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Topic: HN Review 21: An Enchanted Evening Ė Kenton Knepper
Message: Posted by: Harvey Nerzof (May 16, 2003 06:03AM)
HN Review 21: An Enchanted Evening Ė Kenton Knepper


Hereís what Kenton himself says about this "enchanted" work:
"I am really excited about this diverse manuscript for a lot of reasons. Itís 60 full size pages. It has magic, mentalism, readings, essays and more in it. I have put in some of my favorite new material for both stage and close-up. I really LOVE this material as I do it often!"
Beautiful, poetic, miraculous, memorable magic and mentalism that is truly different. Loads more I canít even begin to discus As one friend put it, "Itís as eclectic and as interesting as you -- itís pure Kenton, but everyone will benefit from it greatly whoever they are". I sure hope so. That was my full intention. The whole thing is a bit beyond words. Read it and youíll know what I mean.
If you cannot find something worthwhile for you to USE in this one, Iíll stop putting stuff out. Iím serious. This is the material that has made others, as well as myself, seem truly miraculous to our audiences. I know you can do valuable things with this stuff too.
We say if you like Kenton, youíll love this!


Very interesting book. Contents includes: a great addition to your invisible coins routine from Bryce Kuhlman, Ray Koenigís Bent Cent (also sold separately), a rose force application, some wadding card stuff, spoon bending parties patters (you do not want to do that, hopefully!) and the usual glorified blah blah taking the first 30 pages or so.

Overall rating: very good