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Topic: How to make Predicta-Total Entertaining?
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (May 8, 2009 11:47AM)
I really enjoy Bob Mason's "Predicta-Total" (aold by Abbott's), I do a pretty convincing false shuffle on the chips, have a beautiful "mixing box", and do his "Reversable Numbers" routine which is a fooler even for magicians. But is there any routine out there that makes the entire trick amusing, or makes some kind of sense? It kinda looks like a perplexing math problem right now, and I can tie it into being a lottery coincidence device or something like that, but that makes little sense and/or is not funny or very entertaining. Any ideas out there? I don't know what the "premise" for the new Clearly Predictable set is, maybe that "problem" was addressed. I'd just like to have more than just the "wouldn't it be amazing if the numbers matched the prediction?" normal routine...as I am not big on I know how I did it and you don't idea... Any suggestions appreciated. Roger from http://www.ChristianMagician.org
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (May 8, 2009 06:55PM)
I went to dinner with my college age son tonight. As usual, he immediately thought of a great idea. I bought three prizes- a cheap toy, a fairly nice cupie doll, and a fake diamond necklace. The routine will be based on the the "weight" and "age" guesser at the fair, if I guess within 10, they get the cupie; if over 10, they get the diamond necklace, and if I get it EXACTLY, they get the unknown "consolation" prize. Of course, I guess it exactly, they get the plastic toy. So sounds pretty neat to me, can't wait to try this out...
Message: Posted by: J Hanes (May 20, 2009 02:35PM)
The demo:

First off, I would avoid doing this for accountants or anyone that works with numbers frequently. Also I would have a second person do the adding, or add more people to the decision making process at the beginning.