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Topic: HN Review 22: X – Kenton Knepper
Message: Posted by: Harvey Nerzof (May 16, 2003 06:31AM)
HN Review 22: X – Kenton Knepper


What is "X"? Well if we told you that, you wouldn't believe the miracles in this booklet. That would be like telling you what a thumbtip or nailwriter is, and then expect you to understand how important these tools really are.
We wish we could easily describe "X" and it's real practical worth, but we cannot. We've tried:
Using the "X" factor Kenton details amazing effects in this book - over a dozen - including pieces straight from Kenton's act. Just one of the tricks in this work is being sold for about as much as the entire book.

Kenton's special use of linguistics, multiple-reality ploys and "somethings" make for the sensations the audience sees. The "somethings" are not the big secret. What Kenton does with them IS. Imagine giving a spectator a pair of "X-Ray Glasses" that apparently allows her to see into a pocket or cardbox. The glasses can be examined. There is nothing to ditch, palm or sneak out. Another spectator seemingly uses her intuition to pick the one unmarked coin from others donated and initialed by audience members. The coins are then handed back to the owners - no coin switch required. Or a spectator choses which bottle of three is the safe bottle - two are "poisoned". She easily choses the correct "clean and safe" bottle, as the other two poisoned ones have large X marks on them. An X bottles may even be handed out to another spectator -to examine and drink if they dare! No, no nailwriter
One of Kenton's favorites is his DVD prediction in which a spectator "sees" the prediction the performer recorded on the disk in advance - without a DVD player! The DVD is given away as a souvenir.
Included is Docc Hilford's amazing Traveler effect: A spectator travels through time, and upon her return choses three postcards in order. Each postcard predicts the exact order in which the spectator would select them!
"X" also includes wild premises of card predicitons, and plenty of other surprising notions that will INSPIRE you. Loads of workable items crammed into around twenty five full size pages. This is stuff you can and will DO. From the mystical to the humorous, the subtle to the most bold, you will find many items of amazement in Kenton's "X". As brilliant as you would expect, at a price you wouldn't. Let "X" hit the spot for you too.


I’m always expecting the very best from Kenton. Disappointing little booklet using markers and dual reality. If you already own Kenton’s previous stuff, very few new ideas will be found here...

The Hilford’s effect is interesting, but it uses your own prepared laminated postcards (OWN, PREPARED, LAMINATED, postCARDS)

Overall rating: weak

Message: Posted by: Necromancer (May 16, 2003 06:55AM)
I respectfully disagree. While the principle explored in Kenton Knepper's "X" may be lost on some, I believe that had Corinda's "13 Steps" been written today, one of the steps could easily have been about this material.

Moreover, my own XPERT Device builds on the "X" principle and takes it into unprecedented terrain.

"X" may be a thin and unassuming booklet, but for the right kind of thinking performer, it's a great thought starter. I recommend it (along with my XPERT Device, of course).
Message: Posted by: Xiqual (May 16, 2003 10:05AM)
Hi Neil,
I just ordered you X-pert device today!
Can't wait to get it.

I really liked some of the ideas in X.
One trick in particular VERY much.
I think it was a good value.

Can't wait to use X-pert.