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Topic: Kozmo coming to Boston
Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Jan 25, 2009 12:41PM)
Short notice, and it may not be entirely appropriate, but since street folks may not scan other parts of the Café...

Kozmo will be lecturing at the Ring 122 meeting this Tuesday, January 27, 2009. The lecture should start around 8, following the business meeting. All are welcome. The meeting is held at the Magic Art Studio in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Please feel free to email or PM me if you want more details.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jan 25, 2009 01:00PM)
I am! I will...guys come on by and we'll talk!

Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Jan 25, 2009 08:59PM)
Koz promised us that he would do only one card trick, which is fine by me. I see lots of card magic...
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 25, 2009 09:52PM)
Kozmo will help you learn what you've got in the tank to help you become entertaining.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses. You'll learn to use what you've got to make your show a winner. We can't all be Gazzo or Hobson or Charlie Frye.

The good new is... you don't have to be. Koz will show you the way. That's the whole secret anyway.
Finding out what part of you needs to come out and play!
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jan 27, 2009 09:11AM)

Can't wait to see you tonight man! I've got a gig across town so I'll be a little late getting there.


Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Jan 27, 2009 10:53AM)
Maybe you can convince them to start really early Dan. See you tonight.

Message: Posted by: marty.sasaki (Jan 28, 2009 08:56AM)
It was a great night. Kozmo started around 8 and didn't really stop until almost 11. The lecture was entertaining and highly educational. It was especially interesting for me to see him interact with the different folks in the audience. Kozmo was encouraging but honest.

Danny Hustle arrived after a previous gig and really contributed to the proceedings. Once things wrapped up at the Magic Arts Studio, a few folks journeyed to a nearby IHOP for more discussion and story telling. I didn't get to bed until around 2am. Good thing I was drinking decaf, otherwise I would have been up all night.

You have to admire someone who wore shorts in the middle of a Boston winter (20 degrees F). I was going to ask him about it but he discussed his pants which were important to his chop cup routine. I'll put something up on my blog in a day or two.
Message: Posted by: FunTimeAl (Jan 28, 2009 09:00AM)
I have the same trouble finding pants that will accomodate my big balls.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jan 29, 2009 10:48AM)
Marty it was great getting a chance to hang with you, Ray, and the 'gang'. It's funny when Kozmo told me he was going to be in town I knew I had a gig so I said, "What time is the lecture?" He said, "7:30" I said, "Dang, I got a set in a club in Cambridge at 8:00." He said, "No problem! there will be plenty of time I got A LOT to talk about!"

He wasn't kidding! Great lecture and just a great group of guys in attendance. I had a blast, and iHop was a big treat!

If you get a chance to see Koz lecture you will not be disappointed. Great stuff!

All the best,

Message: Posted by: amerigo (Feb 3, 2009 07:47PM)
I got a chance to watch Koz lecture last night in Franklin Park, Il {Chicago}. Very entertaining and friendly guy that Kozmo is. One of the most likeable people I've met, I can see why his show works so well. He truly is enjoying himself when he performs and isn't that what it's all about. Great performance great lecture, he even had great prices on all of the products he puts out. If you get a chance to see him do it , you 'll be glad you did.