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Topic: Balloon Psychic by Devin Knight
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jan 25, 2009 08:57AM)
I will be releasing my next effect in a few weeks. Mindreading for kids? Yes and this has proven very effective if you work for kids. I use it all the time in restaurants and festivals. It's perfect for those who do birthday parties. Of course with kids you don't say you will read their mind, but rather you are a good guesser. So what is the effect?

This is for those magicians who also make balloon animals and most of you who do birthday parties have this skill. Instead of asking the child what he wants you show ask the child to think of a color. You reach into your balloon bag and pull out the color the child is thinking of. Wow you're a good guesser. Now show him a chart with the MOST COMMON one balloon animals and ask him to secretly think of one of the pictures on the chart. With NO QUESTIONS, you blow up the balloon and twist it into the animal he is thinking of and hand it to him.

You can do this with all the kids at the party, just have each child think of an animal on the chart and you say you'll try to guess it. You immediately twist the balloon into the thought of animal.

You can also do this as a bit of mindreading if you don't make balloons. Just ask the child or adult if a clown or magician ever made the person a balloon animal. If so think of the animal and the color of the balloon. With no fishing you immediately tell the person you are thinking of a yellow mouse and you are correct.

Devin Knight
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jan 25, 2009 09:00AM)
The balloons on the chart are the easiest and most common balloons that everyone who does balloons knows how to make. If you don't know any of these balloons I provide you with links to online directions.

This will make you stand out over the competition. Imagine telling parents that UNLIKE other entertainers who make balloons, you just have the child think of the balloon and color and you make it magically. With this effect you can turn balloon animals into a magic effect.

I forgot to mention, the child keeps the chart in his hand, you don't touch it and you ask NO questions. No fishing of any kind, yet you know both the color and the animal.

The balloons are printed in black ink, not color, so for those who think, well the kid see a blue dog and thinks of it. Wrong, the kid sees a black and white drawing of a dog and thinks of a color. You make the dog in that color. Each kid could be thinking of a different color dog and you correctly make all the dogs in the child's chosen color.

This is all self-contained. Nothing extra to carry. Nothing to memorize. You will marvel at how easy you know both the color and animal without having to consult a hidden cue list.
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jan 26, 2009 04:04PM)
Tony Eye gave me an idea with these balloon charts, which I think is excellent. It lets you tie in the balloon charts for adult ladies when giving readings. Here is the basic idea, those of you who do balloons on the side know that adult ladies love them.( A great ice breaker in bars to meet the opposite sex) Here is how to tie it into a reading. Some psychics ask your favorite color and an animal you can relate to and give a reading based on this information. Actually several personality tests exist on the net that tells you the type of personality you have based on your choice of colors and animals.

Here is the work, hand the lady the chart and ask here to think of her favorite color but not tell you. You then give a brief reading saying people with this personality normally have Yellow as their favorite color. It is the same color she is thinking of.

Have her secretly pick an animal she can relate to...you proceed with some cold reading statements saying that people like this normally relate to a SWAN. It is the very animal she was thinking of....

Now for Tony's follow up idea. You proceed to pull out a yellow balloon and twist it into a Swan and give it to her to keep as keepsake of the reading. You can call it the PERSONALITY Animal as it is the animal she relates to plus her favorite color.

I think this is a novel twist (pun intended)on cold readings. I work a lot of psychic fairs where competition is KEEN for clients. Many readers have gimmicks, such as picking out a flower and they read you from the flower you choose. I can see the novelty of making a lady a personality balloon that fits her personality. She will tell her friends she just thought of an animal she can relate to and you told her what it was and also her favorite color.

Ladies carrying this around at a psychic fair will no doubt be questioned as to why they have a balloon animal. I can see lots of people coming up to have you give a reading and to get the personality balloon afterwords.

Full details on how to give a reading based on colors and animals will be in the manuscript.

BTW I'm floored by how many mentalist tell me they know how to make balloon sculptures. They do on the side for family and friends. What a tie in and a way to use your balloon skills in a novel way. I can see balloon readings being a big hit. I can't wait to try Tony's idea at my next booking at a psychic fair. Thanks Tony for a great idea!

Cloud Busting, Mentalism and Balloons....OH MY!

Message: Posted by: Joshua Quinn (Jan 26, 2009 04:28PM)
Speaking as someone who has never twisted a balloon animal or worked a kids' party [i](*shudder at the thought*)[/i], Tony's idea has me interested...
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Jan 26, 2009 04:41PM)
Brilliant idea Tony.

Being primarily a family entertainer,I think Devins idea is a winner.I have been making balloon sculpture animals at my restaurants after the Magic for nearly 20 years.
I never really liked balloon sculpture...but at family venues...it is amazingly BIG,and has served me well as a nice giveaway after my Magic.

Devins 'Balloon Psychic' should give this a whole new perspective and meaning.

I am really excited about this.

Message: Posted by: Xiqual (Jan 26, 2009 06:08PM)
On 2009-01-26 17:28, Quinn wrote:
Speaking as someone who has never twisted a balloon animal or worked a kids' party [i](*shudder at the thought*)[/i], Tony's idea has me interested...

"Specialization is for insects."
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Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jan 26, 2009 06:46PM)
This is thinking outside the box.......