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Topic: Extreme Burn, Heiny 500, or other is best if intent is to give away the bills?
Message: Posted by: Jumbopenny (Feb 11, 2009 02:03AM)
Hi all,
I want to do a multiple bill change with the intent of giving away or spending the bills that are produced. Is there a difference in the way the bills can be handed out or the number of bills that can be handed out with each method? If yes, what are they and which one is the best? For that matter, can they be handed out at all?Thanks.
Message: Posted by: bryanlonden (Feb 21, 2009 07:24AM)
I'm not experienced with all of the bill changes but from what I know you if you have 5 bills and do the change you only have to keep "one" of them.
Message: Posted by: DamastaMind (Feb 21, 2009 08:35PM)
Well, if turn 5 ones into 5 twenties you can spend 60!
it all depends on the switch-out bills and on the amount of money you intend to produce...Hope that answers your question.
Message: Posted by: sruli (Feb 21, 2009 09:56PM)
Hm. You can theoretically hand out almost all of the bills. But the more bills you hand out, the more likely you are to expose the method. You can easily get away with spending one or two high denomination bill, but like everything else, you'll have to practice to avoid exposure.
Message: Posted by: jocdoc (Feb 22, 2009 01:56AM)
I'd advise against handing out the bills; The effect works best when the bills are crisp/ironed and folded so that they all fit snugly together in the packet. Replacing old bills with new ones forces you to continually prepare new bills. My gimmick works great b/c its the same bills each time, prepared in the same manner.
Message: Posted by: CasualSoul (Feb 23, 2009 02:21AM)
On 2009-02-21 08:24, bryanlonden wrote:
I'm not experienced with all of the bill changes but from what I know you if you have 5 bills and do the change you only have to keep "one" of them.

I have the two versions you mentioned, and a few more, but yeah, Bryan is correct, you have to keep at least one of the bills. The only way around this, that I have found, is if you do a non-gimmicked single bill change or a modified version of something like Penguin's Two Dollar Window.
Message: Posted by: mballen11502 (Feb 25, 2009 08:50PM)
Two dollar window is a great visual change...it's one of the first bill changes I saw and really liked and actually use...
Message: Posted by: Jumbopenny (Feb 28, 2009 11:34PM)
Thanks to everyone who responded. I haven't checked this thread for a while. After I posted my initial question there were over 140 views without a single response. I had already received my answer from another thread so did not check here again until now. I thought the "paper money madness" forum was the most appropriate place to ask this question, but maybe I was wrong. I'd like to thank everyone here anyway.