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Topic: Facebook it and they will come!
Message: Posted by: MentalAlex (May 26, 2009 05:45PM)
Has anyone here done much promotion through facebook events?

I'm performing an experiment! I'm doing an old style publicity stunt, but publicized through a new medium, a facebook event.

I have no idea were I am going to actually perform this stunt yet, but I am using the facebook entry to not only find attendees, but also charities.

Many charities these days have facebook pages, and I submitted my event to a bunch of them a little earlier today, along with a note that we were looking for charities to collect for during the event. No replies yet, but it's only been a couple hours.

If all goes according to plan, I will find a charity for my event, use their publicity channels to make the event go viral on facebook, and then make a couple calls to local news outlets once my rsvp's are high enough.

Does anyone have any experience working a large publicity stunt like this, have any advice about finding a charity, or have any general advice at all about this endeavor?

I'm excited to see how it works out.

I'm performing a memory stunt by the way... Here is the facebook event link if you are interested: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=187681605532
Message: Posted by: EmersonRodriguez (Jun 29, 2009 01:49AM)
Message: Posted by: Bob Johnston (Jun 29, 2009 01:55AM)
Perhaps if you had a local professional reputation and presence the "event" would be more of a "news" thing.

But, good luck.

Message: Posted by: KENNYRB (Sep 4, 2009 07:37PM)
Let us know how it goes.
Message: Posted by: DATMagic (Sep 30, 2009 12:36PM)
Facebook is really taking over and more magicians should start considreing it as a viable marketing tool. Myself, I don't have a clue about it, but more and more people are talking about it in my business and social circles-It's now on my list of things to do, and it keeps me out of weekend "honey-dos."
Message: Posted by: MMark (Oct 8, 2009 10:45AM)
Any updates on this one? A few charities I work with are trying to raise awareness through Facebook but so far they haven't seen any results. It's a free service so I guess all that can be lost is a little time...

Message: Posted by: magicbobc (Oct 8, 2009 11:12AM)
Facebook is a great tool for branding yourself!
Every magician should be acquainted with it. Try Twitter as well.
You have great tools I0m proud your using them.
let me know how it works out for you.
Message: Posted by: gbradburn (Oct 8, 2009 04:06PM)
My daughter created a fan club for me on Facebook (I'm so humbled):
Message: Posted by: tjaymagic (Dec 7, 2009 06:19PM)
Regarding facebook, in my other guise as a drag artist my drag partner and I have now just added our alter egos on facebook and as friends have already added us, it now means we have another external link to our main site, not only that, we don't have to ring them up to tell them about a show if we are in that area, as we now just add it to the news feed on the profile...that said, I should be using my 'normal' facebook for the magic...

So, yes facebook is the way to go, and as our UK network channels usually say, 'there are other networking sites available'!

Best of all, most of these sites are free, therefore a good recommendation!
Message: Posted by: ultador (Jan 13, 2010 08:29PM)
I've told my parents time after time that in this generation the world revolves around Facebook
Message: Posted by: fyi2 (Mar 20, 2010 06:42AM)
Our local magician circle use FB, and it is a social Network not a standard media channel. I tell my friends and if my friends who are magicians like what I am doing they tell theirs. We tend to support each other so it works out. Last night went to this hick town, small elementary school. about 250 people turned up! It works but you need to know FB is different.
Message: Posted by: Balloon&MagicGuy (Jul 20, 2010 10:09PM)
Having a Facebook fan page is definitely a benefit from a marketing perspective and it is free. You can also post a badge on your magic website. The badge allows visitors to your website to see your Facebook postings and they can link to your fan site directly. You get a weekly report of website traffic visits and postings to your fan page.
In regards to your charitable donation, volunteering your services to build your reputation may increase your chances of landing something. As someone shared earlier, presence and reputation is key. Also, a video promo or testimonials of your work would benefit. Organizations would like to know more about your style and your performance because it would be nice for it to be in alignment with their mission statement and purpose.
Once you secure an event, press releases to the media are usually handled through the organization.

Message: Posted by: Devereaux (Aug 6, 2010 02:19PM)

I posted this elsewhere, but perhaps this thread is more appropriate. In regards to facebook- the street magician (detailed below) has had great success with facebook for all of his events and now created a page for our series of "Street vs. Stage" benefit shows for the Boys and Girls Clubs. The key is to constantly be updating and gaining friends. Me (Stage Magician) being slightly out of that target age range have been slow to adopt social networking. But I am open to learning.

Anyway, if you have the time, please check out the post below and maybe you can see how they all work together-- including using facebook to promote your own site.
A fellow magician friend and I met in a coffee shop a few years ago and it did not take long for us to realize we shared the same passion. He is 10 years younger than I am, so while I grew up with DC, he was inspried by DB. Thus began a coffee shop debate that has not ended.

We ended up putting a show together that was set up as a "competition" between the two styles of magic. Lots of one-upmanship, comedy, etc. Since he was a site director for the Boys & Girls Club, we have done a series of performances benefiting this organization.

So...for your consideration-- I present to you-

STAGE- http://www.devereauxrising.com


STREET- http://www.whitetieentertainment.com

and...the show itself (no matter which side you are on, why not become a friend/fan?)


As we are gearing up for yet another series of shows, any entertaining routine ideas that showcase the two vastly different approaches to magic?

BTW- I had taken a break from magic for several years, it was great to be rekindled into this art. This youngster has become a good friend and the spirited competition continues off the stage as well.
Message: Posted by: miraclesawait (Aug 7, 2010 10:41PM)
Ive had luck with facebook via groups and fan pages. Unless your forking out the big bucks for ad space it can be effective in a medium city I find
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Sep 3, 2010 05:35PM)
On 2009-09-30 13:36, DATMagic wrote:
Facebook is really taking over and more magicians should start considreing it as a viable marketing tool. Myself, I don't have a clue about it, but more and more people are talking about it in my business and social circles-It's now on my list of things to do, and it keeps me out of weekend "honey-dos."

I hear ya'. I have shied away from it because I had been told about viruses, but the more I hear about it the more and more tempted to get on that thing.
Message: Posted by: magus-inc (Oct 15, 2010 05:19AM)
People are really into facebook, it's such a massive social networking site.

I really wish I was, I just can't get the enthusiasm for it.

Has anyone tried Linkin the business networking site ?
Message: Posted by: KMFrye (Oct 27, 2010 06:49PM)
LinkedIn seems as intrusive as FaceBook - just not as well known.
Message: Posted by: Hemphandle (Nov 7, 2010 03:12PM)
I work in CRM - Customer Relationship Management. It is a specific sector of the IT market but essentially it revolves about improved interaction of business and customer.

Facebook is the ultimate in social media - Every magi should have a business card, a mobile phone, a web page... a Facebook page and a Linkedin page are open to debate.

Facebook is completely informal designed around your personality and 'friends' you are able to make it as formal or informal as you like can control who has access to your information.

Linkedin is a professional networking site - not for friends - but business relationships. Similar to FB but way more formal.

Both sites allow you to tweet - posting updates to those people who are associated with you and to groups/associations that you are a member. This free marketing should not be ignored.

Word of mouth will still be your greatest asset for the long term - but you should have no fear in adding these powerful quivers to your bow. If you do not know how to do it learn - find a friend who can show you. It is time better spent that learning yet another ACAAN routine!
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Mar 26, 2011 11:41AM)
It certainly doesn't HURT to have a Facebook presence. Make sure that you promote it at your shows, though...that way, you can gain many "likes" and get great comments for others to check out. Be sure to post video clips and photos, as well.