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Topic: Yannick Chretien
Message: Posted by: tattoomagician (Dec 22, 2008 07:19AM)
Watch this new DVD:
I just bought it (by downloaded it)
It's very interesting.
Nices routines and manipulations for close-up on restaurants and others.
Message: Posted by: daviaac (Dec 22, 2008 08:26AM)
Could you give a review? I don't speak french and I cant find a translation

Message: Posted by: qkeli (Dec 22, 2008 03:31PM)
I didn't see it yet but I'm sure it's excellent.
I know JEAN LUC BERTRAND and he works hard to bring us quality product!!
I think this will be the perfect gift for christmas, so you can put it on the 1st place of your wishlist, you won't regret it.
Message: Posted by: Adam Paul (Dec 24, 2008 11:01AM)
Any reviews yet for this?

It does sound good, but the high price means I'm not going to risk taking a chance, without seeing a review first!

Also, the description of the tricks on the website are all in French, is the DVD only in French too?

Message: Posted by: qkeli (Dec 24, 2008 04:55PM)
Well, I was lucky to see this dvd to day!!
just 2 words : QUALITY PRODUCT, in big letters!!
I won't detail each effect since I don't like to read or know abything before I choose to see a movie !!

Adam : you can choose subtitles in english on the dvd and I can tell you that I've been fooled by most of the effects on this dvd although some are almost self working and some are more technical!!

Like often in life, Quality has a price although I find that this dvd isn't expensive for what you get .

The color changing deck is my favourite after having seen the dvd twice but cointrol is very clever also, HCDS is a pure jewelry, Allergy, open travellers....
well, I won't speak of the bonus but I'm still scracthing my head on those, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ....