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Topic: Cardiff rant
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Mar 9, 2009 05:02PM)
Been busking in Cardiff my home City for the past few weeks, well since the Blackpool magic convention. Great being back, don't ask me why it is out of season its cold and wet perhaps its because I can do my show in english again, gee you don't relise how much you hold back untill you get back in a place where you can do your show in english. Cardiff is a rainy city so the locals are use to watching your fernarly in drizzel if it chucks it down your screwd. Spent the last three days in door ways waiting for a break then you hit it befor the next cloud passes.

St Davids day was sweet, sweet, sweet Sunday first day of spring and celerbration was in the air. All the Welsh valley folk down in the City to watch how the city folk live, tourist around looking for their lost Welsh heratige. Every one wearing dafferdales and leeks a sea of yellow and green and red dragon,s and kilts as the parade marches past Cardiff Castle.

Just down the road I am banging my table and chucking out short 20min circle shows smack bang in the city center. The peek of my show for me is not my rugby ball that I drop from my hat, no it is leading my audiance in song in welsh they count BALLS ine, die, tree, BREAD OF HEAEN, BREAD OF HEAVEN, FEED TILL I WANT NO MORE, FEED ME TILL I WANT NO MORE.

The contrast is huge the following saterday christian rapers with speakers the size of a large suit case blasted right through me. Good news I had my audiance by then and together we asked them to hang 5 while I finished my set, still they cut my hat in half. Funny thing I probally trained some of their old church leaders in by gone days.

It is great being back in the Land of my farthers.
Message: Posted by: tom hughes (Mar 9, 2009 10:05PM)
Wow Mario... that made me homesick... and I'm a Gog!

Just think, if we get enough points against Italy at the weekend then it should be a huge busking day just before the Ireland game ( and well after if all goes to plan B).

Pob hwyl

Message: Posted by: vernon (Mar 10, 2009 05:16PM)
Hey mario,

Yup they are getting efverywhere...we have a group here in Adelaide that does the same thing with a huge amp and speaker...one of their group(shitheads) has a flat right on the amll and with a wireless mic they blast it out from the flat...and they are aggressive, saying the the bush fires here in Victoria are gods judgement on all those who don't believe and that they deserve to die...I think they are looking for someone to take a pop at them (they video their ********) and have a court case...me ill get a radio jammer and **** them off...good to hear your back in the Uk and hopefully the weather will pick up.May be doing Edinburgh this year as ive a return ticket and it could be cheap for me...live it and love it..jj
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Mar 11, 2009 06:18AM)
To bloody cold for me just now I am going back to Sunny Spain sunday.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Mar 12, 2009 12:30PM)
Trust me international day it self is a !@#$%. They are all on a mission and a very drunk one. Their are ways of working in and around the day but the day just enjoy the game. I rember the old days when I was escaping from SJ and chains a Valley club of rugby boys just picked me up and careied me of for at least 300 yrds. I could see the funny side but two things I was worried about. 1 my stuff that was left on my pitch, bag, float and coat. 2 if they drop me on my head I am dead all close to it.

On the other hand international days are all ways frendly never vilont, I got back and my stuff was their my crowd had kind of dispersed, no I could not finsh the show but it was funny. Another time I had a Valley boy get me in a head lock and pareded me in front of his mates, up to you try it. :)