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Topic: Quantum Levitation: For Teeny Tiny Magic Tricks...
Message: Posted by: sdmagic (Jan 7, 2009 08:57PM)
Sure you need a scanning electron microscope to watch the show... but its cool!


Message: Posted by: thescienceworks (Jan 8, 2009 09:38PM)
That is cool. Not quite as amazing, but still really cool, is the LEVITRON, a magnetic top that can spin in mid-air for a good five minutes. Kids of all ages love it...

You can check it out here:

Message: Posted by: John Long (Apr 11, 2009 10:37PM)
A demo that I had done, as best I remember it, used a permanent magnet, a non-magnetic material that became ~superconducting at liquid nitrogen temperature , and an inverted styrofoam cup to hold a small amount of liquid nitrogen.

The permanent magnet could be placed a few inches above the ~superconductor, and it would float. The levitation would continue as long as the LN lasted.

From the ads for the levitron, it seems it can be "tricky" to get it to float for very long.
Message: Posted by: ceme20 (May 27, 2009 03:13AM)
Levitron is definately an eye opener. I have heard they are coming out with a better one. Anyone know about this?