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Topic: Before and After, My Own Miracle
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Dec 26, 2008 09:06PM)
Aprox a year ago I watched a You Tube vid that touched my heart. Mickey the feral cat who lay dying in an old abandoned car in a junk yard. Too ill to move when Jody, his rescue angel made the choice to save him. He made the choice to survive surgery and due to his incredible will to live - he continues to thrive.


I adopted Mickey in Nov 2007 and this is Mickey today.

Many animals and people too have similar stories - Open up your heart and help someone out.

Message: Posted by: gaddy (Dec 26, 2008 09:36PM)
Awww..... so cute!
Message: Posted by: Jimeh (Dec 27, 2008 12:11AM)
I'm have two cats myself so this kind of stuff gets me choked up, I happy you two found eachother.

You're a special person Chrystal. :)
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Dec 27, 2008 03:08AM)
I have an outside cat that wasn't mine come in and had kittens (two) behind my chair. I reach back and pet 'em, if the mom is there she growls and tries to kill me. I love cats!

Anyone want kittens?
Message: Posted by: tparrett62 (Dec 27, 2008 03:36AM)
Well done, Chrystal! You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals- bravo! Give Mickey a belly-rub for me.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Dec 27, 2008 05:03AM)
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone and glad you enjoyed Mickey's story. The real hero in the story is Jody aka Feral Night Trapper She sets out every morning at 4 am in Albany, Oregon and traps/spays/neuters feral cats. Out of her own pocket she treats them for ailments and will pay for their medicine.

She is one of the most incredible people I've met and her story and history are on this page.

For those that don't know the term - domestic feral are cats that have been dumped by their owners and then breed. These babies are then "wild" as many have never been touched or been around humans. The term is also used for dumped bunnies and dogs too. If you get them early enough they can be rehabilitated and eventually adoptable. The adults are neutered and spayed/released back into their territory and "ear tipped" - the universal sign of a fixed animal for ferals. Jody who was once homeless herself has saved hundreds of lives and prevented many more from suffering the same fate. She's one of my heros, along with Randy Grimm of St. Louis MO, who also does this with feral dogs.

I have no doubt if you read some of Randy's rescue stories and are a dog lover you will shed tears but these were the lucky ones he saved.

If the adults are neutered and spayed it prevents the breeding and a lifetime of suffering - too many animals and not enough homes. These people help ease the pain of these animals and are true heros.

It just shows that one person can make a difference - whether they save animals or people - they rise to the challenge.

Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Dec 27, 2008 07:29AM)
My hat is off to you ladies! The eldest of my 2 sisters is a feral fixer as is one of my tech's! I have huge admiration for anyone who does this type of giving and I try to help when and where in other ways! BTW, GREAT name for the cat! ;)

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Dec 28, 2008 05:54AM)
It sounds as if you've got some nice people around you Mick!

I agree it's a great name for a cat ...and an upright as well. :O)