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Topic: Storage & Transportation
Message: Posted by: M.Frymus (Apr 5, 2009 10:15PM)
I was wondering about where I could keep my magic stuff. I currently don't have that much, or not that big. But, It does take up quite a bit of room. I don't know what others do when they don't have their own warehouse or storage area.

And transportation is another thing. I have not had a problem YET. That's because I have not performed my entire magic show. I have about 3 large items and only 1 of 3 fit in my car. Last time when I had a show I had to use a friend van as he was also going and it was very very close.

What do you recommend?
Message: Posted by: afun14u (Apr 6, 2009 08:01AM)
Renting is the ez way...You may check into trailers or if it's time to change car's get a small van...can't hurt and is pretty lo cost right now...Dealers are really ready to deal!

just a thought
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Apr 6, 2009 12:27PM)
Local rental places like uhaul often rent pickups and vans for such purposes, go visit the local places, because these items are not always shown on the national website where you make reservations for such. Talk to the local operator if they have it and find out about how much lead time you need to reserve the same. The cheapest way, is to be able to borrow such from a friend. Otherwise the rental. Since you are 18 you might have a probem, some rental places won't rent to someone under 21, so check that out too.

Storage, depends on where you live. If in an apt, well you pretty much have to depend on outside storage. Cheapest is con a friend who has space into storing it for you, but beware, the damage, loss, etc. to same isn't going to be their responsibility. Go to a home center and look at some of the storage racks and the like they have. I have most of my stuff on such racks. A bit of advice, get some cheap clear roll plastic and sort of form curtains over the racks and down the sides to keep dust collection down.

At places like bed, bath, and beyond you can find under bed storage boxes which help with limited space, and both the home center and bed, bath, and beyond type places will have some closet organizers to help improve storage efficiency.

Office supply stores often have inexpensive book cases, plastic and cardboard file storage, etc. that can be helpful too.
Message: Posted by: M.Frymus (Apr 8, 2009 08:44PM)
Ah, I love the idea of the racks. I've seen people do that. But, it never came to me. That cool.

Some of the props, the bigger ones, don't break down. They are pretty big for where they are now. I have them on like displace and practice often with them, that's why they are near me and open most of the time.

I have 3 large pieces that I need to store somewere. They are approx. all 3'x3'x2'
may not seem that big, but in a little room like this, it get pretty crammed.

I live in house, surrounded by... more houses. A lot more houses. Pretty much in the middle of everything. I was thinking of also getting those small closed-trailers for around $1-3K, which Im pretty sure our whole family would get use of. Especially from traveling a lot by car in summer. But, theres no room. 1 car garage- I cant believe we actually got a 1 car garage!, 1 car driveway. We have 2 cars. No room for trailer. Dang.

As these piece cant break down, I can barely fit them in my car.I'd be lucky to fit 1 of them.

I thought I would get an idea of how to store this stuff without renting a storage area or renting trucks. Guess there is no other way?
Message: Posted by: disneywld (May 23, 2009 10:55AM)
Maybe a smaller show is the answer. A lot of great magicians work out of a suitcase. When it comes time to buy your own house, buy big.

I have a rather large house and I have the same issues you have. I think we will never have enough room!
Message: Posted by: videoman (May 28, 2009 03:07PM)
You may find that after a short time performing, those large tricks really aren't worth the extra expense and hassle. If you can perform out of a small case or roll on table it just makes life so much easier and allows you to concentrate on your performance without so much energy being spent on just getting your props there. Plus, if you already feel all beat up before you've even started your show its just not going to go as well as it could have in my experience.
Message: Posted by: Montana Santa (Jun 10, 2009 07:35PM)
I built a five drawer storage unit on wheels that also doubles as a stage/table. It holds all my magic, my mannequins and my sound system. It needs a van, but it's handy as heck. A self contained show -- like an old medicine wagon or chuck wagon.
Message: Posted by: Ronald72 (Jun 11, 2009 02:49AM)
Look on the site "secret art journal" from Jeff McBride. He has something to to say about storage and transportation. To be short, let someone make you a custom made magiccase. At some moment you have enough props and you stop buying. that's the time to make a custom case, you be happy with it the rest of your career!
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jun 12, 2009 06:32AM)
I was going to suggest a trailer. I have one, but I only use it for really large shows. Most of the time I can load my show in an SUV. Storage in the house is another problem. Fortunatly, I have a basement, and I store my magic props in plastic storage boxes and some footlockers.

Message: Posted by: Jay Jennings (Jul 21, 2009 12:58PM)
Hang 'em from the ceiling.

Hooks (into the wood, not the tiles, drywall, etc.) in the ceiling, chains holding platforms that you can boost your big props onto. You have probably at least 3 corners of the room to work with and your upper corners are almost always empty.

Sure, it'll look weird to some people, but stacks of props on the floor probably don't look any better and you might free up a lot of room by hoisting them to the ceiling.

Just an idea. =:)

Jay Jennings
Message: Posted by: pradell (Aug 24, 2009 01:27AM)
When selecting more material to perform or purchasing a vehicle, you may want to consider the following factors.

There are now smaller vehicles which are built to store more, such as the Honda Element. Things come out of it, space is created, and stuff goes in. Even the tiny PT Cruiser has seats that come out and/or flatten so there is more room than meets the eye.

You may want to think about performing magic that packs small and plays big. Some illusions break apart and can be put in smaller cases. Others do not.

Message: Posted by: mkmager (Oct 5, 2009 07:10PM)
A trailer is a nice luxury if you can afford it. I don't know any magician who regrets the investment.