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Topic: Supercharged Classics - Mark James. Disc 1 Review
Message: Posted by: puggo (Jun 14, 2009 06:06PM)
I saw these two discs advertised, and was initially a bit sceptical, as the ad copy suggests that you will get two complete working sets of magic that you will use. Why would most people want a complete set of magic lifted from a single performer?
Anyhow, three factors make me pull out the wallet:
1: I am still looking for inspiration for my own multiple selection routine, and wanted to see the work here.
2: It was from RSVP - has anyone had a stinker from RSVP yet? No, I didn't think so.
3: The RIDICULOUS pre-order price. Cheaper than most single trick downloads, it had to be a steal.

As it turned out, good fortune smiled, and I ended up getting disc 1 and 2, so here is a run down of disc 1, with disc two to follow.

The magician:
Mark is also a stand up comedian, and it shows. It is very much the way that I like to work, with lots of banter & humour (btw, I perform magic part time, mostly strolling, parties & weddings etc.). I like humour in my magic, but accept that some performers don't. Mark is very engaging with the spectators in the real world performance footage.
Mark seems to be more into performing entertaining magic, rather than flexing his sleight of hand muscles just for the sake of it. Entertain people as well as astonish them. Some purists (not I!) may grumble at merely turning a card over rather than using the Brau reversal... but you have the choice.

Production values:
RSVP, rather like BBM, have set a consistent high standard for film quality, sound, DVD navigation etc. You can't argue with this level of quality.

Mark is a clear, articulate and competent teacher. All sleights are covered to a working standard. There are no ETMCM over shoulder shots with super-practice, but the mechanics are clearly conveyed, and more than up to the job. Throughout the disc, there are little tips and bits of business that are well worth watching. I watched the ACR (Omni-Bitious) despite not really being interested in the routine for myself, and found that I was pausing and rewinding to take in a little nugget here and there.

Excellent. There possibly may be a missed / incorrect credit, but it really comes across that Mark strives to give credit where it is due.

The Effects:
1: Turbo Cup - I am very happy with my Sanderson inspired chop cup routine, and was not really interested in this one. Until I watched it. This truly is an effect that to me, has justified the price of the set. 90-120 seconds of magical quality, and like Mark, I nearly always open with a chop cup when working tables. I love this.
2: Thought of card under glass - A solid worker with all the required outs. I may try this.
3: Omni-Bitious - A solid ACR / Omni routine. I won't be using it, although I would recommend it if you want a quality ACR workhorse.
4: IDR - Good work with an invisible deck. I normally use a Mel Mellers based IDR, but this is well worth a look if you don't have a decent IDR already.
5: Chicago Quadropener - Who doesn't like Chicago Opener? This really is a quadruple whammy of loveliness. A complete card act indeed... except that a gimmick card is required that I could not find on Sankey's website, or another magic web site (card collection). However, you could write the required (with a CD pen) on a card to make the gimmick yourself. Or someone could tell me where to get one!

I am surprised by how much I liked this. For me, the chop cup routine will be furiously practiced so I can use it next Saturday at a gig. It is rapid, but yet offers much more than my current routine that I was really happy with, and used successfully many, many times.
The other four items are, to coin the cheesy old phrase, real workers. I may play with ‘Chicago Quadropener’ and ‘Thought of Card’ at sometime in the future. I found several bits throughout the DVD really useful / interesting.
This DVD is excellent value, and really does show a magic set, rather than single effects. However, if anyone went and performed the whole lot as detailed, exactly as Mark does, they are either really new, perhaps a bit weird, or called Mark James!
Message: Posted by: DougNicols (Jun 14, 2009 07:04PM)
[quote]Or someone could tell me where to get one![/quote]

Message: Posted by: puggo (Jun 15, 2009 03:14AM)
On 2009-06-14 20:04, DougNicols wrote:
[quote]Or someone could tell me where to get one![/quote]

Thanks Doug!
Now I know the name of the effect (which was probably mentioned on the DVD), I found it easily in the UK.
My appologies for the unjustified minor grumble!

BTW, in case my late night rambling was not clear, I did think it really was a good idea to see a flowing set, something that is very rarely seen.
Also, in the interest of accuracy, this sentence here:
" ..may grumble at merely turning a card over rather than using the Brau reversal... "
should have read:
" ..may grumble at merely turning a card over with strong misdirection, rather than using the Brau reversal..."
Message: Posted by: magicodine (Nov 20, 2009 01:55AM)
Best dvd ever
Message: Posted by: Futureal (Nov 20, 2009 05:00AM)