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Topic: True Astonishment replacement disk info
Message: Posted by: Review King (Feb 13, 2009 12:32PM)
An FYI for everyone that encountered a bad disk on the their True Astonishment set:

Everyone can go direct to your online shop or brick and mortar shop for disk replacement. Jason at The Astonishment Project is handling anyone that bought direct from the Astonishment project.

Or even contact Tim Trono at Murphy's for instructions on what to do and their disks will be replaced? You don't have to worry that you will find a disk later on that is bad if disk 1 was bad but 2-6 worked great. If you have a bad disk(s), you can get them all replaced now, so, no fears of trouble later on. I read through all the posts and see they want everyone to be taken care of with as little hassle as possible.

Also, I was told the Replicator found that a faulty screw on the replicating machine is the culprit. So, they are going to replace all disks that are in stock and at the dealers, so future purchasers won't have to worry about the sets.

Would anyone with bad disks be up for contacting Tim Trono ( timtrono@aol.com ) about sending Murphy's their bad disks? I'm sure they'd like to see any patterns on what came out good/bad on batches, etc.

I hope this information helps everyone and big thanks to The Caf staff for allowing me to post it.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Feb 13, 2009 06:05PM)
****ing DVDs.

As a dealer, I cannot tell you how much these ****ing *** things **** me off.

****ing DVDs.

they make me wish we all went back to VHS.

There's got to be a better technology! Vinyl?
Message: Posted by: TravisRobertson (Feb 14, 2009 02:55PM)
If they work okay now but some day down the road don't work anymore, will they still be replaced? Or are they just suggesting that everyone that bought this get them replaced now whether you have problems or not so there are no problems in the future. If some one could clear this up for me, Id appreciated it. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: bugjack (Feb 14, 2009 02:57PM)
I think they either work or they don't. Some had a replicating error and some didn't, so if yours work fine I wouldn't worry about it.
Message: Posted by: magicmann (Feb 14, 2009 03:09PM)
Mine seem to work on a poor DVD player. On my best surround system they won't play.

Message: Posted by: sirbrad (Feb 14, 2009 08:16PM)
Message: Posted by: KapBoy77 (Feb 16, 2009 12:13PM)
Still haven't heard from the dealer concerning the disk replacement issue... To say that I'm feeling ripped off is an understatement... whatever... it's only $300.00. At least I have four discs that work good heh? Ridiculous... too bad I didn't order from the TA site then I good have been part of the "exclusive club".
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Feb 18, 2009 09:28AM)
I ordered from TAP. What do we have to do to request new discs? And for that matter, how do I get to the special forum. I haven't received an email about that either.
Message: Posted by: TravisRobertson (Feb 18, 2009 10:30AM)
The special forums for the Astonishment Project can be found here:


you'll have to sign up with the email that you used to place your order then you will recieve two confirmation emails....one that confirms your registration and the other that confirms your access to the forums.

As far as replacing your discs, contact Jason Messina via PM here on the Caf or via email at jm@trueastonishments.com
Message: Posted by: Douglas Lippert (Feb 18, 2009 11:04AM)
On 2009-02-18 11:30, TravisRobertson wrote:
The special forums for the Astonishment Project can be found here:


Just a note, these forums are exclusive to people who purchased TA through Jason.


Doug L.
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Feb 18, 2009 01:09PM)
Thanks Travis!
Message: Posted by: Connman1 (Feb 18, 2009 02:44PM)
I read somewhere that eventually the forums may open to other people who hadn't ordered from Jason
Message: Posted by: TravisRobertson (Feb 18, 2009 07:33PM)
On 2009-02-18 15:44, Connman1 wrote:
I read somewhere that eventually the forums may open to other people who hadn't ordered from Jason

At some point the forums may open up but many of the members want to keep it closed for now as it was a special perk for buying from the Astonishment Project. If you want some more information, there is a huge thread in the DVD review section about True Astonishments and this issue is addressed there a multitude of times.

I guess that this IS the DVD review forum....so youre already in the right place. The thread about TA should be right above or below this one.
Look for the posts by Jason Messina.
Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Feb 25, 2009 05:54AM)
Message: Posted by: Review King (Feb 25, 2009 08:24AM)
On 2009-02-25 06:54, Marc Frese wrote:

Hi Marc!

Did you sue the contact info I sent?

Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Feb 25, 2009 09:29AM)
Thank you Chris!

I have asked Jason.
Have also received a message!
But since then, I have heard nothing new.
Are the new DVDs on the way?

Has anyone news?
I wanted Jason not bother again! ;)

Message: Posted by: Mitch Schneiter (Feb 25, 2009 10:54AM)
I received an e-mail from Jason last week which said my replacement disks were going in the mail on the 19th. They should be arriving anytime now...
Message: Posted by: Review King (Feb 25, 2009 11:10AM)
Jason and the TA folks have been working it. Everyone should have their replacement discs anytime.
Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Feb 25, 2009 12:16PM)
Thanks Mitch and thanks you Chris!
Message: Posted by: mwells (Feb 25, 2009 04:17PM)
Thanks I was wondering the same thing. I have been rushing out to check the mail everyday as I can not wait to watch these dvds since all of my disc were effected. I will keep watching the mail. I to did not want to bother Jason again :)I thought I might sound like an eager puppy dog or somthing :)
Message: Posted by: Xiqual (Feb 25, 2009 10:45PM)
A beam of concentrated light burning information onto a mirror-like surface.
Buck Rogers we are there!!!
Message: Posted by: deputy (Feb 26, 2009 12:45PM)
I just recived my replacment discs from Jason Thanks
Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Feb 26, 2009 08:25PM)
Received mine, as well. TAP delivers some of the best customer service in the business.
Message: Posted by: matthew90 (Feb 26, 2009 08:44PM)
Great news! Hopefully I'll be getting mine tomorrow :)
Message: Posted by: Mercury52 (Feb 26, 2009 08:59PM)
I also received my disks today. None of my discs were unplayable, but they did vibrate pretty strongly. Jason replaced them without hesitation. It's been great dealing with TAP.

Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Feb 26, 2009 10:12PM)
I hope I get mine soon...glad to hear all the problems are being taken care of...good work, to all those involved in problem solving.

Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Feb 26, 2009 10:49PM)
As far as the defective True Astonishment defective units, we had a very small percentage of disks that were defective (my estimate is it was about 0.2%). Obviously most people have not had any issues at all. But for those few who have we apologize. The cause was immediately found by the duplicator as they have had a stellar track record and never had such an issue in the past. But even such a small percentage on such an anticipated release causes aggravation - we understand and appreciate that - we were as upset as any of you as we put tremendous work into this release. We have and will do everything we can to ensure all problems are dealt with quickly - fear not - we stand behind TA 100%. The replicator immediately sent us replacement units that we have been sending out to anyone who purchased TA and has contacted us with issues. In the mean time, the replicator also took back all of the remaining sets, unassembled them, destroyed all the DVDs (good and bad to play it safe), ran a complete rerun of all DVDs, and have reassembled and resent them to us. We received those a few days back. Any defective units out there will be replaced immediately - just contact who you got them DVDs through. If you do not get results contact me and I can assure you you will be taken care of. There should be no issues on the redone sets as the problem was discovered and fixed. TA is a big investment and both Paul Harris and Murphy's stand behind it completely and will absolutely take care of any problems with dealers, end consumers, etc. We apologize for the aggravation that a select few of had and will continue to ensure you are happy with your investment. Between fixing any existing issues and the new rerun of all units we should see this problem disappear soon. Again, sorry it happened in the first place.

Message: Posted by: kissdadookie (Feb 26, 2009 11:23PM)
I am 110% with Mr. Trono on this one. I've dealt with him personally on a few occasions including my disc issue with TA and he has handled the issues quickly and quite pleasantly.
Message: Posted by: Nathan Pain (Feb 27, 2009 02:30PM)
I just got my replacements in the mail...keep hope alive guys! Your reps will take care of you!

Message: Posted by: matthew90 (Feb 27, 2009 02:40PM)
Ugh nothing today....
Message: Posted by: acchessor (Feb 27, 2009 04:14PM)
I got mine today! I saw the performance for LVL$, and it is astounding, and I think I will definately use it. And is that a mini stapler on my desk?
Message: Posted by: Mitch Schneiter (Feb 27, 2009 05:11PM)
On 2009-02-25 11:54, Mitch Schneiter wrote:
I received an e-mail from Jason last week which said my replacement disks were going in the mail on the 19th. They should be arriving anytime now...

Mine arrived today also. Thanks again to the TA crew.
Message: Posted by: mwells (Feb 27, 2009 06:27PM)
I jut got my replacement discs in the mail today. I am very happy they arrived but I have to wait until after work to watch them. Thanks Jason, Tim and Paul and everyone else envolved for the great service on this.
Message: Posted by: Robert M (Feb 27, 2009 08:43PM)
Me, too. Thank you, Jason.

Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Mar 9, 2009 03:21PM)
Did someone get the replacement set in Germany? In England or France? I do not have my DVDs yet! How long do I have to wait?

Message: Posted by: Chris K (Mar 9, 2009 04:01PM)
I barely received mine this weekend and I live in California. I'd relax and just wait a bit longer, we can imagine this has been a ton of work and time on the replacement end of all this. I had a strong urge to contact Jason again about my set but I waited and, as I said, I finally got mine a couple days ago.

Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Mar 9, 2009 04:18PM)
Thanks for the info Lemniscate.

Message: Posted by: Chris K (Mar 9, 2009 05:09PM)
No prob. Like I said, I was EXACTLY in your boat: "Should I contact Jason? It's been a while...etc".

However, and I didn't make that clear in my post, if it will give you some peace of mind, go for it, get in touch with Jason. Peace of mind is quite important. I was able to just forget about it but if I was concerned, I would have emailed Jason.
Message: Posted by: WillRoya (Mar 18, 2009 03:00PM)
I have had issues with my DVD replicator in the past and I've learned to always get a check disk and always check the finished product as well on multiple DVD players. I probably have the same replicator that did these DVDs. At least they are good about making up for their mistakes.
Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Mar 21, 2009 03:40AM)
Again nothing in the mail box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long I must still wait! Slowly it is enough to me. I would like to finally look at my Dvds. It cannot last nevertheless so unbelievably for a long time. I am really disappointed. So far the service was really good. I would like to know gladly, where my set is and whether I get it sometime.
Message: Posted by: acchessor (Mar 21, 2009 07:59AM)
Contact Jason, and he will help you. I'm guessing it was maybe lost in the mail if it's taking this long.
Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Mar 26, 2009 04:13PM)
I am the only one, which does not get the DVDs? ? ?
I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.......!
I would like to finally put the dvds in my player!!!!!!!

I want my money back!!!
Message: Posted by: kc1 (Mar 26, 2009 05:13PM)
Hello Marc-

I work for Murphy's Magic Supplies. We are the wholesale distributor for Paul Harris. I saw your post here on the Caf about not receiving your replacement TA discs.

I am sorry the items have not arrived.

I can send you the replacements if you can give me your address. Paul would want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions, you can emai lme at kathy@murphysmagic.com.

All the best.