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Topic: Why every magician should do the 3 Shell game.
Message: Posted by: BobSheets (Feb 21, 2009 05:26PM)
It’s one of the tricks you can lay on the table and they know instantly what it is. What other trick has that. OK the Chinese Linking Rings.

They also know exactly what their part in the show is; it’s to find the pea.

Last, they know how it’s done. After the pea isn’t where it is supposed the first time they know you cheat and catching you becomes the mission. Game on.

So my opinion is don’t turn the 3 shell game into a magic trick. You have centuries of folklore and urban myth working in your favor. Don’t throw that away. Build on it.

First of all go to BobSheets.com and watch the 1 min. flash, silent routine for the shells.

It is my table-hopping version. No one has to pick any thing but at the end the response is, “Unbelievable. I’m so glad we’re not playing for money.” I think you’ll like it.

The routine you see on my web site is just one of the SIX ROUTINES explained and taught on the new double DVD set “Scoundrels Touch.” My magic castle performance of the routine that I have been doing for the last five years is explained in complete detail. My first shell video “Absolutely Nuts” has been rolled into this production and with the Castle routine I have now answered all the questions about how this system really works. Any magician can do the three shells after studying this series. You don’t need the introduction but you might feel like your diving in the deep end of the pool and many who bought “Scoundrels Touch” got “The Introduction to 3-Shell Game” as well. The routine on the introduction DVD is the routine I use for one on one. I save the Castle act for the bigger crowd.

To become proficient at the shell game it requires choreography. It’s not that it’s knuckle busting difficult but rehearsal and planning for all the contingencies of successful performance is key. You only get this from someone who really understands the game.

My routine evolved because I was back in forth between magicians, who are supposed to know how this works, and laymen who don’t but want to beat you at your game. I was doing a lot of Craft Show Festivals and was able to perform this outdoors for many people. Then when the two styles magic audiences and public audiences blended together, it became unbeatable. The real fun comes now because all the stress of just doing outs took the back seat.

In my workshops I drill a simple 3-move 3-out routine with poker chips that takes care of the audience management. That is it stops the yelling. This routine was on the “Introduction to the 3-Shell Game.”

In the double DVD set “Scoundrels Touch” you see the routine expanded to the one I know use and you get to see at the Castle. It uses the next level in the 3-shell game stratagems and eliminates using outs. It’s a different method and you get the whole breakdown beat by beat.

I’m very proud of this set and you get to see Whit Hadyn and Chef Anton put their slants on the game. There is lot more written about this in other posts on the Café and I’m trying not to repeat too much.

The real test to the 3 shell game with the spectators playing is to make “losing” fun. I think you can accomplish that with this series.

Go forth and multiply.

All the best. Bob.