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Topic: Pod cast SNOW STORM in China
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Dec 28, 2008 09:44PM)
I was just interviewed for the FCM pod cast and they asked me about my snowstorm illusion.
so I am telling everyone in interested go and listen.
if you need more info do not hesitate to contact me.
several of you have already done so and thanks for the kind words and hope I can help others.

I trully believe it is the best pack small and play HUGE illusion out there when done right.

Message: Posted by: Kif Anderson (Dec 29, 2008 09:51AM)

We really appreciate all you shared. For those wanting to hear it...

http://www.themagicpodcast.com will give you the link to iTunes.

Thanks again Sam...great interview.

><> J
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Dec 29, 2008 10:27AM)
Great interview, Sam! Glad you could come on the podcast and you gave some great insight!

Anyone that wants to listen, just go to http://www.themagicpodcast.com. That's pretty easy to remember!
Message: Posted by: Joey Evans (Dec 29, 2008 10:28AM)
Ahh, Wilde beat me to it!
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Dec 30, 2008 12:31PM)
Please educate this goofus me. I have a regular computer, and older Dell desktop model. It plays with no problem youtube videos, etc.. But when I go to play the FCM "podcast" on my computer, nothing happens. How do I get a "podcast" to play on a "regular" computer that has only "Windows" player, etc.. If you could let this non-computer savy magish know how to do that, it would be much appreciated...
By the way, as a side bar, see the Grand Rapids Press last Sunday article on Michigan's old FISM winner Rick Merrill. The article is posted on the paper's web site. It mentions his going to Taylor University. Rick's act, in addition to being of an incredible skill level, is totally clean as well. Glad to see he is going to be on the new nationally broadcast Masters of Illusion series beginning in January on my Network TV.
Message: Posted by: Kif Anderson (Dec 30, 2008 01:28PM)
MagicBus -

Download iTunes...then go to http://www.themagicpodcast.com and find the "subscribe" button. Then they will download.

That's my advice...being a mac guy. (and that works on my Dell at work).

If that doesn't work...we may have to create a CD service. Suppose we can put out "Season 1 - 2008 edition."

><> J
Message: Posted by: BradBrown (Dec 30, 2008 01:52PM)

The webpage uses QuickTime to play the podcast. The most likely problem is that you either don't have QuickTime installed on your computer, or you have an old version. You can get it free, with or without iTunes, here: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Dec 30, 2008 03:23PM)
Thanks Brad, that is the information I needed. I will download it right away! By the way Brad, you were FANTASTIC on Now That's Magic! shows #1 and #2 (www.ChristianMagician.org). Program number 2 has been airing all this week locally on Comcast Channel 12 in SW Michigan at 4PM, 9PM and 4AM. I cannot thank you again for the wonderful footage you provided to us to use!
Message: Posted by: BradBrown (Jan 1, 2009 04:55PM)
You're welcome!

On the original topic:

Sam, I appreciate the tip on the snowstorm loads you use. I'll definitely try them out.

Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Jan 2, 2009 07:37AM)
True and sorta a funny story. Just a note on the snowstorm- we did a charity program once on our area. Our last performer did the "snowstorm"- then walked out into the barn like theatre with the snow still streaming from his hands. I thought the theatre janitor/manager (sitting at the back) was going to have a STROKE as he in horror watched the confetti fly all over the theatre seats and floor... Anyway, be sure to stay on the stage if you do this... I ended up sweeping with the janitor for at least an extra 1/2 hour afterwards although I still thought it was hilarious at the time. Maybe that's why some performers when doing the salt pour often have a sheet underneath their performing area...
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Jan 2, 2009 12:40PM)
By the way, thanks Brad for the computer info, I downloaded from the web site and now my old office computer plays the "podcast" now, much appreciated, and looking forward to listening to them...
Message: Posted by: danielluskmagic (Jan 2, 2009 01:30PM)
Sam offered some great advice. I ended up ordering $50 worth from Seo and I am sooooooooo HAPPY with them. THANKS SAM!
Message: Posted by: Gene "Oz" Oswald (Jan 10, 2009 12:32AM)
I know the interview was really good, but if Daniel DROPPED $50.00 on snow then it really was a GREAT interview!
Sam, thanks again for taking the time to share with the PodCast staff and FCM your words of wisdom... it is always great when people are willing to openly share what they have learned, practiced, worked and used to bring pleasure and delight to a crowd.

So many in this business always want to keep ALL their secrets!

God bless
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Jan 19, 2009 09:17PM)
Thanks for all the kind words!

I am glad to give back as many have gone before me and helped me to grow into the wonderful amazing spectacular magician I am today.-- that didn't sound to BIG of me did it:)

just kidding everyone.

trully though if I can be of help on the snow storm or in other areas then contact me. I look forward to being involved and helping you get to the next level.

I am glad th at many of you have already called me or e-mailed me from all ove the country WOW that's cool.