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Topic: Ozer4's tutorials...Anyone have a review?
Message: Posted by: gandolf (May 20, 2003 02:51PM)
I have enjoyed reading Oz's posts and viewing his magic demos at Penguin Magic, as well as checking out his web site. I notced he has tutorials for some of the card effects he performs. He has priced them at either $6 or $8 per routine. Has anyone purchased one of these tutorials? How is his teaching style? Are the videos clear? Is it a good value for the money?

As I have stated before, I try and support those magicians who post here and have come up with ideas and effects. I do, however, research before I purchase anything. I'd appreciate any feedback out there!
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (May 20, 2003 03:16PM)
I believe there is a large thread going on right now in the Pick a Card forum concerning his tutorials.....
Message: Posted by: gandolf (May 20, 2003 06:29PM)
I am aware of that thread. It, however does not deal with a review of any of the tutorials. It seems to be an even mix of people bashing Oz for his work, and people asking questions. Hence my post in this (appropriate) forum requesting a review. My request still stands.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 20, 2003 08:33PM)
Someone in that thread posted a review on Ozer's "Starry Eyed Surprise." Several people have said that the camera work and explanations were very well done. What else do you need to know?