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Topic: Black Leather Packet Trick Wallet from the Ambitious Card
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Feb 26, 2009 10:24PM)
I had been carrying several packet tricks in either their original plastic holder, or inside a extra (non-magic) wallet I received for Christmas. The plastic holders are cheesy looking and the real wallet unfortunately bent the edges of the cards.

After searching the Café for various sources, I decided to try one of Frank Starsinic's wallets from his Ambitious Card site.

Okay, I really like this wallet. Right now it is comfortably holding my custom made set of poker-sized Gypsy Monte cards, The Royal Scam, and Spin Doctor. That's a total of sixteen cards. Each individual set is easy to locate and remove from the wallet without futzing.

The wallet is classy but unassuming- it does what it is supposed to to without attracting attention to itself, which lets the spectators focus on the cards.

I would highly recommend this wallet to anybody who wants to keep their packet tricks organized and accessible in something you'd be proud to put in your jacket.

I might get another one.


Douglas M.
Message: Posted by: jocdoc (Feb 27, 2009 12:40AM)
Thanks for calling this to our attention, Doug. I'll have to give this some thought as well. Frank's quality is great (I use his strollers pouch).