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Topic: Funniest thing your parrot says???
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (May 21, 2003 08:13PM)
Our Congo African Grey says a lot of cool stuff but today he floored me when he screamed...



You can add to the list...
Hommer Simpson
Fred Flintstone
Fozzie Bear
Andy Griffith show theme song
and from that show...
A big long huge burp! (He got that from the Nick channel!)
Scooby Doo
Touch down GreenBay!!!
Packer Backer
Just a few of his favorities.

We leave the Nick channel on for the birds when we go somewhere and today I heard him SING...
Message: Posted by: nostromo (Jul 5, 2003 11:36PM)
Parrots are great- a buddy of mine has one in his den (along with a cockatiel, three dogs, and seven cats) and Kramer likes to imitate the phone and the doorbell- gets new visitors every time! Sometimes he tells the biggest dog to 'go away' when she gets too close to his cage.
Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Jul 6, 2003 02:16PM)
Wow, I wish my cockatoo said all that! That's great! He's got this cute little voice and says a lot that doesn't make sense...

- Hi
- Roikey
- Ara graha gra
- He barks like a dog (even jumps up and down too!)
- He Meows too!
Message: Posted by: JJDrew (Jan 15, 2004 12:29AM)
I just got my parrot and he doesn't say anything yet, but I've found the things people try to teach him rather amusing. I have one friend who is trying to teach him to laugh like a villian, you know that deep evil belly laugh *WAH ha ha haaa*. Another friend of mine is an anarchist and keeps trying to teach him to say "Smash the state." Personally, as I work in a magic shop and he comes to work with me, my goal is for him to respond himself to the incessent "Does he talk?" that nearly every customer who sees him asks. I want to teach him to say "I can talk, can you fly?"

(Honestly, though, if he never talks at all it's okay by me. He's a great bird, talker or not).
Message: Posted by: R2 (Jan 15, 2004 12:41PM)
"Sacame" which means, "Get me out!" in spanish...(I am assuming he means get me out of this cage!)