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Topic: An interview - School of Busking
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 7, 2009 04:21AM)
An interview from the School of busking, guess who is who.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 7, 2009 05:29PM)
41 has watched this,come on that's funny, tell me it isn't at least.
Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Feb 7, 2009 05:59PM)
Mario - it's a BRILLIANT snapshot!

You have to give the dancer full marks for presentation..!


Message: Posted by: manal (Feb 8, 2009 07:37AM)
Hillarious! I would give him a fiver.
Message: Posted by: manal (Feb 9, 2009 07:13PM)
That clip is addicting. I've now watched it several times.