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Topic: Key West - Mallory Square Performers
Message: Posted by: CMMAGIC (Jan 17, 2009 01:08AM)
Whose your favorite novelty act ? ( not including Gazzo and Randini ) ???
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Jan 17, 2009 03:47AM)
My favorite act is "Kondini" !!!
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jan 17, 2009 10:12AM)
Kondini. Hands down...no comparison to any other living act. :)
Message: Posted by: Todd Robbins (Jan 17, 2009 05:14PM)
Though Kondini is THE international favorite, I do believe the original question was about buskers that work the square in Key West, Florida. So, even though Kondini wins since all the world's his stage, who is the runner up on that particular pitch?
Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Jan 27, 2010 09:51AM)
Will Soto the juggling high wire act! There are many other good buskers there.
Message: Posted by: jazzy snazzy (Jan 29, 2010 01:55PM)
Will is featured briefly on one of the new Key West tourism commercials.
He must be more than 30 years performing at Mallory by now.