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Topic: Need opinion on two new card effects
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Apr 27, 2009 03:47PM)
Hi Hi guys I am working on two card effects that basically have the same method but are diffrent in presentation and effect. It will cost a bit to make so I want to take an informal vote of which effect you like more.If either . Posted this in triple dare but did not get much response (maybe that's a sign!)

Effect 1
You show a deck of cards that has a different word on the back of each. Simple words like horse. car, ball etc .52 in all You talk about the old word associatiion game where you say one of the words on a card and ask a few spectators to say the first thing that comes to mind. There are some built in jokes here but I do not want to type more than I have to.
Basically you establish that everyones brain does not always think a like based on the various responses. With that you are going to try an experiment.

You then ask two spectators to each think of a playing card and to avoid thinking of the same card one thinks of any black card and one any red. At this point know one knows which words are written on the thought of cards . You ask spectator one to remove his thought of card and show everyone except spectator 2 the card but not to look at the word on the back. Card is then lost in the deck . (It is actually lost just shoved into a squared deck)

Spectator 2 now removes her card and notes the word on the back (she has the option to keep this to herself if she wishes.) Magician then plays the word association game with her and her "mystery" word that was on the back of the card she thought of.
Magician slowly deals cards from the deck one at a time face down revealing all the different words as he does so. He asks spectaor 2 to stop him anywhere on a word that she feels is associated with her mystery word. She finally stops him and that card is turned over and proves to be the first spectators thought of card! TA DA!

Effect two is based on the same theme. IE words on the cards but the presentation here is that "Opposites Attract". You show cards with words on them and state that that many words in our language have an opposite . You go through the deck and show many words like "UP" "DOWN" or "NIGHT" "DAY" "BLACK WHITE" etc. Again more jokes here.
Your angle here is to prove that "Opposites Attract" and that you even can predict this. With that you bring out a written prediction that simply states "Opposites Attract" You go on to say I may not predict the two words but I will predict that "Opposites Attract"

With that you get a man and a woman (opposites)to assist you and like effect number 1 they each think of a card. The two thought of cards are removed and left face up, at this point we do not know what words are written on the back.Magician then states wouldn't it be a miracle if the two words on the thought of cards were opposites ,his prediction would be correct. But what if I took it a step further and actually predicted the words themselves, he reminds the spectators of his written prediction "Opposites Attract" with that the two cards are turned over and written on one is the word "OPPOSITES" and the other "ATTRACT"
So the whole plot is a "play on words" if you will.

In both cases I am leaving out a lot of patter etc but I want to get your opinions on which effect you like more.

Thanks guys feel free to elaborate both positives and negatives!!