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Topic: New Talent Magician From Mozambique (AFRICA)
Message: Posted by: Mago Lucas (Apr 19, 2009 03:56AM)
That's New Talent Magician From Mozambique (AFRICA)


Mauro Lucas

Enjoy it
Message: Posted by: edh (Apr 19, 2009 07:14PM)
Is that Portugese that they are speaking?

Very good magician.
Message: Posted by: Chad Sanborn (Apr 20, 2009 03:38PM)
I found it to be disjointed and lacking in purpose.
Message: Posted by: Mago Lucas (Apr 25, 2009 04:59PM)
Yes its, Portguese language...!!!
Message: Posted by: edh (Apr 25, 2009 08:57PM)
I think that he did what any magician wants to accomplish.

he fooled his audience.
Message: Posted by: Harlequin (Apr 26, 2009 06:27AM)
Why did the guy on stilts take the book and then give it back in exchange for a used mouth coil? I found the act a bit confusing overall.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Apr 26, 2009 06:30AM)
In Mozambique, I hear the sunny skies are aqua blue with all the couples dancing cheek to cheek and that its very nice to stay a week or two. Or, maybe fall in love...