have red pandas at our local zoo, aka firefoxes, and I got the Tenyo version of this guy who is like Rocky Raccoon), along with Angry Sponges, but I am a little concerned with damage to the props :)

Anyway, seems like Twinkle Twinkle is going into the act... plus I love the idea about wooden nickels! Thank you all
Message: Posted by: The Mighty Fool (Aug 3, 2011 11:53AM)
D'Lites & spongebunnies
Message: Posted by: Leland (Aug 5, 2011 05:53PM)
Sponge bunnies.
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Aug 5, 2011 06:55PM)
Sponge balls, hot rod, vanishing silk, chop cup.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Aug 5, 2011 07:33PM)
Kids or adults, Ball sleights with two different colours and a silk. Works in any environment and you can do up to 6 minutes without repeating.