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Topic: Which production device does your Rabbit prefer?
Message: Posted by: Zack (May 24, 2003 10:34PM)
I want to buy a rabbit production device.

What I would like to do is pop the balloon that I use for needle through balloon and change it into a rabbit.

I know there is a device that will do that (circus wagon). What I don't know is if the load chamber is okay for the bunny.

I'd like a device that I could load him in, that would keep all four of his furry feet on the ground and provides good ventilation. Will the circus wagon fill the bill?

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (May 25, 2003 07:17AM)
The chamber is separated from the rabbit, so the breaking of the balloon doesn't even touch the rabbit.

Ken Scott uses a TV version of this effect.

The circus wagon fits the bill.

Just remember, standard rabbits can get so big they will not fit into some of the existing magic boxes.
Message: Posted by: themagicofmc (Jun 2, 2003 10:16PM)
When I got my rabbit, I built a black art cage production. Since my rabbit is still young. I built the box very big so he can grow into it. I could probably produce two rabbits out of the box. Make sure the load can still hold the rabbit when he grows.

Michael :dance:
Message: Posted by: Zack (Jun 8, 2003 12:59AM)
The nice man at the magic store let me take a look at the circus wagon. The flap divides the box diagonally, so the rabbit is in a triangle shaped compartment... his feet aren't in the ground. Also, the instructions say not to leave him in there too long. I don't think this'll work.
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Jun 16, 2003 07:20AM)
I use my own "the crystal production cage".
It's a large crystal box with a red cloth and large enough to take two to three rabbits. There are no falling trap doors, no false bottoms, no mirrors, no extra walls what-so-ever. The cage has plexiglass on all four sides and no part of the box is thicker than 25mm.

My rabbit loves it, along with the audience. The cage is perfect for childrens shows as the rabbit can be seen clearly, the walls are high enough so the rabbit can't jump out and the kids can pet him afterwards in the cage there is nothing to see.

Jonas Karlsson
Vibono Magic
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Mar 21, 2004 05:19AM)
Sooo the Circus Wagon is a no go????
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Mar 21, 2004 05:40AM)
There are many variations of the circus wagon. Look at it and decide. Unless your doing a circus theme or telling the kids you have a baby tiger in that wagon, conside other non-circus wagon variations of this.
Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Mar 21, 2004 11:15AM)
Get it.Your rabbit will love it! Mine does.When I carry mine in for the shows I have my dove pan inside so it looks totally empty except for the dove pan. I tell the kids it is a easy bake over for boys.
Then it is a real surpise when the rabbit appears.
Shawn D
Message: Posted by: trix_the_clown (Mar 21, 2004 05:35PM)
I have had 4 rabbits die on me now, so I think you shouldn't bother. animals are too unreliable
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Mar 21, 2004 09:10PM)
Four Rabbits die? Rabbits are prone to disease, and there are a few nasty ones which are known to kill rabbits. Talk to your vet before purchasing an animal. You may find, they can save you from a lot of heart-aches.
Message: Posted by: Cardmanips2004 (Mar 21, 2004 11:51PM)
I agree with dendowhy.

mine vet told me flourishes are not good either for rabbits...toomuch injury; He He He/

seroiusly do they sell the trained kids party rabbits at magic shops....we have two shops in Australia Tailors and hey presto and I have not ever seen rabbits sold there. is there a specal place you can get these from/ to do tricks and florishess
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Mar 22, 2004 12:31PM)
I love Dwarfs and Flemish Giants. I never saw them at any magic store, and I don't by at pet shops fear of to much inbreeding and costs.

I fing a breeder on the internet, vist the place and select the rabbit I would like.

Rabbits inheritly love dark places, after all, in the wild they live in a hole. If you hold them as you watch TV, trat them like a family pet, pet them often, they adjust to people.

As for tricks, they don't like things put in ther faces so if you place a deck of cards in their face they will try to bit it away, appearing to pick a card.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Mar 25, 2004 08:58AM)
Boy I was all set to get a dwarf and now here some bite....I knew they may scratch......still deciding.....dwarfs are available here where I live right now.....

UPDATE: March 29, 2004

Well, bought the dwarf anyways....hasn't bit me but trying to adjust to each other.

Looking for the right production device...didnt think of a dove pan for a rabbit...worth a thought....

Thinking he will stay small enough for the Mak's Bunny box....he is only 2.4 lbs at 4 months.