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Topic: Know Your Church
Message: Posted by: markofmagic (Jun 19, 2009 05:15PM)
When accepting an appointment at a church it is very important to know something about the church and their basic beliefs. There has been times when someone performing in a church has said something or done something that has offended that church. Maybe something that would never offend another type of church. I always make sure that I know something about their basic beliefs and stay away from any trick or subject that might offend in any area. Music is something else that we must be careful about. Some churches are very strict on the types of music that is used in their church. So I always ask about using music in my program and how comfortable they are with that. Some churches don't like card tricks in the church, where some think that they are wrong and worldly and some other churches just view them as another trick. So let's please take the time to find out about where they stand on certain issues. Don't ever take for granted that you already know. Don't be afraid to ask. If we offend a church they might never ask another magician to come back.
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Jun 19, 2009 11:30PM)
Hi Mark,

Some very good points you make. :)

I thought I'd let you know that there has been a lot of discussion on this here before. Not sure how to go about finding those threads, but I remember there was a lot of really good points made. Just in case you are looking for more discussions on this subject. I'll try to search some out for you. I'll post the links here later when and if I find them. :)

By the way, welcome!
Message: Posted by: Rickfcm (Jun 21, 2009 07:39AM)
I was raised Catholic, but over the years my journey has taken me to a Episcopal church, Church of God, Independent Churches, Baptist churches and finally we are at an Assembly of God. Some of the movement had to do with personal growth in the Lord, others were because God moving us to a new area to teach others with our talents and for us (my wife and I) to learn more. Every church left was on good terms and as we followed where God led us we knew one thing, regardless of our personal feelings on minor items, if we kept our focus on Jesus and His salvation message, we could not go wrong. I am primarily a Sunday School teacher and it was always easy to look at the lesson and know what the emphasis of the lesson was. Any time we are at a church we are to honor the pastor and his staff. If you don't agree with what is being taught, leave, you are not in the position of the pastor and you are not to cause discension in the church.

With that being said, put together a Jesus centered program with the core beliefs of all Christian churches. Stay away from the fringe areas and only use them where you know what is being taught. Something as insignificant as pre, mid or post trib can cause some horrendous fights and is not important when we look at the whole picture of salvation. Put some fun in your program, just keep it Christ centered if you are to teach the Gospel in your work.
Message: Posted by: Terry Owens (Jun 21, 2009 03:25PM)
On the flip side, the pastor should also be aware of your type of program. Being a pastor, I probably wouldn't bring anyone in that I don't know their ministry and have recomendations from somewhere else.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Jun 21, 2009 03:35PM)
All good points. As a Lutheran pastor, the only time I would necessarily talk about Lutheran doctrines would be when I am at a Lutheran Church. And even there it is important to know which branch of Lutheranism they belong to such as ELCA, Missouri Synod, etc.

My shows generally a Christ-centered, in that I try to present a Christ-filled program that would generally be acceeptable in virtually any denomination. However, there are some things I absolutely regard as fundamental and I wouldn't perform, at least not a Gospel program, without be able to profess those fundamentals that I believe are critical to Christian faith, i.e. the main point being the salvific act that took place in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Enough of my platform. Thanks.