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Topic: Vanishing Cane recommendation
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (May 5, 2003 06:21PM)
I'm looking for a decent Vanishing Cane, Cane to silks, etc. I have seen the Fantasio's. Seem good on the demo's. Anybody have any experience with these that can give a good recommendation on a brand?

Message: Posted by: M-Illusion (May 5, 2003 09:40PM)
Without a doubt, Fantasio is the way to go...I've been using their canes & candles for years with no complaints.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (May 6, 2003 07:11AM)
I love the Fantasio White Vanishing cane, it gets my highest recommendation. Some might recommend 'metal' vanishing canes but I would certainly say stick with the Fantasio plastic brand.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (May 7, 2003 12:32AM)
You cannot go wrong with the Fantasio cane. I have used the metal canes and the plastic is much better on the silks.
Message: Posted by: boltt223 (May 8, 2003 01:00AM)
I agree, Fantasio is the way to go. :smiles:
Message: Posted by: Stanyon (May 8, 2003 11:44AM)
My "Walsh" canes are sitting in the display case since Fantasio arrived on the scene!

Cheers! ;)
Message: Posted by: Carron (May 10, 2003 08:04AM)
Fantasio=Fantasioastic :goof:
Message: Posted by: mcatalani (May 12, 2003 11:32AM)
"I have used the metal canes and the plastic is much better on the silks. "

Yes, and the plastic Fantasio canes are much easier on your hands as well.

I have both metal and Fantasio canes, and have to say that the metal canes are a body impalement waiting to happen. To me, they are just too dangerous, and require more maintenance (such as oiling).
Message: Posted by: M@gic Man (May 17, 2003 01:56AM)
Fantasio definitely!!!!!!!

I have had some bad experiences with metal canes. :fruity:

Fantasio are fast, you don't have to oil them, and they look great on stage, especially the red vanishing and appearing canes.
Message: Posted by: BenSchwartz (May 19, 2003 12:15AM)
Harahkan vanishing cane...it's metal. By far the best vanishing cane that has ever been made. They are very hard to find though. The problem with the Fantasios is that they don't collapse fast enough.
Message: Posted by: M@gic Man (May 26, 2003 04:07AM)
My Fantasio cane is very fast!!!!!!!!!!
You have to look after it well and it will reward you. Also don't load too much into them.
Message: Posted by: Shadow Dancer (May 27, 2003 05:50AM)
The Fantasio, they're nice and light, and easy to appear.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 8, 2003 07:42PM)
Guess I'm from the old school like Ben. I have a harrakan vanishing cane and it's twice as fast as the Fantasio ones. Also, it doesn't need oiling. I use large silks in my act and can easily load this cane with two 24" ones. Impossible with the Fantasio canes. I've had this cane for over 25 years and it's just as good as the day I bought it. It all really comes down to what you are doing with it though. For some routines the plastic is fine and if you're looking for colors, then you have no choice.
As for the danger of using the metal versionsas mentioned by MCatalani, if you handle them correctly, you will not be injured. It takes practice to get the handling down but IMO, it's well worth the effort.
Also, if you do the vanishing cane in newspaper, I've found the plastic canes to be very difficult to work with.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Jun 8, 2003 08:58PM)
I agree with Dave about the Harrakan cane. They are so fast - much faster than a fantasio plastic cane.

I noticed that Hocus-Pocus is selling them on their website. They're expensive - $125.00 or so, but well worth it if you can afford one.

Ron Reid
Message: Posted by: Jimeuax (Jun 9, 2003 10:15PM)
I have the metal and plastic as well---plastic is more comfortable--BUT---It LOOKS like plastic and tends to "wobble" when it is produced plus I think they are way too thin--I have a metal one I got Tannens, but it has the problems mentioned in the above post plus is is gun metal blue and not black.----get both and try them out--spend money and help the economy!---lol----Cheers!---Jimeuax :lol:
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Jun 10, 2003 02:00AM)
$125 for an appearing cane :wow:

I think I will stick with Fantasio for just now ;)
Message: Posted by: markis (Jun 11, 2003 07:02PM)
I've had my Walsh style vanishing and appearing cane for over 25 years and they work great. I wonder if a Fantasio would last that long.
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Jun 13, 2003 04:23AM)
Ok here is my thoughts on the canes.
I use both fantasio and the metal canes from modern magic in Germany and some great metal canes from Yoji Yamamoto from Japan.
Both the fantasio canes and the metal canes has there advanteges and errors.
If you want to do effects like the flash vanishing cane or flame cane or torch to cane, one can't use the fantasio canes. On the other hand, one must use the fantasio canes for effects like the colorchanging cane (double and triple) or the dancing vanishing cane.
I think the metal ones are more sturdy than the fantasio and if you handle them corectly, you won't cut yourself on them. Take the bottom of the cane between the left middle and pinky finger at the midle joint and the knob in the right hand. Now slowly start to release the cane from the knob by twisting the knob back and forwards slowly.
You will find that the cane will vanish fast, silent and that you won't cut yourself. By the way, this also works great for the fantasio canes.

Vibono Magic
Message: Posted by: Marcus Taylor (Jun 19, 2003 11:03AM)
I think that Fantasio canes are best overall. OK - so they might not be as fast as metal canes, but they don't chop fingers or rip silks. Fantasio are the way to go.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 27, 2003 12:50AM)
Which one have the longer lasting quality, Fantasio's or Harrakan's?
Message: Posted by: markis (Jul 28, 2003 07:01AM)
Anyone have any suggestion besides using silks in the cane?
Message: Posted by: R2 (Jul 28, 2003 08:29AM)
There is a device made of aluminum which is about 1 foot and a half long.......on top is a chamber which holds cotton...the other end has a fitting which can be attached to the part where you usually place the vanishing silk.

Drench it with Ronsonal or similiar lighter fluid and light it up.........Step out into performance area with the torch....and smartly release the end to produce the metal cane.....(cannot use plastic ones with this)

In essence Vanish the Torch, Produce the Cane.
10 Dollars at your local pro-shop. Made in India
Highly polished aluminum and built to last.~rr
Message: Posted by: maylor (Jul 28, 2003 10:10AM)
I don't use a cane. I think too many magicians use them. And Unless you use it in a highly original manor then I think it undermines our ultimate aim : To be different.
Just my thoughts.

Best wishes.
Message: Posted by: markis (Jul 28, 2003 10:22AM)
Iíve got the Flash adapter for the cane, which is a metal cap with a flint wheel soldered on which is then loaded with flash paper or cotton and some sparkling additive. Looks good and acts as misdirection while the cane vanishes.

Iím looking for something to vanish it into besides silks.

Message: Posted by: Carron (Jul 30, 2003 05:41AM)
I started a post a while ago on what you can vanish in an appearing cane, so I'm sure you will also be able to produce them , take a look:

Best wishes

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jul 30, 2003 08:52AM)
I would go with fantasio vanishing canes. I would never use a metal vanishing cane as to me they are much to dangerous and have the habit of slicing up the hands when they collaspe. A nice Fantasio will work wonders for you every time and not cause any accidents to your health.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 31, 2003 12:03AM)

Another method is to use feathered flowers.
Message: Posted by: markis (Jul 31, 2003 06:21AM)
Right, the ol' feather dusters :)
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Aug 2, 2003 08:44AM)
Cane to a nice welcome silk works very nicely as does cane to a nice cane plume. If your going to do cane to silk. Wrap up the silk with some confetti for a really nice sparkle.

The Fantasio lecture tapes at the magic castle are really great to have and he covers off a lot on the cane and methods. It may help you.
Message: Posted by: G. LaBarre (Aug 5, 2003 03:09PM)
Fantasio seems to be the way to go, but I find they visually wobble and look flimsey and I don't like it when either kind is shown with the open end facing the audience.

The funniest effect (LOAD) I saw using a cane was to ask your assistant for a Magic Wand and they bring you a Cane instead.

You can act disappointed and then change the Cane to a Wand as your load. Use the wand for your effect and then put it down.

It made perfect sense to me. You now have a reason for having a cane in your act, plus a good reason for ditching it, as it wasn't what you needed.

Then at the end, you could always switch them out and change your new Wand to a Cane to exit in style.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Aug 6, 2003 01:03PM)
That is a nice way to have a theme in the act and give a nice reason for using it as well. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Aug 6, 2003 02:17PM)
I agree that Fantasio is the bast out there for the price. You can't beat the canes and candles for about $25.00 each. Good deal.