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Topic: Looking for Jesus and the Thieves Feather Plume Set
Message: Posted by: dlachance (May 4, 2009 09:58AM)
Greetings everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find a Jesus and the Thieves Feather Plume Set.


Message: Posted by: B Hackler (May 4, 2009 10:09AM)
I purchased mine from lock magic. I just watched their web site until they were in stock. I believe it took me about 4 months for them to get them in stock. my 2 cents
Message: Posted by: dlachance (May 4, 2009 10:16AM)
I have been watching for over a year.. lol

Ill keep watching
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (May 4, 2009 10:52AM)
It is not the same, but you can get a used full plume set (made by Hughes Magic) from pro magician John Dudley in Bloomingdale or Bangor, Michigan. This is a full multicolor feather set, not the same effect as the Laflin set however. This set is from the estate of Bill VandeWerken or "Bilvan", it's a nice full set at an inexpensive price.
Message: Posted by: Doug Follett (May 5, 2009 08:52AM)
You might send Rebekah an e-mail at Lock Family Magic. Since they are in the moving process, I think they are going to be shutting down late May or early June. They are not going to be open again until early fall if I remember their announcement correctly.

She may be able to help you find a set.

Doug Follett
Message: Posted by: Regan (May 5, 2009 09:17AM)
I purchased Laflin Magic's entire remaining stock of plumes right before they shut down. I had intended on getting enough to do a certain routine, but they closed up shop. I have several different plumes in various colors, but not enough to do what I had planned. Can anyone tell me how many plumes are used in the Jesus and the Thieves set? I may have enough for that. I would need to know the colors and type of plumes (stick or s****) used.

I would appreciate your help. I would like to put some of these plumes to use if I could. I bought them several years ago and they have just been in storage. In fact, I'll have to hunt them up before I even know what I have.


Message: Posted by: dlachance (May 5, 2009 09:22AM)
1 White Plume
1 White Shell
1 Brown Plume
1 Brown Shell
1 Red Plume
Message: Posted by: themagiciansapprentice (May 5, 2009 09:23AM)
According to the web-site

# Jesus and the Thieves Feather Plume Set $80.00

Includes a white plume, white shell, brown plume, brown shell, red plume, changing tube, and gospel routine by Duane Laflin. Plumes measure 16 inches, shells 14 inches, and changing tube is 17 inches.
Message: Posted by: Regan (May 5, 2009 09:33AM)
Thanks so much guys. I used to have Dwayne's feather plume video, so I vaguely remember the routine. I'm not sure what all I have but this might motivate me to start opening tupperware boxes!

I have several tubes that will work with Laflin's plumes, but I'm not sure which plumes I have. I know I bought several white plumes, and a couple reds but I'm not certain if they were sticks or shells. I do not think I had any browns though. I remember buying quite a few black ones too, so maybe I could sub black for brown?

Thank you guys for that quick response!!!

Message: Posted by: Doug Follett (May 5, 2009 12:35PM)
First, I apologize that I spelled Rebecca Lock's name incorrectly above. Oops, sorry. According to their April newsletter, you might try contacting Duane to see if he can get you what you need. She said that during their summer shutdown, he may be able to get a limited number of items. He has two websites: Laflinmagic.com, and ChristianIllusionist.com. The product link on Laflinmagic.com still sends you to Lockfamilymagic however, so you'll probably need to contact him directly.

Message: Posted by: Kif Anderson (May 8, 2009 01:24AM)
If you don't have brown plumes...you could use blue and say because of sin they "blue" it.
Message: Posted by: dlachance (May 8, 2009 09:23AM)
Where is a good place to get single plumes......
Message: Posted by: Doug Follett (May 8, 2009 09:32AM)
Try Rebecca Lock here:


There are some singles listed that don't say "out of stock".

Better hurry though, I think they are getting ready to shut down as they are moving.

Message: Posted by: themagiciansapprentice (May 8, 2009 01:35PM)

if you can make up the required plumes and shells in appropriate colours please let me know. Blue or black are fine as replacements for the brown

The video is on The Art of Gospel Magic dvd 2

Message: Posted by: Regan (May 10, 2009 06:43AM)
I do not have the plumes I need for this effect. However, I think I can do it with a little variation.

Here is what I have:

2 White Plumes
1 Black Plume
1 Black Shell
1 Red Shell

I have not found Dwayne's feather plume video yet, so I do not really remember exactly how he works it.

Start with Red Shell inside tube. Display 1 White Plume...1 Black Shell/White Plume.....1 Black Plume. White Plume goes through tube a couple of times to prove emptiness as the story is told. Then, Red Shell is picked up to represent Jesus blood. Next, the Black Shell/White Plume is run through the tube, White Plume emerges to represent the thief that got forgiveness. Last the Black Plume goes through and picks up the Black Shell to represent the thief that did not ask for forgiveness.

Like I said, without the video I'm not sure, but I believe the only real difference is that Dwayne's routine probably starts clean and mine will not. However, running the white plume through a few times at the beginning will suggest an empty tube, and I'll end clean, so I believe it might work. What do you guys think?

Message: Posted by: revmike (May 10, 2009 12:28PM)
In Duane's Routine, you also start with a shell in the tube. It is at the end that tube can be shown totally empty. It appears empty at start by passing initial plume through several times.
Message: Posted by: stempleton (May 10, 2009 05:25PM)
Check my post on the FCM thread. Duane has some items he sells directly, through email or phone. He was very helpful in find another effect of his that is not listed on the Lock Magic website.
Message: Posted by: dlachance (May 10, 2009 06:31PM)
Just heard from Duane and he says his daughter plans to have them available in July.....

All the best,
Message: Posted by: Terry Owens (May 10, 2009 07:36PM)
According to his daughter, they will be closed until the fall, after they close this month. Hopefully she can get up and running sooner.
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (May 10, 2009 08:31PM)
And she's moving to Indiana or Illinois or someplace in the Midwest- looks like they will continue to be a popular fixture at Abbott's Get-Together, where Duane continues to do the "Magi-Ministers" lecture started out by FCMers so many years ago--- including by former FCM President John de Vries. We appreciate our Gospel Magic suppliers, writers and lecturers! I just purchased a silk fountain and DVD from Lock Family Magic, just a terrific ending for the "Blessings of Love" CD. Great stuff, the DVD is terrific. Dale Salwak did his "monster sized" silk fountain just a few weeks ago on Masters of Illusion, the same one taught on the DVD by Duane in great detail. If I remember right, I think Duane often does this monster sized version as well in his programs using the larger silks. Have a good night all, hope you had a nice Happy Mother's Day for sure today.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Feb 15, 2011 11:47AM)
Heads up that this item is now in stock once again, at David and Teesha Laflin's store:

[url=http://www.laflinmagicstore.com/products-page/?product_search=jesus+and+the+thieves]Jesus and The Thieves Feather Plume Set[/url] at http://www.LaflinMagicStore.com

I just saw the mention on Facebook, and remembered this thread.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Feb 15, 2011 03:47PM)
I use Duane's routine but use Hughes feather plumes. Duane didn't have any about a year ago and he didn't know when he would be getting any.
Message: Posted by: dlachance (Feb 15, 2011 04:51PM)
Thanks for the heads up Donald... ordering mine tonight....

Message: Posted by: Wes Holly (Feb 16, 2011 09:57AM)
Wouldn't you want the "Jesus" feather to start as white, then change to red as He takes on our sin, then back to white?

Or even just from white to red, then one thief changes from brown to white? I'm just not sure that I want the "Jesus" feather to start out being red.

Why are the "thief" feathers brown? If sin is being represented as red on the "Jesus" feather, why aren't the "thief" feathers red?

Makes more sense to me if the "Jesus" feather takes on the appearance of the "thief" feathers and then changes back, then one of the "thief" feathers ends up being the same color as the final "Jesus" feather.

(I know, picky picky picky!)
Message: Posted by: Ken Northridge (Feb 16, 2011 11:01AM)
In Duaneís routine the Jesus feather [b]does[/b] start out white (pure and spotless) then turns red (painful and bloody death). I donít know if Duane ends with the Jesus feather changing back to white, but I do, saying that although your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.

About the brown? Maybe a little picky. :)

PS I had to buy Hughes feathers last year too. Very good quality.
Message: Posted by: Wes Holly (Feb 16, 2011 02:30PM)
OK. I did not know Duane did it that way, I was going by what it said on the site
Three separate feathers are displayed before the audience. Two brown feathers representing two thieves, and a red feather in between them representing Jesus.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Feb 16, 2011 02:36PM)
On 2011-02-15 12:47, Donald Dunphy wrote:
Heads up that this item is now in stock once again, at David and Teesha Laflin's store:

[url=http://www.laflinmagicstore.com/products-page/?product_search=jesus+and+the+thieves]Jesus and The Thieves Feather Plume Set[/url] at http://www.LaflinMagicStore.com

I just saw the mention on Facebook, and remembered this thread.

- Donald

Thanks Donald!
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Feb 19, 2011 11:16AM)
Duane Laflin also performs the effect on DVD in his "Art of Gospel Magic" series. The 3 DVD set series is currently on sale for $59 at the Laflin Magic Store as well. I am going to attempt my version for next months filming for our local cable program. By the way, I was not as carefull as I should have been storing the feather plumes which I purchased years ago from Duane- do NOT store a red feather plume right next to a white one: the red color dye will "bleed" over onto the white one- I found this out unfortunately the hard way.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Feb 19, 2011 09:32PM)
MagicBus, how do you store your feather plumes? I keep each of mine in the wooden stand in the open position and place a loose piece of a plastic bag that fits over each one. Sort of like the plastic bag used by the paperboy when he wraps the local paper and throws it on your driveway. Is this the correct way?
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Feb 19, 2011 10:19PM)
Absolutely. Feather flowers are supposed to be stored open upside down, if possible, so they don't eventually sag. My feather plumes are just sitting in a box loosely wrapped with no weight on them- should not be touching each other as I learned as the red dye will "migrate" over to the plume laying next to it. Red sponge balls will do the same thing if stored with yellow sponge balls, for example, have to keep colors separated I guess.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Feb 21, 2011 09:10AM)
I found that out the hard way.
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Mar 1, 2011 07:49PM)
Hey Mike- let me know what you think on this thought- am I out to lunch or what? The FCMers in SW Michigan go through a ton of old "Gospel magic" material/standards to do each of our programs- and yet now we/I am having trouble coming up with brand new stuff other than reworking classics and adding a Gospel message to them. So more power to Duane, Steve, Barry, David, etc.- heard any new Gospel magic effects in the pipeline for the summer conventions? If you have seen something/new tricks/new ideas/effects made expressly for Gospel magic- we'd would love to hear about it for sure. Thanks from Roger from http://www.ChristianMagician.org