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Topic: Wireless mike help
Message: Posted by: gh256 (Feb 25, 2009 11:10AM)

I am going to be doing a mind reading show at my Uni. I need a wireless mic which allows me to be hands free.

I have found this on ebay


What do you think of it (I don't know much about the technical side with them).
I need it obviously to sound all right as I will be doing a lot of talking.

I appreciate any help you can give.

Thanks, Glenn
Message: Posted by: gh256 (Feb 25, 2009 11:22AM)
I found this on there as well

Message: Posted by: magician2121 (Mar 7, 2009 06:49PM)
Check out audio2000 website thet where I got my lavlier michrophones
Message: Posted by: Dan McLean Jr aka, Magic Roadie (Mar 7, 2009 08:45PM)
Hello, Glenn!
I certianly can't speak for everyone here, but please don't take the lack of responses to mean people don't want to help. My guess is that no-one here has tried those mics.
Cheers from Toronto!
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Mar 8, 2009 10:02AM)
I have a Mipro system and it's the best money I ever spent.