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Topic: Surefire DVD by Mark Southworth
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 9, 2009 12:10AM)
[b]Surefire DVD by Mark Southworth[/b]


[b]Disc Description:[/b] [i]All the magic featured on this DVD has been road tested by Mark over many years and every routine will guarantee you superb reactions. You'll even learn three routines that will get you business card into the client's hands! Also featured is "Blockbuster", Mark's fantastic prediction effect that you WILL feature!

BLOCKBUSTER - A random celebrity movie star is thought of... Your autograph collection has been in full view the entire time... the only autograph you have collected is their thought of name... all the other cards are blank!!! Instant reset, great for table hopping. A routine that always gets instant re-bookings!

STATE OF THE UNION - Taken from the Blockbuster Effect. Think of ANY U.S. State and when the cards are spread, it's only one written in an entire deck of blanks! Works every time!

HOLIDAY DESTINATION - Another brilliant application from The Blockbuster Effect, where someone chooses a random dream holiday destination, predicted ahead of time by the magician.

COINS ACROSS (3) - A real working coins across tested over 1000's of performances for real people, using a gaff you probably already own!

THE HIDDEN KEY - While your back is turned you have a card peeked at, you fan out the cards & turn round... from the face down spread you remove their thought of card!! An amazing technique that you WILL use.

BUSINESS CARD BONUS - A spectators signed card vanishes from the deck and is instantly removed from your wallet inside a clear wallet with your business card trapped inside. The perfect promotional tool.

3D REALIZATION - A knockout 8 Ball production with an unbelievable kicker ending, which happens in the spectator's hands! This starts clean and ends clean.

SUPA-FAST CHOP CUP - A classic effect with a Tommy Wonder twist. With loading tips & audience management suggestions.

AMBITIOUS STICKA - A card is freely selected, signed & lost in the middle of the deck...First it jumps to the top, then changes face, then your business card appears on an indifferent card which ends up on the back of the spectators signed card! The perfect promotional giveaway.

STICKA MONTE - The classic 2 card monte with a self promotional ending!

FLOAT - Mark's superb hook up system for the invisible thread system. You can even take your jacket off, throw it down, and it will be ready to go when you put it back on. Always ready. Plus a close look at Mark's new Double Thread Reel!


HOT SHOT CUT CATCH - Daryl's hot shot cut... but you catch the card with the same hand!

RINGFINGER - A fantastic surprise with a sucker ending!!

Plus! - Essential PDF's for the Blockbuster Effect![/i]


The first time I became aware of magician [b]Mark Southworth[/b] is when mutual friend [b]Mark Mason[/b] showed me the effect [url=https://vault2.secured-url.com/jbtv/usa/search_results.asp]Shoet[/url] which him and Southworth had worked on together. The effect is a stunner and the method dare I say diabolical.

That said, I was extremely curious when Mr. Southworth sent me his latest DVD release [i]SUREFIRE[/i]. The DVD is produced and directed by [b]Russ Stevens at [/b] [url=http://www.rsvpmagic.com/]RSVPMAGIC.COM[/url] and contains some interesting magical ideas just waiting for an audience. :nod:

Running in at two hours in length, the disc was shot in 16:9 widescreen HD and features eleven (11) full blown routines. Many of these effects are shot in front of real people with the remainder being showcased in a studio environment. [b]Russ Stevens[/b] guides us as we watch and learn the stuff that Mark has kept secret for a number of years.

So, is this stuff any good? Well, I think It is only fair to let you know that this will very much depend on your presentational skills, audience management abilities and even more importantly your ability to execute various sleights. Now while I don't want the word [i]sleight[/i] to scare you away, you do need to be prepared - this DVD is [i]NOT[/i] for the beginner.

The material on this disc seems to be aimed towards the intermediate to advanced performer. If you can control a card, perform a pass, execute a pressure fan, do a top change and do a credible double or triple lift - then the rest should be easy or at the very least - [i]learnable[/i]. Having said all that there is much to like about many of the tricks on this well shot video.

My personal favorites being [i]3D REVELATION[/i] (you produce a real eight ball and then smash it flat just inches away from your spectator), [i]SUPA-FAST CHOP CUP[/i] ( a simple but entertaining chop cup routine that I really enjoyed. If you have never used a Chop Cup this may well be the routine for you) and finally [i]BLOCKBUSTER[/i] (an effect using a blank deck of cards - several different ideas are explored and I think this is one of the strongest pieces on this video). The rest of the material I found interesting but just not for me - you may feel differently.

In the end I think for the money this DVD is a great buy. The production values are good (there is even a PDF included) and even if you only explored the three main effects I mention above you are getting great value for your magical dollar. Recommended. :)


[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/4.gif[/img]

Suggested retail is [b]$39.99[/b] (DVD)

Available from your favorite dealer or you may purchase directly from [b]Mark Southworth[/b].

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