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Topic: Doing Your Best For God
Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Jun 19, 2009 04:27AM)
I have heard it said and saw it in many performances. It really doesn't matter how good I do the trick or illusion and it doesn't matter how I dress and look, I'm doing it for God and so if it doesn't go well it really doesn't matter. I think that this attitude says a lot about the performer. I especially think that if you are doing it for God that it requires your best. After all He gave his best for us, so why shouldn't we do our best for Him. We should spend the extra time in practice and the time to prefect our presentations. Also since you name the name of a magician why would you want to do a sloppy job and give other magicians a bad name and maybe hinder them from performing in the same area after you. Trust me if you do a bad performance then when someone else mentions having a magician again the attitude of others is, well the last magician that was here wasn't very good and they will most likely get something or someone else for their next event. Besides would you want to do a bad performance if you were performing before some very important people. And how many times would you go to hear a pastor that was unprepared and just rambled on and on. You probably wouldn't go back and that is the way it is with bookings for magicians for events when someone has done a sloppy job. So why shouldn't we spend the time to POLISH our programs and DRESS PROFESSIONALLY AND GIVE IT OUR VERY BEST!!!