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Topic: Impromptu Workshop
Message: Posted by: ALLEN TIPTON (Jan 24, 2009 08:17AM)
Impromptu Magic has never been my forte since my teens & 20's. I know many magicians love the idea of being able to just work ad hoc. For years, in case of being asked, I would carry certain items, just in case. However, last year, after looking in my many notebooks, I realised I had a number of entirely impromptu tricks and some that needed just a little help, collected and used over the years. So
The Nottingham Guild of Magicians was treated!! to an Impromptu Workshop, instead of my normal annual lecture. It was entitled-- Off The Cuff.
First I noticed a number of tricks with a handkerchief + the occasional borrowed item.
1. THE HANDKERCHIEF.( in order of performance)
a. Stretching A Hanky.
b. Vanishing a coin. First in the old triangle & pull, then in a hanky bag by Eddie
c. Coin Penetration-- even in 19th. Century magic books & Karl Fulves, Thru a ring.
d. Fatima. ( was a dancer gay for 50 cents she'd dance this way etc.)
e. Pen-etration. The pen thru a hanky.
f. Ghost ( Glorpy) Based on the Karl Fulves. I simply slid the pen from e. under &
that was the gimmick.
g. Wagging or Haunted Hank. Great routine for this-- Bob Read in Genii Vol 67, No. 4
April 204, pages 76 to 80; part of his Bottle production. Also in Second Time
Around, pages 11 to 14, Roy Johnson (Goodliffe Publications 1971)
h. Broken & Restored Match-- with no duplicate. Explained in my first 'Dear
Magician 'series in Abra magazine.
i. Knotty Knot. A coin transposition by Ross Bertram (Sphinx June 1950)
j. Malini's Coin Game. Explained in Dai Vernon's book on Malini & in Roy
Johnson's,Silver Special( Magico Magazine USA)1989
Then there is the magic Handkerchief Mouse & the safety pin thru handkerchief, 'tearing it along the edge!!( for the brave only!)

18 items with matches, coins, Mental, & some novelties & gags.
Strangely, & thankfully it was all worked( with a 10 minute coffee interval) in just under 2 hours!

Allen Tipton