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Topic: Venturing into voice amplification
Message: Posted by: adrianbent (Mar 13, 2009 09:12PM)
Hi folks,
Im a hobbyist who gets about 4 public shows a year, and I'm looking to get into voice amplification. I'm looking at running a table at a country fair sort of event where I'd do a few hours of close up for passers by. Not a structured show per se, but I'm interested in simple, low - wattage voice amplification. I have a small Peavey amp that I got as a teenager for an electric guitar. I've found a wireless headset mic here:


for only $49 bucks... having shopped around on the internet, this seems subtantially lower than most of the stuff I come across, that includes the belt transmitter and single channel receiver! Again, this is for fun, not professional purposes.

Anyone see a reason that I shouldn't make this purchase? Price too good to be true? I won't get what I expect?
Message: Posted by: Jimeuax (Mar 15, 2009 12:13AM)
Expect it to sound like Bumblebee Flatulence---and be overjoyed if it doesn't.